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Letter of Recommendation Cabbages and Kings
A game that’s actually fun to play with your children.

I love my children and love being with them — in theory. But in practice, you must fill those hours of togetherness with something that doesn’t make you or your children squirm with impatience.

most of the stuff you can do with children is terrible. Kids’ board games are bad. Pretending to be pirates or whatever is bad. Crafts are bad. Playing sports with kids is bad until about age 13, when the opposing trajectories of your athletic abilities and your child’s athletic abilities intersect, and then it’s good for like a week, and then they reliably crush you, and it’s bad again.

They play cards so differently, befitting their personalities: the older in a constant state of simmering rage at the unjustness of everyone else’s moves, which turns, in the moment of victory, to benevolent forgiveness; the younger silently, watchfully processing the game and then making a surprising and intuitive move to defeat us all.
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november 2017 by aries1988

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