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Jamie xx - Gosh - YouTube
Taken from the album, In Colour, out now on Young Turks. Get the vinyl and more here: Directed by Romain Gavras Produced by Iconoclast…
hangzhou  music  video  choreography  paris  building 
6 weeks ago by aries1988
又看了一遍以杭州天都城为背景拍的这个 MV:Gosh。感觉雄伟壮丽,灵魂得到了升华。Oh My Gosh!
hangzhou  music  video  choreography  paris  building 
6 weeks ago by aries1988
The Luxury Care Centers Pampering China’s Newly Minted Moms
Although few of the practices associated with zuo yuezi are based in medical science, many of them still flourish in China today — and in increasingly commercial forms. Three decades after Huang gave birth, her daughter, Qian Lang, has just had a baby of her own. Like her mother, Qian also plans to spend a month in bed. Unlike her mother, she’ll be spending it relaxing at Mammybest, a private postnatal care center near the wealthy eastern city of Hangzhou that’s charging her 69,800 yuan ($10,100) for a four-week stay. And that’s at the cheaper end of the price list: Mammybest’s premium services can cost up to 398,000 yuan.
mother  birth  hospital  luxe  care  china  today  hangzhou 
12 weeks ago by aries1988
taiping  1860s  qing  jiangsu  zhejiang  hangzhou  region  stereotype  hate  flooding  disaster  survive 
february 2019 by aries1988


2016  hangzhou  china  talent  student  advertising  siliconvalley  innovation  it  future 
november 2016 by aries1988

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