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Data visualisation mistakes — and how to avoid them
If we compare the original and the rework, it is difficult to see how we are looking at the same data. Where Pakistan was previously barely noticeable, now its bias against girls becomes the standout story.

In fact, it is only by reworking the chart that we can see it is of any use at all. Many charts cannot be transformed in this way. Adopt a “fewer but better” mantra when it comes to incorporating them in reports.

With well-selected charts taking care of the key questions of “what?” and “how much?”, the text in a report can focus on the follow-on questions, such as “why?” and “so what?” By conceiving words and graphics simultaneously, reports can be restructured into readable and confident narratives. 
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december 2017 by aries1988
Why should I be using TeX for graphics?
By this time I hope it is clear that so much is possible, thanks to the excellent work of so many people. We are capable of producing little gems of graphics ourselves, thereby enrichting our already beautiful typography using TeX. This is a revolution that has been ongoing for the last couple of years, rendering everything accessible to the public. And I hope you are convinced to try some of it yourself for your next paper, course notes, thesis or book.
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june 2012 by aries1988

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