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鬼灯的冷彻 - 电视剧
鬼灯的冷彻豆瓣评分:8.6 简介:令人忌惮而又好奇的黄泉幽冥界,轮回抵偿,善恶果报,一一得到判明。随着人口的大爆炸,前往阴曹地府的鬼魂也越来越多。冥司事务繁忙,坐镇中央的阎魔大王(长嶝高士 配音)自然不可小觑,而堪称左膀右臂的第一辅佐
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The Auteur of Anime :: JapanFocus
He not only draws characters and storyboards for the films he directs; he also writes the rich, strange screenplays, which blend Japanese mythology with modern psychological realism. He is, in short, an auteur of children’s entertainment, perhaps the world’s first.

When I visited the museum this summer, it struck me as one of the few kid-oriented attractions I know that take seriously the notion of children as natural aesthetes—in part because it portrays for them a creative life that they might plausibly lead as adults.

Miyazaki dwells on the latent phase of childhood, so that his girl characters are often close friends with boys. And they can be bratty and grievously sad, as well as plucky and resourceful.

In a 1993 televised discussion between Miyazaki and the director Akira Kurosawa, Kurosawa mentioned how much he admired the sweetly surreal cat bus.

The behavior of pigs is very similar to human behavior, Miyazaki has said. I really like pigs at heart, for their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

As a senior in high school, Miyazaki had sneaked out to see the first Japanese animated film made in color, The Legend of the White Snake, when he was supposed to be studying for his entrance exams. The film had a big impact on him, he wrote years later, because while he could see that it was cheap melodrama, its naked emotionalism touched him.

His image of Japan was so shaken by memories of the country’s postwar devastation that for years afterward, he told Kurosawa, his imagination turned reflexively to Europe—a fantasy version, stitched together in his mind, that had never experienced the Second World War. (In his films, Europe looks like a harmonious amalgam of Scandinavia, Alsace, and the Amalfi coast, with a bit of Dalmatia tossed in.)

The name was Miyazaki’s choice; ghibli is a word that Italian pilots once used to describe a wind blowing from the Sahara. To Miyazaki, the name conveyed a message, almost a threat—something like Let’s blow a sensational wind through the Japanese animation world, Suzuki recalled, in a speech years later.
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