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Crash: how computers are setting us up for disaster | Tim Harford

The psychologist James Reason, author of Human Error, wrote: “Manual control is a highly skilled activity, and skills need to be practised continuously in order to maintain them. Yet an automatic control system that fails only rarely denies operators the opportunity for practising these basic control skills … when manual takeover is necessary something has usually gone wrong; this means that operators need to be more rather than less skilled in order to cope with these atypical conditions.”

Bonin seemed nervous. The slightest hint of trouble produced an outburst of swearing: “Putain la vache. Putain!” – the French equivalent of “Fucking hell. Fuck!” More than once he expressed a desire to fly at “3-6” – 36,000 feet – and lamented the fact that Air France procedures recommended flying a little lower.

In any case, Bonin silently retook control of the plane and tried to climb again. It was an act of pure panic. Robert and Dubois had, perhaps, realised that the plane had stalled – but they never said so. They may not have realised that Bonin was the one in control of the plane. And Bonin never grasped what he had done. His last words were: “But what’s happening?”
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Game of Thrones - The New Yorker
New first-class seating units can cost more than half a million dollars each. Credit Illustration by Harry Campbell Seven years ago, I flew business class on…
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The world's 1 Star Airlines | SKYTRAX
The 1-Star Airline rating represents a poor airport and cabin Product , combining with low and/or inconsistent standards of airline front-line Staff Service
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Air Koryo: Still the world's worst airline
KIM JONG UN, North Korea's dictator, is regularly compared to a Bond villain. His long list of misdeeds, self-aggrandisement and geopolitical posturing would be...
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