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may 2014 by aries1988
Marseille reste la ville la plus embouteillée de France
Lyon se situe en 3e position du classement avec un taux de congestion de 31 %. «Sur un trajet de 30 minutes en conditions de circulation optimales, un conducteur perd en moyenne 39 minutes par jour lorsqu'il effectue ce trajet aller-retour aux heures de pointe du matin et du soir et comme à Paris, la situation s'est détériorée puisque ce temps a augmenté de 3 minutes par rapport à l'an dernier», commentent les auteurs de l'étude.
france  city  life  car  data  comparison 
november 2013 by aries1988
Draft: From Zero To Kickstarter In $5k | Need/Want
We decided on a hard cover, so you can throw it in your bag without worrying about it. Super thick paper means when you’re writing a note, it never bleeds through to the next page (this would also be important during scanning!). We also made them the exact size of the iPad mini, as a lot of people will probably be carrying these things together anyway.

We needed to work out how we were going to position this. We’d played around with A/B testing headlines on Facebook with Smart Bedding, but it can get pretty expensive if you want a decent-sized pool of data.

Incidentally, if you’re a product person that ever has trouble explaining flows and communicating ideas to designers and engineers, I can’t recommend spending a few hours learning your way around After Effects highly enough. Being able to mock up exactly how you want things to look and work, in a few minutes, is INVALUABLE!

There seems to be a strong correlation between the quality of a Kickstarter video and how much money that project raises. Because of this, we wanted to make sure our video was decent. This was by far our biggest expense.
people  data  money  project  startup  idea  pkm 
november 2013 by aries1988
Automatic Refresh
!echo "pause 1; replot; reread;" > loop_forever.gnu

load "loop_forever.gnu"
gnuplot  data  learn 
july 2013 by aries1988
plot - Gnuplot Cumulative Column Question - Stack Overflow
plot "<awk '{i=i+$2; print $1,i}' test.txt" with lines
awk  gnuplot  data 
july 2013 by aries1988
A New Yorker Interactive
data  infographics  economy  rich  newyorker 
april 2013 by aries1988
Dr. Bunsen / Beer Selection
I decided to explore the data to learn what characteristics of beer are associated with the highest review scores and then use this information to pre-screen the number of beers that I needed to manually lookup in BeerBuddy. The goal of this analysis was to learn what features of beer are associated with the highest and lowest reviews so I could make better beer selections and to get in and out of the store faster.
analysis  beer  data  python  life 
march 2013 by aries1988
Urban life: Open-air computers | The Economist
"The Conundrum" by David OWEN
The Conundrum is a mind-changing manifesto about the environment, efficiency and the real path to sustainability.

Cheap and easy electronic communication has probably helped rather than hindered this. First, connectivity is usually better in cities than in the countryside, because it is more lucrative to build telecoms networks for dense populations than for sparse ones. Second, electronic chatter may reinforce rather than replace the face-to-face kind. In his 2011 book, “Triumph of the City”, Mr Glaeser theorises that this may be an example of what economists call “Jevons’s paradox”. In the 19th century the invention of more efficient steam engines boosted rather than cut the consumption of coal, because they made energy cheaper across the board. In the same way, cheap electronic communication may have made modern economies more “relationship-intensive”, requiring more contact of all kinds.

