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The Indian Filmmaker Who Made His Dad’s Village Cooking a YouTube Sensation
Priya Krishna on Arumugam Gopinath, an Indian filmmaker whose YouTube videos featuring his father preparing huge quantities of food with scant equipment have attracted millions of views.
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september 2018 by aries1988
What’s in my name: tales that cross continents and generations | Life and style | The Guardian

While I didn’t like the English aspect of my name, I was embarrassed by what that double “e” in Sheela symbolised – my own Indian-ness. I was embarrassed by my parents, our food, our language, cringing at the sound of them speaking Bengali to me in public. But as I grew up I began to shed the layers of stigma. I started hanging out with my Bengali friends in west London pubs. I went to college and studied African and Asian studies in the radicalised environment of Sussex University. I started looking back at the world in which I had grown up through a different lens.

Banerjees – upper-middle-class Bengalis – often became quite close to the British. They did business with them, were educated in their schooling system, and taught to speak English (like my father and my grandfather before him). My grandfather was the manager of a company which supplied porters and teashops to the British-owned railways. He remained a devout Hindu all his life, but the influence of the British filtered down to his son, my father, who grew up dreaming of coming to England.

The most significant aspect of my surname, however, is that in India it identifies where I belong in the Hindu caste system. My grandparents were devout Brahmins – the name Banerjee, along with others such as Mukherjee, Chatterjee and Bhattacharjee, signified that they belonged to the priestly class, the highest tier of the Bengali caste system. Their name and their whole way of life was an embodiment of this.

Even further back in time, being a Banerjee, a Brahmin, means that we must have been Aryan invaders who crossed mountains and rivers in central Asia, fought and pillaged our way through harsh terrain and subjugated the original inhabitants of India – the Dravidians.
india  name  story  uk  british 
july 2018 by aries1988
In China and India, men outnumber women on a massive scale. The consequences are far-reaching. - Washington Post

A combination of cultural preferences, government decree and modern medical technology in the world’s two largest countries has created a gender imbalance on a continental scale. Men outnumber women by 70 million in China and India.

China’s official one-child policy, in effect from 1979 to 2015

Another unintended result — urban housing prices are rising fast.

Around $10,000, Li reckons, will have to be paid to his future bride’s family, just to gain their approval for the engagement. A centuries-old tradition, the bride price in China is similar to a dowry elsewhere in the world, but paid from groom’s family to the bride’s parents — rather than the other way around.
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april 2018 by aries1988
中国人的天下观 - 见素抱朴JSBP - 简书

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january 2018 by aries1988
Conquerors has 734 ratings and 104 reviews. Sebastien said: I really enjoyed this read. Excellent use of primary texts, told in a narrative type way that...
history  discovery  war  india  portugal  book  lisbon  16C 
october 2017 by aries1988
India and Pakistan are still paying for a botched partition
No help was at hand — at that point, the UN was still some years away from defining what constituted refugee status. Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, who had lived side by side for years, slaughtered each other. Partition is estimated to have cost up to a million lives; the tragedy created at least 11m refugees.

If only wiser and cooler heads had prevailed 70 years ago, partition would have been avoided. It has proved a catastrophe — in lives lost, the millions wasted in military confrontation, not to mention the collective exhaustion induced by decades of mutual antipathy. The architects of this disaster imagined, rather naively, a peaceful coexistence rather than today’s deadly rivalry. Pakistan’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, dreamt of a secular state, a far cry from the Islamic and sectarian nation that exists today. India’s leader, Jawaharlal Nehru, envisioned a pluralist and tolerant India, rather than the Hindu nationalist fantasies gripping parts of the country today.
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august 2017 by aries1988
India and Pakistan at 70: their years of independence in charts
When measured at “purchasing power parity” — which adjusts for the fact that locally traded goods and services are much cheaper in the developing world — India is now the third-largest economy in the world, overtaking Germany and Japan since the turn of the millennium.

But output per head in India and Pakistan is around 10 per cent of US levels and in Bangladesh — which at partition was part of Pakistan but gained its own independence in 1971 — half of that. For all the spectacular growth of recent decades, these are still poor countries.

