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Thicker than blood: A young Chinese woman's coming of age - SupChina
Always careful about what I ate, she enforced an even stricter diet. Certain types of animal products must be avoided because they contained growth hormones. Some seeds and plants could only be consumed in small quantities because they stimulated the sexual organs, per traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to her belief that the flow of the womb drained the brain, my mother dreaded the approach of womanhood for her daughter, a perilous world filled with lurking eyes and wandering hands.

The only item my mother cleaned with a vengeance was our underwear. She rinsed them by hand, and she boiled them in water. The designated utensil was a large porcelain washbasin with a pair of mandarin ducks printed on the bottom next to the character for “double happiness.” The basin was a wedding gift for her and my father, typical of their time.

“Only boiling water can kill all the germs,” my mother explained her peculiar method. “That place must be kept clean, otherwise you will get diseases, and people will think you are a prostitute.”
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口  感:★★★☆

口  感:★★★★

口  感:★★☆☆…
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看了迪斯尼 - 皮克斯出的 7 分钟短片 Bao,挺赞的。原来这短片出来有段时间了,只是现在才免费在 YouTube 上发布。查了一下导演,原来石之矛是一位女华裔,也难怪中国元素应用的这么到位。…
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Some Reflections from My Trip to Berlin
Even for a city almost 800 years old, Berlin has seen more than its fair share of history, especially in the 20th century. Watch
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Fascinating - the great northern vs southern Chinese divide gets some scientific backing
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october 2018 by aries1988
Soju, Beer Pong, and the Romance of Cultural Exchange (or the Cultural Exchange of Romance) – BLARB
As Garam introduced me to Korean food gradually during that first semester, I acquired a taste for the fundamentals. The first meal, and the one we would share most often thereafter at the circular table in her kitchen, centered around dwenjang jigae (된장 찌개), a heartier version of the miso soup you would find in a Japanese restaurant. She served it with rice, a stack of business-card-sized seaweed papers, soy sauce, and a small mound of kimchi. When I saw her meal laid out on the table in eight small dishes for two people, I became ashamed and defensive about my first attempt to cook for her: a deluxe frozen DiGiorno’s pizza. (But it was deluxe!)

Garam was impressed with my chopstick skills, which she claimed were better than hers. I held the chopsticks so they formed a V shape, whereas she held them so they formed an X. She also explained that, while Japanese use cylindrical chopsticks and Chinese use square chopsticks, Koreans use flat ones.
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Meeting Her Parents, Meeting Her Country: an American's Taste of Korea
Garam returned with a triangle-shaped, seaweed-wrapped rice ball, and a short, rotund beverage container full of banana-flavored milk. She handed me the ball and explained how to open it: you were supposed to pull the tab marked “1” on the the back of the plastic wrapper which bisected the triangle, then you gently tugged on the corner marked “2” to remove half of the plastic wrapper, pulling next on the corner marked “3” to remove the rest of the wrapper.

Pleased with my triangular snack, I tried the banana milk, which made me question why it had taken me until the age of 24 to discover such a taste halfway around the world from my native country.
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The Indian Filmmaker Who Made His Dad’s Village Cooking a YouTube Sensation
Priya Krishna on Arumugam Gopinath, an Indian filmmaker whose YouTube videos featuring his father preparing huge quantities of food with scant equipment have attracted millions of views.
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塔尔塔罗斯 on Twitter
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好酱油回味悠长,“酱油宴”之后的翌晨,我犹感觉那酱油膏的香气缠绵在口舌间。它的味道强烈,有时还透露出严厉的表情;然而强烈中又不乏细腻,品尝它,仿佛品尝大地的精华:嘉南平原的沃土和气候,浊水溪甘美的泉水。它是法文“风土”(terroir )的具体表现,也令我对台湾的酱油工艺学充满期待。
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中街1946、PetitPree 价格偏贵,但是口味独特,制作很精致;钟薛高和格兰朵也是我们想要推荐的,物有所值。