Enforcing the law may also become easier. Andrew Hudson-Smith, director of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London, thinks that within five years or so police forces will be able to predict and prevent some crimes by watching Twitter and other social media. The thought may give civil libertarians the creeps, but some Londoners, recalling the part played by instant messaging in last year’s riots in their city, may wish the police already had such foresight.
urban  future  world  explained  city  smart_city  pdfit  data  pattern  crime 
november 2012 by aries1988
Evernote + Google地圖 搞定旅行大小問題:港澳行動篇 | 電腦玩物
这次的港澳旅行,我并没有去深入研究太多厉害的在地Apps。 相对的,我选择专注在活用Evernote、Google地图两大工具,用最简单的方法和软体来「最大可能」的满足所有旅行需求。
googlereader  google  map  howto  data  hongkong  travel 
october 2012 by aries1988
Electricity in Myanmar: Area of darkness | The Economist
Why a satellite of at night tells more about the economy than official statistics
macro  data  economy  asia  satellite 
october 2012 by aries1988
PageRank Algorithm Reveals Soccer Teams' Strategies - Technology Review
这个文章好有创意,介绍使用PageRank算法研究球队战术——”PageRank Algorithm Reveals Soccer Teams' Strategies“: 。
data  analysis  discovery  google  science  sports 
august 2012 by aries1988
Daily chart: Wordy goods | The Economist
Americans are exchanging ever more words
print's share of our communication with each other has not been squeezed as dramatically by the rise of the internet as some might think. Radio, on the other hand, has undergone a clear sharp decline. Television, too, accounts for a declining share of American media consumption.
googlereader  data  infographics  communication  media  comparison 
august 2012 by aries1988
Software reveals the most influential Victorian novelists - tech - 16 August 2012 - New Scientist
THINK of the great 19th-century novelists and names like Dickens, Hardy and the Brontës immediately spring to mind. In terms of influence on other writers, though, the biggest hitters of the era were behind what some call sigh-worthy romance novels and a boyhood adventure yarn.
googlereader  data  howto  literature  art  discovery 
august 2012 by aries1988
Matrix67: My Blog » Blog Archive » 互联网时代的社会语言学:基于SNS的文本数据挖掘
sns  data  keyword  internet  language  zeitgeist 
august 2012 by aries1988
To Know, But Not Understand
In 1963, Bernard K. Forscher of the Mayo Clinic complained in a now famous letter printed in the prestigious journal Science that scientists were generating too many facts. Titled Chaos in the Brickyard, the letter warned that the new generation of scientists was too busy churning out bricks — facts — without regard to how they go together. Brickmaking, Forscher feared, had become an end in itself. “And so it happened that the land became flooded with bricks. … It became difficult to find the proper bricks for a task because one had to hunt among so many. … It became difficult to complete a useful edifice because, as soon as the foundations were discernible, they were buried under an avalanche of random bricks.”
opinion  instapaper_favs  science  data 
august 2012 by aries1988
上帝与数据共舞:我所认识的美国人_涂子沛的博客_凤凰博报- 博采众家之言 报闻公民心声-凤凰网
记得刚到美国读书的时候,第一个学期就要上统计课。开篇第一讲并不新鲜,是统计学的意义云云,但教授引用的一句话,却令我记忆犹新:In God we trust; everyone else must bring data.(我们信靠上帝,除了上帝,其他任何人都必须用数据说话)。
data  numbers  usa  culture  china  instapaper_favs 
august 2012 by aries1988
New scientist: The internet shows the messy truth about knowledge
Our old idea of knowledge shaped itself around the strengths and limitations of its old medium, paper Books and formal papers make knowledge look finite, knowable. By embracing the unfinished, unfinishable forms of the web we are truer to the spirit of enquiry – and to the world we live in The knowledge lived in the loose web of discussion and debate. All this happened faster, wider and deeper than if science had stayed in its paper comfort zone. Even after the question is settled, the knowledge will live not in the final article but in that web of discussion, debate, elucidation and disagreement. It's messy, but messiness is how you scale knowledge.
knowledge  future  internet  data 
august 2012 by aries1988
The End of Not Knowing
It's not that GPS navigation systems with live traffic data are particularly new; it was just the contrast between my experience and the frustrated, anxious driver in the next lane that made me think about this. It felt like I had a sixth sense: data.
data  llife  tool  future  gps 
july 2012 by aries1988
Twitter Hive Plots
I spend a good deal of time creating and interpreting graph drawings. Visualizing these network representations can be helpful in generating testable hypotheses or as a starting point towards understanding latent features in a data set. The most ubiquitous network representation is probably the force-directed layout. The idea of the algorithm is to use attractive forces of adjacent edges and repulsive forces of other nodes to construct an optimized graph visualization. Below is an example I constructed using my Twitter followers. Nodes represent my followers and edges represent instances where one of my followers follows another one of my followers—mousing over nodes will reveal Twitter usernames:
visualization  twitter  data 
july 2012 by aries1988
gnuplot / datafile (2E)
every 2 plot every 2 line
every ::3 plot from the 3-rd lines
every ::3::5 plot from the 3-rd to 5-th lines
every ::0::0 plot the first line only
every 2::::6 plot the 1,3,5,7-th lines
every :2 plot every 2 data block
every :::5::8 plot from 5-th to 8-th data blocks
every  data  gnuplot 
june 2012 by aries1988
Gnuplot: An Interactive Plotting Program - plot
Note that records containing unplottable information are counted.
gnuplot  data 
june 2012 by aries1988
gnuplot / datafile (3E)
To draw figure of (X,Y) pairs when X data are in 'file1.dat' and Y data are in 'file2.dat' :

gnuplot> plot "< paste file1.dat file2.dat" using 2:4 w lp
You can compare two files with this command. The paste command writes Y data of 'file1.dat' in the second column, and those of 'file2.dat' are in the fourth column, therefore difference between two data sets are expressed by $2-$4, and the ratios are by $2/$4 .
gnuplot  data 
june 2012 by aries1988
science  information  data  definition  history 
may 2012 by aries1988
然而,怎样的工具才能帮助自己记录这些数据,并转化为图形呢?由信息图天才 Nicholas 和设计师 Ryan Case 一起合作推出的服务 Daytum 能很好的满足人们记录自己各个方面数据的需要,不管是午餐吃了什么,今天做了什么,睡了多长时间的觉,读了多长时间的书或是其它,都可以记录在 Daytum 上面,并转化为图形。


data  life  ios  tool 
april 2012 by aries1988
numbers  info  data 
april 2011 by aries1988


M——专著,C——论文集,N——报纸文章,J——期刊文章,D——学位论文,R——研究报告,S——标准,P——专利,Proc. ——会议论文,A——专著,论文集中析出的文献;对于不属于上述的文献类型,采用字母“Z”标识。
howto  information  data 
february 2011 by aries1988
Der 8. Kontinent: Die Welt aus Facebook-Freundschaften
I combined that data with each user’s current city and summed the number of friends between each pair of cities. Then I merged the data with the longitude and latitude of each city.
world  data  visualization  facebook 
december 2010 by aries1988
Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center
terrain  data 
december 2008 by aries1988

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