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A Virtual-Reality Program to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking | The New Yorker

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking

He showed me how to use the program to teleport across cavernous halls and land inches away from strangers, where I could admire rogue gray hairs on their heads and fine webs of wrinkles on their slacks. I was drawn to a woman sitting in a middle row of a banquet-hall audience. She appeared to be miserably bored, as if waiting for a train that would never arrive. She had dun-colored hair, worn in a bun that did not suit her. I reached out to touch it. She blinked, and my hands disappeared from view, sinking into the depth of her head. I backed off and marvelled at the sight of my alternate self’s hands, which were covered with barely detectable freckles and hair follicles. Marshall helped me adjust the size to more closely resemble my own.

I styled everyone in the program in casual, just-stopping-by-the-bookstore clothing, adjusted the gender ratio to include more women, and set the audience rudeness level as high as I could. Now everyone assembled was checking their phones, crossing their arms, or yawning theatrically. I spotted kindness on only one face. Ned, as I decided to call him, was a balding man in a gray cardigan. His hopeful eyebrows told me that he’d been through a lot.

Even though I knew that I was alone in my kitchen, in the middle of the day, and that Ned and his rude friends were illusory, my nerves kept tripping me up. A man who was seated near me at a conference table picked at some lint on his trousers, and I lost my footing and had to start the recording over. Again and again, I recited my spiel over a soundtrack of coughing and an occasional unsilenced mobile device. When I made it all the way to the end of my remarks, the crowd granted me a lackluster round of applause.

Thanks to a real-time “heat map” that tracks a user’s visual attention, I could plainly see that my gaze favors the left side of the room. I watched the words “very” and “so” rise faithfully from my mouth like bubbles.

My avatar—who had my round face and slumped posture—appeared during the playbacks. From my position at the edge of the imaginary room, all I could do was watch her ape my body movements and listen to the recording of my speech. The program designates a grade at the end of each playback, factoring in gaze distribution, pace, pauses, reliance on filler words, and hand activity. Five days in, my scores still hovered around seventy per cent. (My dead-fish hands earned consistent fourteens.)

But, in the group settings, Ned was always somewhere to be found, soothing me with a look of compassionate distress.

While the other authors spoke, I located a young woman whose wide eyes and bobbing head suggested a sympathetic soul—a new, real-life Ned. When it was my turn to speak, I focussed on her and stepped into the light.
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RT : 有想过敲一个马克杯内壁不同地方为什么声音不一样吗:


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december 2018 by aries1988
內亞海洋與帝國秩序(四):羅馬時刻 – Zhongjing Liu | 劉仲敬 – Medium







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september 2018 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation Recently Returned Books
They were not chosen to signal anyone’s intellect or righteousness or in-the-know-ness. They are often old and very often ugly. I’ve come to think of this shelf as an escape from hype, a kind of anti-curation.
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september 2018 by aries1988
Song Ma on Twitter
“去年在参观曼彻斯特“科学与工业博物馆” @msimanchester 时,从珍妮纺纱机一直看到罗尔斯罗伊斯飞机发动机,电力机车头和曼城大学研发的第一台电子计算机,突然意识到英国这个小岛有着完备工业体系,可以自己独立制造大部分重要民用和军用工业产品。不过好像也不足为奇,毕竟现代工业就是他们发明的。”
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august 2018 by aries1988
一席 | 演讲 李乾朗 穿墙透壁
#建筑 /广州/2017.03.19
architecture  chinese  history  research  drawing  idea  book  taiwan 
july 2018 by aries1988
A Grand New Theory of Life's Evolution on Earth - The Atlantic
Judson divides the history of the life on Earth into five energetic epochs, a novel schema that you will not find in geology or biology textbooks. In order, the energetic epochs are: geochemical energy, sunlight, oxygen, flesh, and fire. Each epoch represents the unlocking of a new source of energy, coinciding with new organisms able to exploit that source and alter their planet. The previous sources of energy stay around, so environments and life on Earth become ever more diverse. Judson calls it a “step-wise construction of a life-planet system.”

Which brings us to the epoch of oxygen. Given an opportunity, oxygen will steal electrons from anything it finds. New oxygen-resistant organisms evolve with enzymes to protect them from oxygen. They have advantages too: Because oxygen is so reactive, it makes the metabolism of these organisms much more efficient. In some conditions, organisms can get 16 times as much energy out of a glucose molecule with the presence of oxygen than without.

