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aries1988 : hardship   2

两个囚犯同时望向窗外,一个看到的是星辰,一个看到的是泥泞 | 欧丽娟 一席第627位讲者
欧丽娟,台湾大学中文系教授,研究领域:《红楼梦》、中国文学史等。代表作为《大观红楼》系列,因台大“红楼梦”公开课获得“全球开放式课程联盟”2015年杰出教学者奖。 虽然这个受尽苦楚的人,他是从日日夜夜反刍的个人悲痛的深渊里说出话来,虽然他所表达的意象是长久的苦难所慢慢塑造出来的,是那么真实的一个血泪。
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september 2018 by aries1988
A Stranger at the Family Table | The New Yorker

fundamentally, we are a traditional Chinese family, and this is no more clearly seen than in the way we interact with one another, in the things we reveal about ourselves. We do not admit weakness or sadness. Romantic heartbreak, depression, existential doubts—those are topics of conversation that belong to different cultures and younger generations, educated people who know about Freud and psychotherapy and organic vegetables. Vulnerability is shameful, even taboo; and in the spectrum of human shortcomings, poverty is the greatest frailty. All that is broken must remain in the past.

With my cousins in rural Perak and Kelantan, I spoke a pidgin of Malay, Mandarin, English, and Cantonese. I became quite skilled quite young at modulating my speech to suit whomever I was speaking to. I knew what proportion of Malay or Mandarin or colloquial English to use, and in what situation, knew when to swear in Cantonese, knew when to be correct, when to be urban-cool, when to be country-direct.
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november 2017 by aries1988

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