A significant moment in a nation’s economic and demographic history is when the urban population exceeds the number of people living in rural areas. In Great Britain this happened around the time of the 1851 census, in the US by 1920, and China passed this mark in 2011. The UN estimates that Pakistan and Bangladesh will have a majority urban population sometime in the late 2030s, but in India not until mid-century.
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august 2017 by aries1988
Growing Up As An Untouchable
What I was told was that we were Christians. Christians, untouchables—it came to the same thing. All Christians in India were untouchable, as far as I knew (though only a small minority of all untouchables are Christian).

Christians, untouchables—it came to the same thing. All Christians in India were untouchable, as far as I knew (though only a small minority of all untouchables are Christian).

I knew no Christian who did not turn servile in the presence of a Hindu. I knew no Hindu who did not look right through a Christian man standing in front of him as if he did not exist.

Excerpted from Ants Among Elephants: An Untouchable Family and the Making of Modern India by Sujatha Gidla. Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Copyright © 2017 by Sujatha Gidla. All rights reserved.
india  book  story  family  caste  revolution  religion  children  teenager 
august 2017 by aries1988
India’s long road to prosperity
if incomes per head could grow at 7 per cent a year, India would achieve high-income status, at the level of Portugal, within a quarter of a century. Only three economies have achieved something close to this in the past: Taiwan, South Korea and China.
india  future  economy  book  comparison  asia  china 
june 2017 by aries1988
India: our hates and loves
So here — in my last column in this slot before the end of a south Asia posting — are four loves and four hates for the four years we have enjoyed and endured life in Delhi.

Love: Free speech. In some ways, India is the easiest country in the world to work as a journalist. An Indian — whether soldier, politician or farm labourer — is rarely lost for words or reluctant to speak to the press. Most Indian business leaders eschew the spin-doctors and corporate gobbledegook that make talking to US chief executives so painful. Indians just discuss what is going on. Long may it last.
india  story  journalist  culture 
may 2017 by aries1988
FT correspondent James Crabtree on bringing up a baby in Mumbai

For the next two years I wrote happily about Indian business for the FT while we travelled avidly at weekends, from skiing in the Himalayas to tiger safaris in Madhya Pradesh.

Walking through an Indian airport with my son is perhaps the closest I will come to celebrity, as heads turned to watch the baby, and strangers approached, embarrassed and smiling, asking for selfies.

Back at home, we learnt the benefits of being parents in India, not least the plentiful childcare. There was even the unheard of option of night nurses, women who stay through the night to help look after the baby, allowing parents to rest. We turned that down, thinking we should learn the hard way, perplexing Indian friends. Others seemed confused that we put Alexander to bed at the primly European hour of 7pm, while many Indian babies head off to sleep rather closer to midnight.

It is often said that India is a land of contrasts, but few are more jarring than that between the grim conditions in which many children live and the profoundly child-loving culture in the country as a whole.

I hope Alexander comes to enjoy his secret Indian middle name. And even if he does not, I will remember fondly how he came to have it, and even more so the country that welcomed him into the world.

Charming colonial architecture
story  children  parenting  india  expat  uk  travel  name  tradition  culture 
november 2016 by aries1988
Rencontres dans l'Ancien Monde: l'âge d'or des navigations arabes
Les "découvreurs" venus d'Europe, leurs aventures en "terres inconnues" contées du seul point de vue occidental, ont occulté le fait que l'océan Indien (des côtes de l'Afrique Orientale jusqu'à Canton), fut longtemps une vaste "mer des Arabes"...
india  arab  history  navigation  civ 
november 2016 by aries1988
Colin Kaepernick Is Lucky He’s Not Japanese | Foreign Policy
Over the past two years, several people have been thrown out of cinemas for refusing to stand for the national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana” — a song that seems to be playing an increasingly public role with the resurgence of Hindu nationalism under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Playing the anthem before screenings is compulsory in Maharashtra (the state that includes Mumbai) and common in other states like Kerala.

it could also be that few actually understood the point the teachers were trying to make. The war was more than 70 years ago, after all. The anthem, to most modern ears, simply sounds like a call for a much loved emperor’s reign to last for a geologically impossible (stones turning into boulders) length of time.
india  japan  cinema  state  education  school  history  usa  nationalism 
september 2016 by aries1988
A history of nothing: how zero went from nil to something | Aeon Videos
From ancient trade to modern theoretical physics and computer programming, the history of mathematics closely mirrors the history of zero – first as a concept, and then ultimately as a number. Narrated by the UK mathematician Hannah Fry, this short animation explores how the evolution of the understanding of zero has helped shape our minds and our world.
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may 2016 by aries1988
An interview with Ian Bremmer
Japan, not Britain, is best placed to sell services to the Chinese

The argument for the great Osborne charm offensive towards the Chinese is that their economy is evolving: where once it had a seemingly unquenchable thirst for the machine goods, the hard engineering exports, in which Germany specialises, now as its middle class grows, as it starts building up a welfare state, Britain’s strengths come into play. Financial, educational, business services are suddenly a larger part of China’s imports. And Osborne’s thinking is that now is therefore the time to try and beat the Germans at their own game.