“Flesh” is source of concentrated energy, rich in fats and protein and carbon.
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july 2018 by aries1988
What did Max Weber mean by the ‘spirit’ of capitalism? | Aeon Ideas
This modern ‘ethic’ or code of values was unlike any other that had gone before. Weber supposed that all previous ethics – that is, socially accepted codes of behaviour rather than the more abstract propositions made by theologians and philosophers – were religious. Religions supplied clear messages about how to behave in society in straightforward human terms, messages that were taken to be moral absolutes binding on all people. In the West this meant Christianity, and its most important social and ethical prescription came out of the Bible: ‘Love thy neighbour.’

The proliferation of knowledge and reflection on knowledge had made it impossible for any one person to know and survey it all. In a world which could not be grasped as a whole, and where there were no universally shared values, most people clung to the particular niche to which they were most committed: their job or profession. They treated their work as a post-religious calling, ‘an absolute end in itself’, and if the modern ‘ethic’ or ‘spirit’ had an ultimate found­ation, this was it.
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端「GLO Travel」伊朗面紗下的豐盛文明
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april 2018 by aries1988
Steven Pinker: The Disconnect Between Pessimism and Optimism | Time

It’s not that people are naturally glum. On the contrary, they tend to see their lives through rosetinted glasses: they say they are happy, their schools are good, their neighborhoods are safe and that they are less likely than the average person to become the victim of an accident, a disease, a layoff or crime.

But when people are asked about their countries, they switch from Pollyanna to Eeyore: everyone else is miserable, they insist, and the world is going to hell in a handcart.

Most positive developments are not camera-friendly, and they aren’t built in a day. You never see a headline about a country that is not at war, or a city that has not been attacked by terrorists–or the fact that since yesterday, 180,000 people have escaped extreme poverty.

A quantitative mind-set, despite its nerdy aura, is not just a smarter way to understand the world but the morally enlightened one. It treats every human life as equal, rather than privileging the people who are closest to us or most photogenic. And it holds out the hope that we might identify the causes of our problems and thereby implement the measures that are most likely to solve them.
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february 2018 by aries1988
Meet the pirate queen making academic papers free online
She cared less about the form than the function: she wanted a global brain. To her, paywalls began to seem like the plaques in an Alzheimer’s-riddled mind, clogging up the flow of information.
academia  stans  story  science  piracy  female  leader  russia  today  idea  world  brain  knowledge  share 
february 2018 by aries1988
Why did we start farming?
What if the origin of farming wasn’t a moment of liberation but of entrapment? Scott offers an alternative to the conventional narrative that is altogether more fascinating, not least in the way it omits any self-congratulation about human achievement.

The perfectly formed city-state is the ideal, deeply ingrained in the Western psyche, on which our notion of the nation-state is founded, ultimately inspiring Donald Trump’s notion of a ‘city’ wall to keep out the barbarian Mexican horde, and Brexiters’ desire to ‘take back control’ from insurgent European bureaucrats.
CPR 都市帝国 宫崎市定

His account of the deep past doesn’t purport to be definitive, but it is surely more accurate than the one we’re used to, and it implicitly exposes the flaws in contemporary political ideas that ultimately rest on a narrative of human progress and on the ideal of the city/nation-state.

domesticated goats had begun to eat up the local vegetation – the first step to today’s barren landscape.

although farming would have significantly increased mortality rates in both infants and adults, sedentism would have increased fertility. Mobile hunter-gatherers were effectively limited by the demands of travel to having one child every four years. An increase in fertility that just about outpaced the increase in mortality would account for the slow, steady increase in population in the villages.

Collapse could mean nothing more than the abandonment of the centre and the redistribution of the population into independent settlements, to be followed by the next cycle of annexation.