零度企鹅和 Little Seven 比较大众化,相对而言零度企鹅的性价比更高一些;三八冰棍和阿奇侬……对我而言应该不会再买了。
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Xian Offers Terracotta Warriors, Stunning Food and Plenty of Bargains
One of the oldest cities in China proved to be one of the less expensive trips our columnist has taken in the past year.
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march 2018 by aries1988
[Weekender] Time travel across modern Korea through food

Budding economy, sticky rice

Slurping jajangmyeon through social change

Before Facebook, there was tteokbokki

Fried chicken and online serenity
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january 2018 by aries1988
Why KFC Is Christmas Dinner In Japan

The official explanation from KFC is that a Christian kindergarten in Japan wanted to order KFC for its kiddy Christmas party. The school reportedly ask the KFC shop manager to dress up as Santa Claus for the party. He agreed, appearing at the party in full Santa gear, saying, “Merry Christmas” to the children’s delight. According to KFC, gradually, more and more schools ordered KFC for their holiday parties, and in 1974, KFC held its first special Christmas meal campaign. Decades later, KFC’s Christmas has become an annual mainstay, with people growing up eating the fried chicken during the holidays and naturally associating it with Christmas.
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一个西裔女人招待他,拿过来一份菜单。他没有翻开,只问她,Nasi Goreng 有没有。女侍点头。他就说,好吧,就来一份Nasi Goreng, 一罐啤酒。

印尼炒饭,三年前他吃了整整两个月。那是个一月份,他上了一个雅加达的项目,印尼的一个客户寻求国际并购的机会。印尼是穆斯林社会,风气保守,晚上十一点,肚子饿,唯一开着的餐饮是路边大排档。大排档都一式一样,Chicken Satay, Gado Gado, Nasi Goreng. 所以他每个夜晚就吃这三样,烤鸡肉串,加多加多色拉, 印尼炒饭,配一瓶啤酒。他坐在大排档的塑料棚下面,雨点打在棚面响声如雷。店主在一口大锅前不停翻炒,脸上不停滴下水,不知是汗还是雨。老板娘收钱、擦桌子,扫地,兜里的钱票子都是湿的。大排档粗陋,盐不是放多就是放少,还要不就是没调开, 一口淡一口咸,镬气倒是十足,火候好。他就坐在那条塑料板凳上,这三样吃了两个月。

现在他老婆短发,他的发迹线有点太高。第一只猫头鹰已经被女儿睡得太脏。他知道第二个孩子降生时,老婆会兴高采烈地给他拿出第二只猫头鹰,那一只也会无可挽回地变脏、掉毛。那家做猫头鹰的玩具厂已经倒闭,这种玩具再也买不到了;因为Bill Murray而走红世界的日本威士忌,很多牌子已经卖脱销,十几年内不会有新货。想起这两件事情,他有点伤感。

除了加班和带孩子,他们剩下的可怜的空闲时间都用来看新房和谈房贷,孩子越来越大,必须搬到好学区住才行。对于婚姻,他常常想起Before Midnight,那么烦躁,零碎,温吞吞,缓慢地死去,“也许就和化疗一样”,他有一次这么想到。他疲惫不堪,他老婆恐怕更累,却无法不去爱这一切:毕竟,他们用Lost in Translation里猫头鹰的名字命名了两个孩子:Louise 和Luis。

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Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast

He fell for Hanoi long before he actually travelled there, when he read Graham Greene’s 1955 novel, The Quiet American, and the city has retained a thick atmosphere of colonial decay—dingy villas, lugubrious banyan trees, monsoon clouds, and afternoon cocktails—that Bourdain savors without apology.

Bourdain believes that the age of the fifteen-course tasting menu is over. He is an evangelist for street food, and Hanoi excels at open-air cooking.

The restaurant’s specialty is bún chả: springy white noodles, smoky sausage, and charred pork belly served in a sweet and pungent broth.

I won’t eat in a restaurant with filthy bathrooms, Bourdain warned. They let you see the bathrooms. If the restaurant can’t be bothered to replace the puck in the urinal or keep the toilets and floors clean, then just imagine what their refrigeration and work spaces look like.

If Bourdain’s show offers a vicarious taste of an intrepid culinary expedition, the market will provide an ersatz consumer experience of his show.

