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A Hybrid Quadcopter for Longer Flights, Quieter Skies
Video from a computational fluid dynamics simulation of the Straight Up Imaging (SUI) Endurance quadcopter hybrid design in forward flight. The video starts with NASA’s novel hybrid design modification from the original configuration, where the front rotors have been undermounted and the back rotors are kept overmounted. The video then shows the vortex wake using the Q-criterion isosurfaces. If you look closely, you can see that the upper surfaces of the blades are blue (lower pressure), and the lower surfaces are red (higher pressure). The difference in pressure is what generates thrust to fly the drone. The hybrid design reduces the rotor wake interactions and yields much better performance. Timothy Sandstrom, NASA/Ames
drone  nasa  simulation  cfd  video 
january 2018 by aries1988
New to the Archaeologist’s Tool Kit: The Drone

Dr. Castillo’s eureka moment occurred in 2012, while teaching in Sweden, where researchers were working with a powerful Russian-made computer program that could meld hundreds of photographs into a 3-D composite image. Dr. Castillo realized that by feeding his drone photographs into the program, he could produce incredibly detailed and clear 3-D images of ancient temples, fortifications and burial sites.
data  drone  archaeology  technology  today  map 
august 2017 by aries1988
How drones are learning to find their own way in the world | New Scientist
It previously took hours of postflight processing to build maps from drone footage. The bottleneck was processing power. The team overcame this by harnessing the power of GPUs – fast image-processing chips originally developed for games.
data  drone  GPS  technology  map  mapping 
july 2016 by aries1988
Dutch Firm Trains Eagles to Take Down High-Tech Prey: Drones
When small, off-the-shelf models pose security or other threats, birds have the advantage of grounding them without a potentially dangerous crash.
animal  bird  drone  solution  airplane  airport  safety 
may 2016 by aries1988
Israël, vol au-dessus d’un nid de drones

Trônant au milieu des locaux, l'AirMule, machine étrange aux airs de voiture volante, est le résultat de douze années de travail et de 37 brevets. Cet hélicoptère sans pilote, à décollage et atterrissage vertical, a l'étrange particularité d'avoir ses rotors intégrés à l'intérieur du fuselage. Objectif : pouvoir évacuer les blessés et ravitailler les troupes dans des zones de guerre où ne peut intervenir un hélicoptère traditionnel, rendu vulnérable par le rayon de ses pales. Mi-2015, l'appareil sera testé dans le désert du Néguev (Sud).
military  today  drone 
november 2014 by aries1988
Drones and the Democracy Disconnect

There are few philosophers more clear-eyed, frank, even cynical when it comes to war than Niccolò Machiavelli.

Never have the American people been more removed from their wars, even while we are the most martial nation on earth, and drones are symptoms, and drivers, of this troubling alienation.
usa  american  war  ethic  drone  opinion  democracy  politics  state 
october 2014 by aries1988
Inside Google’s Secret Drone-Delivery Program
“What excited us from the beginning was that if the right thing could find anybody just in the moment that they need it, the world might be radically better place,” Teller said.

“Google X has this experience all of the time in all of these different projects,” Teller said. People count all the problems created by our current way of life as zero because that's what we’re used to as the societal default, he contended. Conversely, people immediately see the negatives of any new thing. “We are not deaf to those issues and we’re really eager to talk to society about how to mitigate those,” Teller said. “But part of our conversation with society is about us listening, but also trying to remind the people that we talk to that the place we’re starting from is not zero. In this case, for delivery, cars, airplanes create a very large carbon footprint and have a lot of safety issues.”

The idea goes like this: Because people can’t assume near-instantaneous delivery of whatever they need, they stockpile things. They might have a bunch of batteries, slowly decharging in a drawer, or a drill that they use for 10 minutes a year. Each of these things is a personal possession that sits around, embodying all this energy and industrial effort unproductively.
google  reportage  drone  idea  buy  lifestyle  future  engineering 
august 2014 by aries1988

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