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april 2019 by aries1988
« La Turquie a emprunté une voie qui rend impossible son adhésion à l’UE »

Cruelle ironie : l’Europe a permis à l’AKP, le parti islamo-conservateur arrivé au pouvoir en 2002, de saborder l’héritage de Mustafa Kemal dit Atatürk, autoritaire, souvent peu démocratique mais plus européo-compatible par de nombreux aspects.

Second choc, le néo-ottomanisme. Les mauvaises manières faites par Nicolas Sarkozy et Angela Merkel et le turcoscepticisme européen ont clairement découragé une population turque europhile. Amoureuse éconduite, l’opinion turque a laissé Erdogan enfourcher son combat nationaliste.
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march 2017 by aries1988
How Europe’s liberals can speak out
The nativists were rising even before they received the gift of the refugee influx. Europe saw a “dramatic decline in trust in the last decade”, says a new report by Political Capital, a Budapest-based research and consulting institute. Trust in national parliaments, for instance, has fallen in all “old” European Union member states.

By contrast, says Mudde, Europe’s liberal politicians aren’t telling any story. Their basic ideology, “Never again Auschwitz”, died around 2000 when Europeans finally stopped worrying about the Nazis coming back. Today hardly any liberal politicians dare speak for cosmopolitanism. Thinking they lack support, they are sulking in their salons. Catherine Fieschi, head of the Counterpoint think-tank, says that when people complain that “The debate is toxic,” she asks, “What debate?”

Some of us dinosaurs in the liberal media are still pushing our discredited multicultural vision. A response I often get is that I’m an out-of-touch elitist who doesn’t have to live with Muslims. In fact, this jab is off-beam. Europe’s last liberal bastions are precisely big cosmopolitan cities full of Muslims. Nativists are getting nowhere in London, Paris or Amsterdam. In Vienna’s municipal elections last month, held while refugees poured into the city, the Social Democrats triumphed. But cosmopolitan liberals are getting thumped in national elections.
opinion  europe  2015  politics  european  liberalism 
november 2015 by aries1988
Is Eastern Europe Really More Racist Than the West? -
Western Europeans, in other words, may appear more tolerant when talking in the abstract, but are as intolerant as Eastern Europeans when it comes to attitudes toward specific groups. The “cultural gap” may just be that Western Europeans are more polished in the language of tolerance, while in reality being equally intolerant.

The migrants are confined to the Jungle because Britain refuses to let what Prime Minister David Cameron called a swarm cross the English Channel. Were the Jungle in Hungary or Poland, there would no doubt be an outcry. Yet few historians or journalists have bothered to write furious condemnations of the xenophobia exposed by this abomination on Britain’s doorstep.

But when asked about specific groups, the picture changed. In Eastern Europe, anti-Semitism is prevalent, while in Western Europe people tend to be more hostile to Muslims. The Pew survey found that 29 percent of Poles and Hungarians had an unfavorable view of Jews. Twenty-seven percent of Britons and a full 69 percent of Italians had a negative view of Muslims, while 30 percent of Germans disliked Turks.
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november 2015 by aries1988
Napoleon Bonaparte, French emperor -
Napoleonic Paris was a showplace for grandiose architecture but the cemetery of independently conceived art and ideas.

Militarisation spread like poison through French society. Education which had been inspiringly modernised by the Revolution surrendered to absolute uniformity of curriculum and the cult of uniform. Students were summoned to classes by the drum roll.

For the habits of bureaucratic centralisation, uniformity of regulation, the unquestioned superiority of administrative elites do indeed die hard.

Napoleon moved through Europe, shuffling boundaries and states as he went, oblivious to the histories, traditions, languages, customs and sentiments which were and are the warm pulse of national community.
history  today  france  français  europe  european  uk  opinion 
june 2015 by aries1988
Prince de Merode's Last Stand in Virunga, Africa's Most Dangerous Park -
One obstacle remained: As de Merode was prepped for surgery, it became apparent that his team of surgeons — local Congolese assisted by Indians from a nearby UN base — shared no language. The former spoke French but no English; the latter, English but no French. And so the patient, fluent in both, translated the beginning of his own surgery: "Le scalpel."
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may 2015 by aries1988
Karl Ove Knausgaard Travels Through North America
One joy of life in the north comes after a winter storm, when the sky, freed of its burden, has paled, and the glow of the unseen sun is everywhere reflected by the snow, so that all things stand out sharp and clear.

The same thing happened nearly every time I had ordered something in the past week. The waiter or waitress would look questioningly at me and ask me to repeat myself. Every exchange of information was piecemeal, chopped into bits, full of misunderstandings and repetitions. It wasn’t that I didn’t speak English, it was that I stood on the outside of the flow that made things glide along easily and without friction, where everything said and done was as expected.

If there was one thing I had been looking forward to, and had intended to base my article on, it was the sound of adventure that American place names evoked. Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania. All my life I had kept encountering them, and when I saw them in writing, vast spaces opened up within me. The names were romantic, exotic, distant, yet so close, strange, but still familiar. This is what I had wanted to write about, what this almost mythological landscape was like in reality.

To be able to describe something, you have to feel some kind of emotional attachment to it, however faint. The external has to awaken something within; nothing means anything in itself, it is the resonance it produces, in the soul and in the language, that gives meaning to the thing described.

It’s deeply un-American, you know, not to make small talk. It’s a very important part of the culture of this country.
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april 2015 by aries1988

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