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What Happens When We Give up Control of Our Cars? | Feature | Car and Driver
Drivers’ licenses origi­nated as a means of reining in the early chauffeurs. Garages installed security systems. Meanwhile, cars themselves grew steadily more reliable, making the chauffeur less and less necessary. And as the automobile matured, owners ultimately realized that what they wanted from the new technology was not convenience at all. They wanted control. They discovered that the act of driving was the kind of pleasure best kept for themselves.

Words like “autonomous” and “self-driving” mislead because they promise a kind of self-sufficiency on the part of the machine. The autonomous entity is the thing that is supposed to take care of itself. But the coming class of cars does not take care of itself at all. These cars are dependent and, as such, require a larger conversation about what the rules and expectations of that dependency should look like. Once a car belongs to a network, you have to worry about whether the network is safe. Once an algorithm is in command, you have to worry about how the algorithm thinks. We are surrendering control as surely as the first car owners of a century ago did, and when you surrender control, you could end up with a chauffeur problem.

It was Apple, Google, and Intel, companies for which the automobile is not primarily an aesthetic object and driving is not an instrument of pleasure.
driving  car  future  opinion  gadget  automation  debate  history 
october 2017 by aries1988
從Kindle電子書的Page Flip看兩種「脈絡」觀的典範更替 | Rocket Café 火箭科技評論


想想其他日常动作应该有助理解,假设你是右撇子,试着只用右手去转开果酱瓶盖、在平滑桌面的一张纸上签好你的名字、为你的衬衫扣上钮扣,你会意识到被你长期忽视的左手,如何朴实忠诚而低姿态地扮演着辅助的角色。留意你自己的阅读习惯,每次右手拨页离开之际,左手的食指(以我的习惯)总是默默地卡位等着阅读视线的归来,「拨页」是「在」与「不在」 ,「离开」与「留守」同时俱在的阅读动作,它说明了阅读跟其他许多的社会实作,一样是「身体化」(embody)的活动。
analysis  kindle  reading  thinking  habit  gadget 
august 2016 by aries1988
Motherhood, Screened Off
The problem with smartphones isn’t their ubiquity. It’s their opacity.

With my choice of e-book over hardcover, I had unwittingly cast myself as a familiar, much-maligned character: the mom who is blind to the daily pleasures of parenting, focused instead on some diversion which, by virtue of its taking place on that phone, is inherently trivial. The phone cruelly reduces even the worthiest of escapes to one more bit of busywork.

The difference is that those tasks, by virtue of not all transpiring on one opaque device, were tangible and thus felt legitimate.
parents  children  gadget  iphone  story  parenting  family  life 
november 2015 by aries1988
From followers to leaders
Why the Chinese will increasingly set the trends in gadgetry

Nevertheless Audi was this week giving journalists demonstrations of hands-off motoring through the frantic Shanghai streets. Its test cars were in town for a giant consumer-electronics fair, where it announced deals with Baidu, China’s biggest search-engine and mapping firm, and Huawei, a telecoms-equipment manufacturer, to kit out its connected cars of the future.
china  gadget  explained  future 
june 2015 by aries1988
Julie and Julia and an iPad - The New Yorker
I’m no paper purist—I love having all five “Game of Thrones” novels at my fingertips at all times—and the conveniences of the iPad will surely keep many of my cookbooks moldering on their shelf. But certain books need their weightiness, their awkwardness, to take on their full meaning. “MtAoFC” on the iPad is more practical, but it’s far less personal.
book  comparison  cuisine  ebook  gadget  nostalgia  story 
march 2015 by aries1988
We Can Be Heroes
GoPro is essentially a lifestyle company more than a camera company. It relies on early adopters to live up to its marketing promises, at least enough to convince the larger market of nonextreme consumers that it’s possible that we too could “be a hero” and “go Pro.” Their exploits make GoPro seem an opportune investment for the once-a-year vacation surfer who wants to ensure that the evidence of their own occasional daring will stand out. It’s a consumer-aggrandizing ad approach perfected by the likes of Mountain Dew and Monster Energy. Only in GoPro’s case, the product actually creates the marketing materials.

But for GoPro to sustain its meteoric rise, the company cannot remain relegated to extreme sports for long. To continue to grow the company will have to try to expand the meaning of heroism. The cameras won’t stay on surfboards and mountain bikes for long. The company is already featuring family footage, concerts, and more on YouTube, pushing its lenses into the everyday. The founder has filmed the birth of his baby with a GoPro strapped to his head.
analysis  gadget  self  video  consumer 
october 2014 by aries1988
Traveling Without Seeing
But I’m haunted by how tempting it was to stay put, by how easily a person these days can travel the globe, and travel through life, in a thoroughly customized cocoon.
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september 2013 by aries1988

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