According to Scott, the period of early states was the Golden Age for the barbarians.
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Salzburg: snow, strudel and ‘Silent night’
Tradition dictates that the carol is not sung at any point of the year until this moment. In Oberndorf’s chapel square, the thousands-strong throng of devotees will join in with the words, as no doubt will the wider audience all around the world who are watching live online (at The song, first performed here 199 years ago, has been recognised by Unesco as part of Austria’s “intangible cultural heritage” and has been translated into 300 languages. It is also the inspiration for no fewer than three museums in the surrounding area.Tradition dictates that the carol is not sung at any point of the year until this moment. In Oberndorf’s chapel square, the thousands-strong throng of devotees will join in with the words, as no doubt will the wider audience all around the world who are watching live online (at The song, first performed here 199 years ago, has been recognised by Unesco as part of Austria’s “intangible cultural heritage” and has been translated into 300 languages. It is also the inspiration for no fewer than three museums in the surrounding area.

Back in Oberndorf, home of the Silent Night chapel, the town’s new Silent Night museum has got around the prohibition by installing a soundproofed karaoke booth, so that you can sing along in your own language without offending anyone’s sensibilities.

Salzburg itself, with a Christmas museum, two year-round Christmas shops and regular snowfall, manages to perpetuate that Christmassy feeling long after the festive season has ended. It’s a place of cupolas and belfries, of Renaissance and Baroque city squares, with sonorous church bells measuring out the onward march of time. It feels tailor-made for winter weekend breaks.

Almost entirely car-free, the old town sits on the west bank of the Salzach, backed by wooded hills and towered over by Hohensalzburg, the largest and best-preserved castle in central Europe. Visitors can reach it via funicular railway, then tour the medieval rooms of the powerful prince-archbishops who ran Salzburg as a wealthy independent city state until 1805, when it was subsumed into the Austrian empire.

Back in Oberndorf, home of the Silent Night chapel, the town’s new Silent Night museum has got around the prohibition by installing a soundproofed karaoke booth, so that you can sing along in your own language without offending anyone’s sensibilities.

Salzburg itself, with a Christmas museum, two year-round Christmas shops and regular snowfall, manages to perpetuate that Christmassy feeling long after the festive season has ended. It’s a place of cupolas and belfries, of Renaissance and Baroque city squares, with sonorous church bells measuring out the onward march of time. It feels tailor-made for winter weekend breaks.

Almost entirely car-free, the old town sits on the west bank of the Salzach, backed by wooded hills and towered over by Hohensalzburg, the largest and best-preserved castle in central Europe. Visitors can reach it via funicular railway, then tour the medieval rooms of the powerful prince-archbishops who ran Salzburg as a wealthy independent city state until 1805, when it was subsumed into the Austrian empire.
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【林忌书评】 《中国洼地︰一部内亚主导东亚的简史》


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december 2017 by aries1988
The Interpreter Friday, December 1, 2017: The Problem With Political Quarantines
In some countries, including France and Germany, mainstream political parties practice so-called “cordon sanitaire” politics, in which they agree to work together to keep far-right politicians in a sort of political quarantine. They won’t allow the far right into political coalitions, or work with it on joint legislation.
opinion  idea  politics  election  democracy  deutschland  france  europe  2017 
december 2017 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation Cabbages and Kings
A game that’s actually fun to play with your children.

I love my children and love being with them — in theory. But in practice, you must fill those hours of togetherness with something that doesn’t make you or your children squirm with impatience.

most of the stuff you can do with children is terrible. Kids’ board games are bad. Pretending to be pirates or whatever is bad. Crafts are bad. Playing sports with kids is bad until about age 13, when the opposing trajectories of your athletic abilities and your child’s athletic abilities intersect, and then it’s good for like a week, and then they reliably crush you, and it’s bad again.

They play cards so differently, befitting their personalities: the older in a constant state of simmering rage at the unjustness of everyone else’s moves, which turns, in the moment of victory, to benevolent forgiveness; the younger silently, watchfully processing the game and then making a surprising and intuitive move to defeat us all.
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Edimbourg, côté palais
Fini le grand faitout familial mêlant abats, avoine et légumes assez peu ensoleillés, pour tenir au corps les froides soirées d’hiver. La cuisine écossaise a beaucoup évolué et s’est nourrie aussi bien des techniques françaises sophistiquées que du produit brut prôné par la tendance scandinave. « Lorsque l’on évoque la cuisine écossaise aujourd’hui, plus que des spécialités, on parle surtout de chefs qui utilisent des ingrédients locaux », affirme Alan Chalmers, qui a lancé les visites guidées gastronomiques Eat Walk Edinburgh. Rassurez-vous : entre le déjeuner, le tea time et le dîner, il vous restera sûrement un peu de temps pour visiter le château…
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october 2017 by aries1988
In 1973, I invented a ‘girly drink’ called Baileys
We were, I suppose, unlikely business partners. Hugh Reade Seymour-Davies was a toff. He was a “gentleman copywriter”, educated at Eton and Oxford, and an unapologetic classicist. He could quote all the Latin and Greek greats with real facility and would “get some Latin in” to documents or labels when I felt we needed to impress some of our more intellectual clients. He was steeped in Shakespeare, admired Beethoven and Mozart certainly, but anything written, composed or painted after about 1830 fell into the category of mid-19th century arrivistes.