Is Cameron able to promise that everyone who comes after him is going to have an equally benign view of a communist China? The Chinese absolutely know that what the Germans do is industrial policy. That’s what they focus on. So the Chinese feel much more certain, long term, that the Germans are not just a good bet; they’re a safe bet. Not only are the Brits not as good a bet, but they’re a very unsafe bet!

because Germany is clearly the leader of Europe, which by the way is the same reason the Chinese want to be with Germany; if you can make only one stop in Europe where do you go? You’re going to go to where things matter. To whoever’s taking a leadership role.

The average CEO lasts for less than five years, so they’re all looking at: what do we do to ensure we maximise shareholder value for now? How to we pump those stocks? Gotta make sure we make that money and right now. Doesn’t matter what it means in five or ten years. The problem is the British people are around longer than shareholders. And you can’t do that to your constituents, to your voters. That’s why this is not something they should be embracing.
future  uk  europe  usa  china  japan  india  state  decision  policy  opinion 
february 2016 by aries1988
India’s impermanent residents
Mark Runacres, a former British diplomat who now owns an executive search firm in India, believes New Delhi’s approach is a legacy of its autarkic past.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, more than 600,000 Indian citizens in the past decade received green cards, which allow them to live and work in the US indefinitely, without forfeiting their Indian citizenship. In 2013, the UK granted indefinite leave to remain — essentially permanent residency — to more than 26,000 Indian citizens.

The only way for a non-ethnic Indian foreigner to obtain long-term residency rights (apart from marriage) is to become a naturalised Indian after seven years here. But — in common with other countries such as Austria, China and Norway — India does not permit dual nationality so they have to relinquish their original citizenship.

Foreigners of Indian ancestry are considered “Overseas Citizens of India”, allowed to live and work here indefinitely without giving up their foreign citizenship, although they cannot vote or run for office. The ethnic diaspora is seen as “umbilically connected” to the Motherland.

Much like Israel’s “right of return” for Jews around the world, India opens its doors to foreign nationals of ethnic Indian origins, provided neither they nor their ancestors come from what are now Pakistan or Bangladesh.
december 2015 by aries1988
【吃的文化史】日式咖哩飯的誕生(上) | 故事

food  asia  india  japan  uk  colonialism  history  story 
september 2015 by aries1988
Holding Your Breath in India
The city’s air is more than twice as polluted as Beijing’s, according to the World Health Organization. (India, in fact, has 13 of the world’s 25 most polluted cities, while Lanzhou is the only Chinese city among the worst 50; Beijing ranks 79th.)
story  india  expat  children  parents  pollution 
june 2015 by aries1988
Why Gandhi Is Such An Asshole In Civilization
Only, there was a problem. When a player adopted democracy in Civilization, their aggression would be automatically reduced by 2. Code being code, if Gandhi went democratic his aggression wouldn't go to -1, it looped back around to the ludicrously high figure of 255, making him as aggressive as a civilization could possibly be.
civ  game  fun  india 
november 2014 by aries1988
At Madison Square Garden, Chants, Cheers and Roars for Modi -
His speech, when it came, did not disappoint. Casting himself as a man of humble origins with “the intention to do big things for small people,” he vowed to promote Indian economic growth, clean up the polluted Ganges River and improve the lot of the country’s poor and disadvantaged. He promised to make it easier for those of Indian descent to obtain visas, so that members of the Indian diaspora might bring their talents back to the homeland.
india  today  diaspora 
september 2014 by aries1988

 但是一说道和第一产业与第二产业相关的行业,印度就呜咽了。制造业和基建是印度的痛中之痛,工业和农业上都没什么亮点,哦,对了红茶和香 料等特种农作物除外。在独立前,英国人给印度人留下了全印铁路网,但是刻意没有在印度展开任何工业基地的建设!印度独立后,基建在相当长一段时间依赖苏俄 的援助,90年代后依赖日本,21世纪初是韩国,而现在的电信方面是中国。制约工农也发展的两个重要问题是物流的困难以及人口制度缺位。


 据说在几年前,印度人会隔N天才用小袋袋洗发水洗一次头,通常都是比较重要的场合,比如开会啦,约会啦,面试啦,站台啦等等。这时候,向 人显摆你洗过头就很重要!所以洗发水要做的很香,很香到你一坐下来,周围的人就知道,嗯,你今天洗过头了,你小子能负担得起洗发水,牛B啊!!