With his chopsticks, he gestured toward a bowl of kimchi between us. Americans want kimchi. They want it on their hamburgers. It’s like when Americans started eating sushi—a huge tectonic shift. The new frontier for American tastes is fermentation, Bourdain continued. That funk. That corruption of the flesh. That’s exactly the flavor zone that we’re all moving toward.

I don’t know anybody who is more a man of the twenty-first century, Richman told me. The way he acts. The way he speaks. His insanity. His vulgarity.

the only way to see Hanoi was on the back of a scooter: To be anonymous, another helmeted figure in the middle of a million little dramas and comedies happening on a million bikes moving through this amazing city—every second is pure joy.
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december 2017 by aries1988
Memories of Thanksgivings Abroad and In Between

I remember tweeting into the void about Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce on the morning of my first Thanksgiving abroad. Nobody who might have cared was up yet.

In it, she writes about realizing, after becoming a foreign correspondent, that the picture she had of America hadn’t been complete—that one hadn’t seen the whole picture of America until one had left the national borders, because the whole picture included foreign interventions, cultural exports, and various modes of thought that were invisible at home.

The agonizing particulars of the Presidential race, which were doubly nerve-wracking to watch from afar, had been hard to explain to inquisitive Spaniards. I craved American company—to be able to dish and spar with some compatriots in the know. So when a group of expats invited me to dinner, I accepted, bringing a bottle of Rioja.

All of these celebrations offered, and birds ritually consumed, have led me to a single, significant conclusion: If it’s true, as my colleague Calvin Trillin long ago suggested, that everything exotic that isn’t chicken tastes like chicken—rattlesnake, ostrich, etc.—the one thing that can be said for certain, on Thanksgiving, is that no matter what you do to it, a turkey will always taste like a turkey.
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La consommation de charcuterie nuit gravement à la santé

Selon les conclusions du CIRC, rappelle-t-il, le risque de cancer colorectal est accru de 18 % pour une consommation de seulement 50 grammes de viandes transformées par jour – soit à peine deux fines tranches de jambon. Et encore ne s’agit-il là que d’un seul type de cancer, celui qui est le plus étudié en relation avec la consommation de produits carnés transformés…

La toxicité des sels nitrés (à base de nitrate ou de nitrite) est connue depuis plus d’un siècle et la cancérogénicité de certains d’entre eux, depuis plus de 50 ans. Ce qui n’empêche nullement les charcutiers industriels d’en ajouter à la grande majorité de leurs produits.
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La consommation de charcuterie nuit gravement à la santé

Selon les conclusions du CIRC, rappelle-t-il, le risque de cancer colorectal est accru de 18 % pour une consommation de seulement 50 grammes de viandes transformées par jour – soit à peine deux fines tranches de jambon. Et encore ne s’agit-il là que d’un seul type de cancer, celui qui est le plus étudié en relation avec la consommation de produits carnés transformés…

La toxicité des sels nitrés (à base de nitrate ou de nitrite) est connue depuis plus d’un siècle et la cancérogénicité de certains d’entre eux, depuis plus de 50 ans. Ce qui n’empêche nullement les charcutiers industriels d’en ajouter à la grande majorité de leurs produits.
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Fermented food may be good for your gut, but does it taste good?

Anything that has undergone a form of chemical breakdown by bacteria, yeast or other microbes — from blue cheese to sourdough bread — is fermented.

To ferment, a food needs to be put in an airless environment (a sealed jar filled with liquid, for example) in which microbes are encouraged to feed off its natural sugars. The result is an acid that both kills off harmful bacteria and transforms the original food. Put cabbage in brine and the result is soft, tart sauerkraut. Ferment soy beans, as they do at Flat Three, and the result tastes a bit like a raisin.