We went back to the store, searching the shelves for something else, found our salvation in Cadbury’s Powdered Drinking Chocolate and added it to our formula. Hugh and I were taken by surprise. It tasted really good. Not only this, but the cream seemed to have the effect of making the drink taste stronger, like full-strength spirit. It was extraordinary.
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october 2017 by aries1988
Interview with Emmanuel Macron: 'We Need to Develop Political Heroism' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - International

Nothing here should become habitual, because routine lends one a deceptive feeling of security. You begin not noticing certain things and lose your focus on what's important. Uncertainty and change keep you attentive.

It is a place laden with history. The emperors spent time here, Napoleon I and Napoleon III. In the Fourth Republic, it was the palace of a president without powers. Only in the Fifth Republic did Charles de Gaulle move back in.

Germany is different from France. You are more Protestant, which results in a significant difference. Through the church, through Catholicism, French society was structured vertically, from top to bottom. I am convinced that it has remained so until today.

France is a country of regicidal monarchists. It is a paradox: The French want to elect a king, but they would like to be able to overthrow him whenever they want.

I am a strong believer that modern political life must rediscover a sense for symbolism. We need to develop a kind of political heroism. I don't mean that I want to play the hero. But we need to be amenable once again to creating grand narratives. If you like, post-modernism was the worst thing that could have happened to our democracy. The idea that you have to deconstruct and destroy all grand narratives is not a good one. Since then, trust has evaporated in everything and everyone.

I am putting an end to the cronyism between politics and the media. For a president, constantly speaking to journalists, constantly being surrounded by journalists, has nothing to do with closeness to the people. A president should keep the media at arm's length.
interview  français  deutschland  newspaper  2017  macron  democracy  europe  politics  france  state  president  opinion  comparison  protestant  society  hierarchy  narrative  post  modernity  trust  media  idea  reform  heroism 
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Are We Ready for Intimacy with Robots?

Hiroshi Ishi­guro builds robots. Beautiful, realistic, uncannily convincing human replicas. His quest? Untangle the ineffable nature of human connection.

in Japan: the Advanced Telecommuni­cations Research Institute International in Nara and the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory on the campus of Osaka University.

Hiroshi Ishi­guro

the capacity to imbue such a machine with humanness—that ineffable presence the Japanese call sonzai-kan.

Ishi­guro believes that since we’re hardwired to interact with and place our faith in humans, the more humanlike we can make a robot appear, the more open we’ll be to sharing our lives with it.

He is convinced that human emotions, whether empathy or romantic love, are nothing more than responses to stimuli, subject to manipulation. Through the fluid interplay of its pneumatic joints, the arch of its mechanical brow, the tilt of its plastic skull, the many subtle movements achieved through years of research studying the human template, the android becomes more able to span that gap, to form a perfectly engineered bond with us. An elaborate metaphysical trick, perhaps—but what does that matter, if it fills a need? If it feels real?

Designed with the physical proportions that its human owner prefers, the preferred voice timbre and eye color and personality type, and the ability to recall and riff on its owner’s personal stories and little jokes, android will captivate human.

someone would be left alone in their advanced age to relive the joy of having a child through the cradling of a robot with stunted limbs.