一位法国人腹泻是因为胃痉挛,他转机加上丢行李,两天没睡觉,下飞机时肠胃就不舒服,落地第一顿上咖喱鸡,饭后就趴了。还有一位仁兄是喝路边的甘蔗 汁,但用的是小摊的杯子,倒了。那小摊的杯子基本不洗,就在边上一筒黑水里涮涮,所以这位仁兄倒的太合理了。还有一个是自找的,非要喝才从母牛体内才挤出 来的牛奶,几小时后狂拉……以上这几位都属于特殊情况。

这玩意我们第一眼看以为是茶叶蛋,吞入口中后大吃一惊,有些同仁因为口味上翠不及防吐了出来。 因为这个小球球太甜了!味道就是大白兔奶糖那样加强十倍! 我现在还不清楚这个小球怎么烹饪的,会这么甜!看原料,像是米糕,放在汤水里面煮。初入口时,有薄荷味,然后瞬间就像一颗富含奶糖的炸弹在嘴里轰开了,一股浓郁的奶甜味充斥了口腔。
story  india  travel 
august 2013 by aries1988
India Needs to ‘Reset Its Moral Compass,’ President Says -
“The brutal rape and murder of a young woman, a woman who was a symbol of all that new India strives to be, has left our hearts empty and our minds in turmoil,” Mr. Mukherjee said. “We lost more than a valuable life; we lost a dream. If today young Indians feel outraged, can we blame our youth?”

“The future belongs to them,” Mr. Mukherjee said. “They are today troubled by a range of existential doubts. Does the system offer due reward for merit? Has corruption overtaken morality in public life? Does our legislature reflect emerging India or does it need radical reforms? These doubts have to be set at rest. Elected representatives must win back the confidence of the people.”
india  politics  future  youth 
january 2013 by aries1988
Banyan: Churning the oceans | The Economist
Both have globalised rapidly in recent years, encouraging maritime ambitions. Both, in Mr Raja Mohan’s words, are transforming their navies “from forces conceived for coastal defence and denying their neighbouring waters to hostile powers to instruments that can project force far beyond their shores”.

But it and China are in a “security dilemma”, where one country’s “essential steps” to safeguard its interests are taken by the other as threats that demand a response.
china  india  banyan 
november 2012 by aries1988
麦当劳明年起在印度开设全素餐厅 - 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览
近20年来,麦当劳在印度一直困难中求发展,既面对争议,也有过成功。本周二,麦当劳宣布其计划在阿姆利则(Amritsar)的黄金寺(Golden Temple)及查谟(Jammu)和克什米尔(Kashmir)的印度教神殿附近开几个素食分店。

目前,麦当劳在全球共有3.3万家餐厅。 印度有270家,数量虽不到全球总数的1%,却也比肯德基等其他西方快餐店多得多。肯德基在印度仅有160家。
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september 2012 by aries1988
India’s Planned Mars Mission Receives Mixed Reactions | World |
The country's planned mission to Mars has prompted strong reactions, particularly among those concerned about domestic issues on the ground
india  astro  nation  people 
august 2012 by aries1988
Fire in the Sky
India's missile launch isn't about China so much as it is about wounded national pride. But that doesn't mean it couldn't start an Asian arms race.
august 2012 by aries1988
最近美国《外交政策》杂志与和平基金会发布的“2012年失败国家指数”(The Failed States Index 2012)按社会、经济、政治、军事等12个指标的评分(得分越高越不稳定)把世界上的国家分成了五类:最稳定(如美国、法国)、稳定(如日本、韩国)、中等状况(如蒙古)、较不稳(如俄罗斯、越南)、最不稳(如朝鲜、巴基斯坦),用五种颜色在地图上呈现了出来。
ranking  nation  future  india  china  fail  index  info  comparison 
june 2012 by aries1988

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