Booth, who dedicated a chapter of his book, The Meaning of Rice, to the mould koji, calls the Japanese the kings of fermented foods. Miso soup is my go-to hangover cure, he says. I am totally convinced of the benefits of naturally fermented foods and I do think it is one of the reasons why the traditional Japanese diet is so good for you.
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Excavating Food Waste in Nashville, Denver, and New York - CityLab
Denverites trashed the most edible food—about 7.5 pounds per household each week—followed by New York (5.4 pounds) and then Nashville (4.6 pounds). Overall, these sums are lower than previous estimates from ReFED, a consortium of food-centric organizations, which placed the weekly figure around 11.6 pounds per household.

1 pound = 0.453 kg
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易北河上的翡冷翠,德勒斯登 II
在这裡顺带一提, Dresden地道的点心Eierschecke, 主要是蛋加起司的蛋糕, 十分好吃. 是Dresden名物. 另外就是在超市也可以买到的Russisch Brot, 也是Dresden 的产物, 而且是少数前东德经过市场竞爭还生存下来的产品. 它的历史更可追溯至更早的十九世纪, 据说原配方是从当时的俄罗斯学回来的, 故而得名. 今天在俄罗斯也找不到这种点心了啊.
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october 2017 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation Dunking

Those first few dips completely changed the way I eat at family meals. Part of what won me over was the pleasure of the thing itself: Wine-soaked bread is sharp, puckery and delicious, a double hit of fermented tang.

Rather than yielding to temptation for a second helping of anything, it’s far wiser to melt a bite of Chianti on your tongue instead.

the first time I watched my teacher at weekend Spanish school do the same with pieces of cheese and hot chocolate — a popular Colombian treat — on a recess break, I nearly gagged.
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october 2017 by aries1988
吃不上大米的阿拉伯吃货,最爱吃什么 | 地球知识局
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october 2017 by aries1988

遠在西班牙北海岸巴斯克地區,夾在聖塞巴斯蒂安與畢爾包兩座城市當中,深藏山嶺群翠之間的「Asador Etxebarri」,自然不會在這一點上叫人失望。特別是到了十五道菜套餐的尾聲,一份大得足夠兩、三人分享的T骨扒上桌的時候。「加利西亞牛肉」(Galician beef)本來就是西班牙的驕傲,世上最好的牛肉之一。再經過三個多禮拜的熟成,脂肪和肉質已經陳化到恰到好處的狀態。然後配上「Asador Etxebarri」精準到無人可以匹敵的火候控制,整盤肉的表皮呈現出完全的焦黑,差一點就是不能吃的地步;從已經切成條狀的肉塊間隙看去,卻是鮮紅粉嫩,差一點就是生肉,這份牛扒多汁而堪咀嚼,肉味真實,鹹香澎湃,有早已飽得不行的人把它全部啃淨,也有到了此處單點此味的地方食客,無不許為當世第一。
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september 2017 by aries1988
A Shanghaï, un pâtissier français détenu depuis cinq mois pour une affaire de farine périmée
Pour autant, les proches de Laurent Fortin ne cachent pas leur inquiétude et leur animosité envers le patron de Farine Bakery, Franck Pécol. « Il ne nous a jamais contactés. C’est moi qui ai trouvé son numéro, en passant par sa famille. Ensuite, il me répondait une fois sur deux. Il m’a toujours plaidé l’impossibilité pour lui de retourner à Shanghaï. Il y a quelqu’un en prison à sa place, pourquoi irait-il ? », soupire David Fortin. M. Pécol n’a pas répondu aux sollicitations du Monde.
2017  food  français  china 
august 2017 by aries1988
淡 - 相册
魚山飯寬 的豆瓣相册:共 151 张图片。还有更多关于设计,美食,明星的好内容
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august 2017 by aries1988
marseille  food 
july 2017 by aries1988
« Enquête mondiale sur la tomate d’industrie », révélations sur un produit phare

Jean-Baptiste Malet révèle bien d’autres secrets : la mainmise des Chinois sur cette fabrication, le fait que les Italiens, grands exportateurs des préparations à base de tomate, sauces, plats cuisinés, pizzas, importent la pâte chinoise pour la transformer, en ajoutant de l’eau et du sel, et les revendent comme produits made in Italy. Le Cabanon, jolie marque qui fleure bon la Provence française, est aux mains d’un groupe chinois depuis 2004. Plus rien n’est produit dans cette ex-coopérative française, hormis des transformations du concentré arrivé de Chine.
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Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts: For copyright matters please contact us at:…
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june 2017 by aries1988
Has science cracked the peanut allergy?