The countless ways in which we judge someone based on their appearance all evaporate in the face of this neutral appearance, as Hiroshi calls the Telenoid’s blank, abstract body. And what is left in its place is that ineffable thing he has been trying to define: a distinctly human presence, free of the uncanny. It is an outsider, like its maker—but one who manages to trigger our affection. While holding the android, it hardly matters that this humanness is emitting from something that barely resembles a human at all.
human  body  android  idea  research  thinking  history  japan  japanese  reportage  interview  invention  story  emotion  office  journalism 
october 2017 by aries1988
« Edit Beijing » : la capitale chinoise vue par Guy Tillim
Durant deux semaines, le photographe sud-africain Guy Tillim a photographié les rues de Pékin. Il en a tiré un livre composé de polyptyques qui reconstituent le paysage urbain de la capitale chinoise.
beijing  photo  idea  street 
october 2017 by aries1988
易北河上的翡冷翠,德勒斯登 II
在这裡顺带一提, Dresden地道的点心Eierschecke, 主要是蛋加起司的蛋糕, 十分好吃. 是Dresden名物. 另外就是在超市也可以买到的Russisch Brot, 也是Dresden 的产物, 而且是少数前东德经过市场竞爭还生存下来的产品. 它的历史更可追溯至更早的十九世纪, 据说原配方是从当时的俄罗斯学回来的, 故而得名. 今天在俄罗斯也找不到这种点心了啊.
food  germany  2017  idea  moi  travel 
october 2017 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation Dunking

Those first few dips completely changed the way I eat at family meals. Part of what won me over was the pleasure of the thing itself: Wine-soaked bread is sharp, puckery and delicious, a double hit of fermented tang.

Rather than yielding to temptation for a second helping of anything, it’s far wiser to melt a bite of Chianti on your tongue instead.

the first time I watched my teacher at weekend Spanish school do the same with pieces of cheese and hot chocolate — a popular Colombian treat — on a recess break, I nearly gagged.
food  experience  experiment  culture  fun  family  gaijin  drinking  idea  discovery 
october 2017 by aries1988
Once-in-a-lifetime Hiking:环勃朗峰(Tour de Mont Blanc)路书 -PART 2 - 日记
Once-in-a-lifetime Hiking:环勃朗峰(Tour de Mont Blanc)路书 -PART 2 ***未经授权,谢绝转载*** 3.实际具体行程 上半圈: Day1 Courmayeur 1226m - Rifugio Bertone 1989m/LUNCH - Mont de la Saxe - Tete de la Tronche 2584m - Col Sapin 2436m - Vallon d’Armina - Rifugio Bona...
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september 2017 by aries1988
Cinq week-ends en Europe pour un « city break »
A peine rentré, voilà qu’on a déjà envie de repartir. Parce qu’un week-end suffit pour déconnecter, direction Rome, Lisbonne ou Reykjavik pour un « city break » sur mesure.
idea  moi  travel  europe  lisbon  iceland  rome 
september 2017 by aries1988
Unspunnen: the festival of Swissness held every 12 years

In the US, I can’t even go for a swim or to the gym without signing my life away. But in Switzerland, I can pick up a boulder — up to 83kg — and hurl it (barefoot, if desired) while a large audience sits several feet away. More than teaching me about proper Swiss stone-throwing form, it teaches me about the Swiss culture of trust and personal responsibility.

Its aim was to heal growing political tension between the city dwellers of Bern and the farmers of the highlands to the south — areas recently amalgamated into one canton. The organisers, four influential citizens of Bern including the mayor and chief magistrate, hoped to emphasise shared heritage over power struggles and to cultivate the “mutual goodwill and gracious unity to which for centuries our fatherland has owed its strength, its glory and its good fortune”.

On my way to peruse the food tents, I hear what sounds like a very depressed cow — a tourist close by trying to blow an alpenhorn.

I opt for rösti, made with day-old cooked potatoes, butter, salt and milk, and considered by many Swiss German speakers to be the national dish. The country’s French speakers would argue for fondue but, in the true festival spirit of unity, both are available here.

