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Opinion | Netflix Is the Most Intoxicating Portal to Planet Earth - The New York Times

This simple difference flips all of its incentives. It means that Netflix has a reason to satisfy every new customer, not just the ones in the most prosperous markets. Each new title carries subtitles in 26 languages, and the company is creating high-quality, properly lip-synced audio dubbing in 10 languages. For years, Netflix has roiled the film and TV business in Hollywood with its billions. Now it’s taking its money — the company spent $12 billion on content in 2018 and is projected to spend $15 billion this year — to film and TV producers in France, Spain, Brazil, India, South Korea and the Middle East, among other places.

It’s legitimate to ask how long Netflix will be able to keep up this cross-border conversation — whether, as it keeps growing, it will have to make legal or moral compromises with local censors or other would-be cultural arbiters. But I’m optimistic about its chances. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the internet did turn out to bring the world together after all?
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february 2019 by aries1988
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november 2018 by aries1988
Some Reflections from My Trip to Berlin
Even for a city almost 800 years old, Berlin has seen more than its fair share of history, especially in the 20th century. Watch
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november 2018 by aries1988
Talk Like a Busanian: How to Master the Ever-Trendier Dialect of Korea’s Brash Second City – BLARB
To many Koreans, a Seoul accent came to betoken savvy and sophistication, while any of the country’s other regional accents, let alone a full-on Busan saturi, marked one out as a hopeless bumpkin. This despite the ongoing development of Busan itself, which with its six beaches, its slick high-rises, its respectable mass transit system, its robust food culture, and its world-beating film festival (not to mention its possession of the largest Korean spa in the world), would if transplanted to America easily rank among its most splendid cities.
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september 2018 by aries1988
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