Among the biggest factors behind this dramatic rise has been the soaring prevalence of peanut allergy, which accounts for more than a quarter of all childhood cases. Three million people in the US have allergies to peanuts, tree nuts or both. About 2 per cent of American children are now allergic to peanuts, a figure that has more than quadrupled since 1997. The number of fatal reactions is small, with fewer than 100 cases usually recorded each year, but the fear among parents remains high. Almost all the deaths have been people who knew they had the illness but ended up ingesting nuts by mistake.

“People have been eating eggs and peanuts and dairy for years, so why is this happening now?” he asks. “There are so many reasons, it is multifactorial: general pollution, diesel fumes and so on, but also because allergy is now more recognised as a chronic disease, so doctors are very interested in it.

The recommendation was based on the assumption that avoiding exposure to the allergen could protect people. But the theory was turned on its head following a groundbreaking study led by Dr Gideon Lack, a professor at King’s College London. He started to question conventional thinking after noticing that rates of peanut allergy were extremely low in Israel, where almost every child is given Bamba, a teething snack that contains peanuts.

The American Academy of Pediatrics had already dropped its avoidance recommendation in 2008 and, at the start of this year, it said most babies should start eating foods containing peanuts well before their first birthday. It was a complete reversal of its previous stance.
food  research  allergy 
june 2017 by aries1988
How to ripen a rock-hard avocado in 10 minutes
How to ripen a rock-hard avocado in 10 minutes
cuisine  food  tips 
april 2017 by aries1988
Is Fat Killing You, or Is Sugar?

Women in the nineteenth century stuffed themselves into near-suffocating corsets to achieve an hourglass figure with an unnaturally tiny waist. Weight-loss regimens included consuming soap, chalk, pickles, digitalis, camphor tea, grapefruit (which was thought to contain fat-dissolving enzymes), potassium acetate (a diuretic), and ipecac (which induces vomiting). People tried sweating their fat away in rubber suits, or squeezing it away in a pressurized reducing machine.

The importance of calories—if energy gained exceeds output, the excess becomes fat—remains one of the few unchallengeable facts in the field of dietary science. Still, further research has shown that calories eaten are only part of what determines weight. Our metabolism reflects an interplay of things like genes, hormones, and the bacteria that populate the gut, so how much energy we absorb from what we eat varies from person to person.

The immediate postwar years also brought the first sustained scientific assault on dietary fat. Ancel Keys, a physiologist at the University of Minnesota, who had spent the war developing nutritionally optimal Army rations and studying the effects of starvation, became interested in the high rates of heart attack among a seemingly well-fed sector of the population—American businessmen. He soon became convinced that the saturated fats found in meat and dairy products were the cause, and thus began the war on fat that galvanized my parents. Keys became, with his wife, Margaret, an advocate for the Mediterranean diet of unsaturated fats. Their books promoting the diet were best-sellers, and Keys, who spent his latter years in Italy, lived to the age of a hundred. (Margaret lived to ninety-seven.)

Taubes believes that a wide range of seemingly unrelated diseases—diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and Alzheimer’s, which account for five of the top ten causes of death in the U.S.—are in fact linked, and that dietary sugar is the cause of them all, as well as of other disorders that associate with these illnesses, among them polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), rheumatoid arthritis, gout, varicose veins, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease.

there is no conclusive evidence that excess dietary sugar per se causes diabetes.

To imagine that, just because cancer cells like glucose, elevated levels of it might prompt healthy cells to become cancerous is to take a vast, unsubstantiated leap.