The men wear black pants, black hats adorned with flowers and black velvet vests embroidered with edelweiss. The women are in various colourful dirndls, billowy white shirts, white tights and black shoes. The costumes differ slightly according to the wearers’ home region, and there are over 400 variations.

every 12 years, that stories of unadulterated Swiss culture embark on another world tour via Interlaken’s most famous export — the tourist.
swiss  tourist  festival  tradition  history  identity  culture  travel  idea 
september 2017 by aries1988

遠在西班牙北海岸巴斯克地區,夾在聖塞巴斯蒂安與畢爾包兩座城市當中,深藏山嶺群翠之間的「Asador Etxebarri」,自然不會在這一點上叫人失望。特別是到了十五道菜套餐的尾聲,一份大得足夠兩、三人分享的T骨扒上桌的時候。「加利西亞牛肉」(Galician beef)本來就是西班牙的驕傲,世上最好的牛肉之一。再經過三個多禮拜的熟成,脂肪和肉質已經陳化到恰到好處的狀態。然後配上「Asador Etxebarri」精準到無人可以匹敵的火候控制,整盤肉的表皮呈現出完全的焦黑,差一點就是不能吃的地步;從已經切成條狀的肉塊間隙看去,卻是鮮紅粉嫩,差一點就是生肉,這份牛扒多汁而堪咀嚼,肉味真實,鹹香澎湃,有早已飽得不行的人把它全部啃淨,也有到了此處單點此味的地方食客,無不許為當世第一。
food  basque  gastronomy  travel  idea 
september 2017 by aries1988
博物志: #81:牛首山震撼记
nanjing  travel  idea  moi  china  buddhism 
september 2017 by aries1988
Aux Etats-Unis, la révolution éducative des charter schools

J'ai visité de nombreux établissements scolaires aux États-Unis. Je le fais dans tous les pays où je passe, dès que je le peux. Les écoles me semblent être les marqueurs tangibles de la situation véritable d'une nation. Il y a toujours un lien entre l'investissement des États dans les systèmes éducatifs et leur niveau de développement.

C'est la volonté délibérée des «élites locales», qui investissent leurs ressources nationales dans des armées et des forces de police, c'est-à-dire dans les moyens de faire perdurer leur domination féodale.
education  usa  leader  idea  reform  school  comparison  français  children  learn 
september 2017 by aries1988
La France en marchant : cinq inoubliables randonnées

Compagnie des sentiers maritimes. Renseignements : 02 99 78 83 70.

Jeûne et randonnée Bölling, dans la Drôme, à Léoux. Stage d’une semaine, avec l’hébergement, autour de 500 € par personne en fonction des options. Renseignements : 06 33 16 66 88. Fédération francophone de jeûne et randonnée :
rando  idea  moi  france  list 
august 2017 by aries1988
Against Murderism
As usual, the answer is that “racism” is a confusing word that serves as a mishmash of unlike concepts. Here are some of the definitions people use for racism: 1. Definition By Motives: An irrational feeling of hatred toward some race that causes someone to want to hurt or discriminate against them. 2. Definition By Belief: A belief that some race has negative qualities or is inferior, especially if this is innate/genetic. 3. Definition By Consequences: Anything whose consequence is harm to minorities or promotion of white supremacy, regardless of whether or not this is intentional.

Murder is an effect of other goals – sometimes base, sometimes noble – and the invocation of “murderism” only serves to hide these goals and conflate different actions into a single meaningless category.
politics  racism  debate  essay  idea  comparison  moi  question  toread 
august 2017 by aries1988
Away from my desk: Jeremy Corbyn, Bob Diamond and Paula Hawkins on their perfect summer holidays

Do you exercise on holiday? On days at the office, my daily step target is 12,000. On holiday, I try to increase to 24,000. Mainly by the beach if I can, but if not then the gym. (I feel so virtuous about this answer but it’s the truth!)

If you could go to any place at any time, where would you go? I used to think that there are special places I should not miss in life. But I don’t believe that any more. It’s not that somewhere in my mind there is a box with a big red warning sign Open only in Paris! and when I finally visit Paris, I get to open the box and out come all kinds of special emotions and feelings that I can have only in Paris. No. Whatever I can feel in Paris, I can feel anywhere in the world.

Top travel tip? Be here and now instead of busying yourself manufacturing memories for future consumption.
travel  idea  life  song  philosophy 
august 2017 by aries1988
A Sociology of the Smartphone

we count on them to fill the dead spaces, the still moments and silences that used to occupy so much of our lives.

Most obviously, the smartphone replaced conventional telephones, leading to the widespread disappearance from streetscapes everywhere of that icon of midcentury urbanity, the telephone booth, and all the etiquettes of negotiated waiting and deconfliction that attended it. Where phone booths remain, they now act mostly as a platform for other kinds of services—WiFi connectivity, or ads for sex workers.

