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Uncertainty and Error in CFD Simulations
Uncertainty and Error are commonly used interchangeably in everyday language. Here we follow the definitions of the AIAA Guidlines:

Uncertainty is defined as:

"A potential deficiency in any phase or activity of the modeling process that is due to the lack of knowledge." (AIAA G-077-1998)
Error is defined as:

A recoqnizable deficiency in any phase or activity of modeling and simulation that is not due to lack of knowledge. (AIAA G-077-1998)
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4 days ago by aries1988
Against Murderism | Slate Star Codex

If racism is just a description of what consequences something has, then it can’t be used as a causal explanation.

So Definition By Consequences implies that racism can never be pointed to as a cause of anything, that racist policies can often be good, that nobody “is a racist” or “isn’t a racist”, and that sometimes the KKK trying to terrorize black people is less racist than them not trying to do this. Not only have I never heard anyone try to grapple with these implications, I see no sign anyone has ever thought of them. And now that I’ve brought them up, I don’t think anyone will accept them as true, or even worry about the discrepancy.

in our own universe, we recognize that “murderism” is silly: it confuses cause and effect.
Talk about murderism is obviously confused. But it’s the same confusion between the Definition By Consequences versus the Definition By Motive that we saw was a hallmark of racism.

To be clear – I am not saying that racism doesn’t exist, I’m not saying that we should ignore racism, I’m not saying that minorities should never be able to complain about racism. I’m saying that it’s very dangerous to treat “racism” as a causal explanation, that it might not tell you anything useful about the world, and that’s a crappy lever to use if you want to change behavior.

I don’t want civil war. I want this country to survive long enough to be killed by something awesome, like AI or some kind of genetically engineered superplague. Right now I think going out in a neat way, being killed by a product of our own genius and intellectual progress – rather than a product of our pettiness and mutual hatreds – is the best we can hope for. And I think this is attainable! I think that we, as a nation and as a species, can make it happen.
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7 weeks ago by aries1988
Initiation au Shell
Quand on parle du Shell, on fait souvent référence à l'interpréteur de commande, autrefois nommé sh (contraction de shell), et qui a ensuite donné naissance à tout un éventail d'interpréteurs tels que bash, csh, zsh, ksh… qu'il ne faut pas confondre avec un émulateur de terminal comme xterm, eterm, gnome-terminal qui est un outil graphique qui permet d'avoir accès au shell.
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december 2018 by aries1988
政体 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书
共和国  法国 指国家代表机关和国家元首由选举产生。现今世界上有154个共和国,像法兰西共和国、葡萄牙共和国、希腊共和国等。
民国  中华民国 本质与共和国无异,只是英语republic的旧时译法,如中华民国、大韩民国。
人民共和国  中华人民共和国 为共和国的变种,多数是自称社会主义国家,如中华人民共和国、老挝人民民主共和国、朝鲜民主主义人民共和国的国号。
社会主义共和国  越南 多数是社会主义国家如斯里兰卡民主社会主义共和国、越南社会主义共和国的国号。
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october 2018 by aries1988
A history of true civilisation is not one of monuments | Aeon Ideas
The 20th-century French anthropologist Marcel Mauss thought that civilisation should not be reduced to a list of technical or aesthetic achievements. Nor should it represent a particular stage of cultural development (‘civilisation’ versus ‘barbarism’, and so on). Civilisation could be found in material things, but above all it referred to a potential in human societies. In Mauss’s view, civilisation is what happens when discrete societies share morally and materially across boundaries, forming durable relationships that transcend differences.

Sacrifice is the shadow lurking behind this concept of civilisation; the sacrifice of freedoms, of life itself, for the sake of something always out of reach – an idea of world order, the mandate of heaven, blessings from those insatiable gods.

Mutual aid, social cooperation, civic activism, hospitality or simply caring for others: these are the kind of things that actually go to make civilisations.

What until now has passed for ‘civilisation’ might in fact be nothing more than a gendered appropriation – by men, etching their claims in stone – of some earlier system of knowledge that had women at its centre.
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october 2018 by aries1988
When Americans Say ‘Democracy,’ We Really Mean Something Else
We tend to see democracy as truly democratic only when it grants equal participation regardless of a person’s sex, race or religion. Even if it does, we consider strict majoritarian rule as not really democratic if it abuses or sidelines minorities. American founders talked a lot about resisting “the tyranny of the majority” for a reason. We also think of freedoms — of speech, of the press, of religion, and so on — as essential elements of democracy.
But those things are not democracy, per se. They are components of liberalism. (The term here refers to the political philosophy, rather than “liberal” in the sense of center-left party politics.)
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july 2018 by aries1988
p_rgh in OF 1.7 -- CFD Online Discussion Forums
To understand the different pressures, look at Bernoulli:

Dynamic pressure --> 1/2*rho*v^2
Hydraulic pressure--> rho*g*h
Static pressure --> p

1/2*rho*v^2 + rho*g*h + p = Constant
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march 2018 by aries1988
How walking a labyrinth can trace a route to self-knowledge | Aeon Essays
I could never have gotten myself lost. In the Mizmaze there is one entrance and one exit, and one route between them: by one definition this makes it a unicursal ‘labyrinth’ rather than a multicursal ‘maze’, which presents choices between alternative paths.
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november 2017 by aries1988
愚民政策 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书
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january 2017 by aries1988
The Economist explains: How a dialect differs from a language | The Economist
The same reasoning can be used to classify Arabic as a single language, though a Moroccan and a Syrian, say, cannot easily understand each other. Ethnologue, a reference guide to the world's languages, calls Chinese and Arabic "macrolanguages", noting both their shared literature and the mutual (spoken) unintelligibility of many local varieties, which it calls languages.

Ethnologue, a reference guide to the world's languages, calls Chinese and Arabic "macrolanguages", noting both their shared literature and the mutual (spoken) unintelligibility of many local varieties, which it calls languages. For the most part, linguists consider spoken language primary: speech is universal, whereas only a fraction of the world’s 6,000-7,000 languages are written. Hence the linguist’s common-sense definition: two people share a language if they can have a conversation without too much trouble.
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february 2014 by aries1988
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may 2012 by aries1988

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