What this means for most of us is that common sense should prevail. Eat and exercise in moderation; maintain a diet consisting of balanced amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates; make sure you get plenty of fruit and vegetables. And enjoy an occasional slice of chocolate cake.
nutrition  debate  food  health  sugar  fat  diet  research  everday  moi  body  advice  book 
march 2017 by aries1988
Experience: I accidentally bought a giant pig

By the time we realised her size, we were in love. She’s unlike any animal I’ve met. Her intelligence is unbelievable. She’s house trained and even opens the back door with her snout to let herself out to pee. Her food is mainly kibble, plus fruit and vegetables. Her favourite treat is a cupcake. She’s bathed regularly and pigs don’t sweat, so she doesn’t smell.

It was emotional realising she was a commercial pig. The more we discovered about what her life could have been, it seemed crazy to us that we ate animals, so we stopped.
pig  pet  story  home  lgbt  family  animal  food  ethic  vegetarian 
march 2017 by aries1988
How Japanese food is revolutionising the way we eat | How To Spend It
The vogue in the food world for all things Japanese, though, is not restricted simply to Japanese chefs cooking French food. When you can find a sushi bar on every street corner, yuzu juice in supermarkets, wagyu beef in steak restaurants and sake being sniffed and swirled as seriously as wine, even in non-Japanese restaurants, something is clearly afoot.

Miso is loaded with umami, the so-called “fifth taste”. It is a word chefs have bandied around freely for a while and it is now gaining currency among the general public. Originally isolated and described in 1908, it is a sort of savoury, meaty quality in food that can be detected on the palate, along with saltiness, bitterness, sourness and sweetness.

Western cuisine has always contained umami – roast beef, anchovies, Parmesan, tomatoes and mushrooms all contain the glutamates responsible for umami – but it is only recently that European cooks have given it the same status as the four other basic tastes.
uk  story  entrepreneurial  japanese  cuisine  fruit  food  local 
february 2017 by aries1988
不同部位的牛肉有什么区别,做出的牛排口感有何差异? - 晨曦的回答 - 知乎
2 basses cotes 牛上脑 或者翻译成牛眼肉,也是我个人最喜欢的一个部位。

不光是做牛排,就算是中国的传统火锅,牛上脑也是最棒的刷锅肉材! 肉质绵软细腻,肥瘦相宜,如若切片生吃,可算是慢慢在口中融化的感觉异常美妙。
boeuf  explained  food  français 
january 2017 by aries1988
牛精打邊爐 點止牛歡喜!
boeuf  hongkong  food  explained 
january 2017 by aries1988
Moins de viande, de sel, de sucre… les recommandations de l’agence sanitaire

C’est ce socle, basé sur les données scientifiques des dix dernières années, qui va servir de base à l’élaboration des nouvelles recommandations pour le grand public, par le Haut Conseil de la santé publique. Santé publique France devra ensuite élaborer des messages, déclinés sur le site Les derniers datent de 2002. Ce sont par exemple : au moins cinq fruits et légumes par jour, limiter la consommation de sel.

Ces nouveaux repères visent à couvrir les besoins nutritionnels, en prévenant les risques de maladies chroniques liés à certains aliments, tout en limitant l’exposition aux contaminants chimiques présents dans l’alimentation (pesticides). Pour ce faire, l’Anses a utilisé une « méthode novatrice », un outil mathématique qui permet d’intégrer un grand nombre de données simultanément. Près d’une centaine d’experts ont participé à ces travaux.

Par ailleurs, concernant les poissons, l’agence conseille d’en manger deux fois par semaine dont un gras.

La consommation d’un verre par jour est associée à une augmentation du risque de diabète de type 2 et de maladie cardio-vasculaire de 20 % par rapport à une consommation nulle, ou exceptionnelle (environ une fois par mois). Auparavant classés dans la catégorie des fruits, les jus de fruits industriels entrent désormais dans les boissons sucrées. C’est maximum un verre par jour. « Ce peut être moins », souligne Irène Margaritis, responsable de l’unité d’évaluation des risques nutritionnels à la direction d’évaluation des risques de l’Anses. La consommation de sucre en France est trop élevée : 33 % des hommes dépassent la limite recommandée de 100 grammes par jour, hors lactose.

Quant aux matières grasses, pour couvrir les besoins en acides gras oméga 3 alpha-linolénique, il faut privilégier les huiles de colza et de noix, peu connues.
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