As a result, it’s already difficult to contemplate objects like a phone booth, a Filofax or a Palm Pilot without experiencing a shock of either reminiscence or perplexity, depending on the degree of our past acquaintance.

a rechargeable lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery capable of sustaining roughly 1,500 charging cycles. This will yield just about four years of use, given the need to charge the phone daily, though experience suggests that few of us will retain a given handset that long.

the performance of everyday life as mediated by the smartphone depends on a vast and elaborate infrastructure that is ordinarily invisible to us.

according to Google, four out of every five consumers use the map application to make local searches, half of those who do so wind up visiting a store within twenty-four hours, and one out of every five of these searches results in a conversion, or sale.

The only way to hide from that knowledge is to decouple ourselves from the fabric of connections that gives us everything else we are. And that is something we clearly find hard to do, for practical reasons as much as psychic ones: network connectivity now underwrites the achievement of virtually every other need on the Maslovian pyramid, to the extent that refugees recently arriving from warzones have been known to ask for a smartphone before anything else, food and shelter not excluded.
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librairie mollat (@librairie_mollat) • Instagram photos and videos
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The Jujitsu Master Turning an Ancient Art Into a Modern Science
Slight young men, they developed a system that relied on leverage rather than size or strength. Wrestling and judo prized pinning or throwing an opponent on his back. The Gracies realized that, in a real fight, the opposite is often more effective—control from behind, ideally with the opponent belly-down, so that he can be strangled into submission.

The sport has evolved technically as well, spawning hundreds, even thousands, of potential moves and countermoves. (The human body in motion is a complicated thing, and two of them in antagonistic combination exponentially more so.)

He rarely wears a coat in winter, which he explains by invoking the decimating French retreat of 1812: “If Napoleon’s troops could walk three and a half months through one of the worst Russian winters in history, in summer clothing, and a significant number of them returned, we shouldn’t have any problem.”
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His Kampf

Was Hitchens’s critique of Christianity, he said, not as wan and naive as Christianity itself? Christianity had bound together the civilizations of Europe, and now Hitchens wanted to replace it with—well, what exactly? American neoliberal internationalism? Why should anyone care if Christianity was irrational and illiberal, when rationality and liberalism had never been its purpose? Hitchens had missed the point.

In his view, the Bush administration had manipulated the country into war. “Spreading democracy” and “freedom” are, Spencer said, false ideals, distracting Americans from what really matters—namely, a consciousness of their identity as whites with a shared Christian heritage.

In December, the hipster-Marxist magazine Jacobin published an online essay, “The Elite Roots of Richard Spencer’s Racism,” that sought to understand his white supremacy. “He represents a common and longstanding (if overlooked) phenomenon: the well-educated and financially comfortable bigot,” the author, Michael Phillips, wrote. “His blend of racism and elitism represents only an extreme version of a worldview that has long prevailed among the affluent in Spencer’s hometown.”

Among the German ideas he adopted was a concept of race different from the one he and I had been taught in our multicultural workshops in the ’90s. In the modern era, American discussion of race has limited itself, by convention, to a few canonical categories: black, white, Asian, American Indian, Hispanic. “Race isn’t just color,” Spencer told an audience in December. “Color is, in a way, a minor aspect of race.”

For Spencer, race is more akin to the German Volksgeist, literally “the spirit of a people.” Volksgeist is associated, historically, with Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744–1803), and Germans became enchanted with it during the 19th century. Some would say the Second World War was the culmination of German devotion to their own Volksgeist. Herder’s followers proposed that each people has an essence that distinguishes it from others.

As one who knew Spencer when we were both hapless, overprivileged adolescents, sharing a desire to transcend our origins, what interests me the most about him is his self-reinvention, the intellectual costume changes (foppish actor, grad-school blowhard, opera-director manqué, and now architect of a white utopian dream of world-historical consequence) spanning three decades. After all, it is said that one of the great advantages of America is that its daughters and sons can escape the strictures of the world in which they were raised, be unlike their forefathers. Spencer has certainly done that.
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The Long Shot - The New Yorker
Jia is not much interested in plot. His attraction to film seems to owe more to the dictum of André Bazin, the French theorist whom he counts as an inspiration, that photography “embalms time.” Jia crams his movies with so many hair styles, pop songs, and news references that they feel like time capsules of the here and now. He has a single, unwavering theme: the liminal space in which individuals try, usually in vain, to move from one life to another—floating migrants, laid-off factory hands, restless teen-agers, all trapped on the margins of China’s boom, with enough technology to glimpse the wider world but no way to reach it. In Jia’s cosmology, trains usually speed out of sight before you can catch them and motorcycles break down.

His characters are often inspired by people he grew up with—friends, in his words, “as ignorant and coarse and full of vitality as roadside weeds.”

the movement made a searing impression on him. “Although it failed, it didn’t really fail,” he said, “because it took freedom and democracy, individualism, individual rights, all these concepts, and disseminated them to many people, including me.”

Jia immersed himself in films from Taiwan and Europe, often watching three a day. Those which he could not find in the school archives he found on the street, as pirated V.H.S. tapes. He often pedalled his bicycle across town to watch screenings at a French cultural center in Beijing.

In contrast to the epic historical Chinese dramas that were popular at the time, Jia had revealed a bitterly unadorned image of contemporary life and its discontents. To older Chinese admirers especially, the film’s honesty was bittersweet. “We had been forbidden from telling the truth for such a long time that once we were allowed to do so, we did not know how to tell the truth,” the painter Chen Danqing wrote of the film.

He felt powerless. “My motivation for making films was not simply a love of movies but also a sense of idealism, a hope that I could help to change society.”

In “Still Life,” a building launches into the air like a rocket, and a flying saucer zips across the sky. (As Jia has explained to a film magazine, China’s “official speeches and pictures are like U.F.O.s that never touch the ground.”)

“Not because they are kung-fu movies—I like kung-fu movies—but because the film underscores power, that we should ‘bow down’ before power! For ‘harmony in the world,’ we should give up individual fights and efforts. The ‘authority of power,’ the focus of his films, is what makes me extremely uncomfortable.”

“My expression, my view on history, my view on the truth must be independent,” he says, “but I tell myself not to get marginalized, because being marginalized means you can’t do anything. Marginalization can be a kind of pleasant stance—I really admire many of those people—but I would rather expend enormous energy trying to dance with the many levels of the era in which we live.”
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Musée de l'Homme
Inauguré en juin 1938, le musée de l’homme présente l’évolution de l’homme et des sociétés, en croisant les approches biologiques, sociales et culturelles selon la pensée de Paul Rivet : « l’humanité est un tout indivisible, non seulement dans l’espace, mais aussi dans le temps ». Situé dans l’aile Passy du Palais de Chaillot (Paris 16e) dans un bâtiment construit à l’occasion de l’Exposition Universelle de 1937, il rouvre en 2015 après 6 ans de travaux en réaffirmant le concept de musée-laboratoire voulu par son fondateur.
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Pollution de l’air : Paris va tester une colonne Morris dépolluante
Des microalgues présentes dans ces puits de carbone sont à l’origine de la décarbonisation de l’air. Elles seront aussi recyclées en énergie verte.
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博物志 #69: 东京见闻录(下,并魔都强力乱入)
00:55:47 上海观复博物馆
01:44:28 上海城市规划展览馆
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12月的欧洲大部分地区都已步入寒冬,只有伊比利亚半岛的阳光仍然肆意袭人。走在里斯本正午的海岸,望着波光粼粼的塔霍河和远处神似金门的大桥,不禁感叹南欧真是冬日旅行的不二之选。 这种感叹当然离不开美食的诱...
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波尔图和大阪:忍辱负重的第二城市 - BBC 主页

整座城市都充斥着意想不到的美景。这里有横跨杜罗河的路易一世双层拱形大桥,还有堪称建筑奇迹的Casa da Música音乐厅(据说它看起来像一个巨大的节拍器),处处令人流连忘返。难怪年轻时的JK·罗琳(JK Rowling)在这里找到了创作哈利·波特(Harry Potter)的灵感。那是20世纪90年代初,当时还在当英语老师的罗琳经常光顾Livraria Lello书店。这里蜿蜒美丽的楼梯和12世纪的新哥特式建筑的确很容易让人想起霍格沃兹魔法学校。最近几年,这里已经成了哈利·波特迷的圣地,从早到晚都排着长长的队伍。

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常春藤名校毕业的她,做了中国第一台智能种菜机 --陆家嘴金融网
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