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Free chart download - Timeline of French History 1789-1870:
france  revolution  infographics  history 
6 weeks ago by aries1988
Evolution of the English Alphabet (Matt Baker @usefulcharts)
RT : Ok, for those who would prefer the title to read "Latin Alphabet", here you go...
alphabet  history  infographics  comparison  west  writing  system 
april 2018 by aries1988
Japan: the next big quake
The government’s figures put the odds of a magnitude 8.0-plus Nankai Trough earthquake at 50 per cent in the next 20 years, 70 per cent in the next 30 years and 90 per cent in the next half century.

In the worst case of a magnitude 9.0 quake, close to land, Tokyo puts losses at ¥220tn ($2tn) for the first year alone. The amount is hard to imagine: 40 per cent of Japan’s GDP, equal to the market capitalisation of Apple, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, ExxonMobil and Facebook combined. Around three-quarters of that is property damage, most of it privately owned, and the rest is lost economic activity.

The worst fatality rates in Tohoku towns were about 10 per cent, whereas historic records suggest fatality rates of half or two-thirds for unprepared fishing villages after a similar tsunami in 1896. In total, 97 per cent of people in the Tohoku inundation area survived.

That reflects the benefits of engineering, early warning and evacuation.
japan  gis  government  planning  disaster  state  policy  manufacturing  infographics  earthquake 
october 2017 by aries1988
Branded in Memory
The bite, which is the logo's most iconic feature, was included for scale, so the apple wouldn't be mistaken for a cherry.

Starbucks' current logo, introduced in 2011, is a streamlined version of the two-tailed siren. It no longer features the "Starbucks Coffee" text and is pure green, as opposed to green and black. Despite this simplification, only 6 percent of people drew a near perfect Starbucks logo from memory.

The question at the heart of this experiment is "How accurately can we recall logos we see on a daily basis?" The results show that most people are very good at recalling brand colors – around 80 percent selected the correct palettes for their drawings, while shapes and elements in logos are harder to recall.

There was, however, a difference by age. On average, younger people drew more accurate logos than older people. This was true across almost all brands, but was most noticeable for 7-Eleven, Burger King, and Adidas. Walmart was least affected by age, showing no difference between younger and older groups.

Confidence scaled with accuracy, so while people in general overestimated how well they did, those who did best had the best awareness of their ability.
logo  design  advertising  fun  comparison  data  memory  poll  infographics  analysis 
october 2017 by aries1988
Tracing the Origins of Indo-European Languages
A study suggests that the Indo-European family of languages originated in Anatolia, or modern-day Turkey.
language  history  science  europe  infographics 
july 2017 by aries1988
The ‘time machine’ reconstructing ancient Venice’s social networks
Venice is the perfect city for the experiment because of its wealth of historically important, well-ordered documentation. It was founded in the fifth century AD by citizens of the Roman empire escaping barbarian invaders from the north. Its inhospitable lagoons provided much-needed protection, and its location at the north end of the Adriatic Sea also had strategic advantages. It soon became the most important trading post between Western Europe and the east, bringing it riches and power.
history  archive  data  infographics  project  archaeology  commerce  research  society  social-network 
june 2017 by aries1988
L’entre-soi social confirmé par le big data

Un de ses confrères, Loïc Wacquant, professeur à l’université de Californie, est moins enthousiaste : « Cet article retrouve des ­résultats élémentaires des études de stratification : le capital (économique et culturel) va au capital. Il ne faut pas se laisser aspirer par ­l’effet de mode du big data. Ce n’est pas parce qu’on établit des corrélations statistiques sur des millions d’individus qu’on a découvert quelque chose. »
bigdata  society  money  class  numbers  mexico  research  infographics 
january 2017 by aries1988
Friends and foes: rifts in the Middle East
Islamic State has no friends. But it has upended geopolitics in the Middle East and drawn America’s armed forces back to the region. Our “relationship mosaic” below summarises the friendships and enmities among countries, political groups and militant organisations in the Middle East. It provides a quick, simplified glimpse (the “neutral” category, for instance, embraces a large number of possibilities). Syria’s official al-Qaeda affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra, is almost as isolated as IS: neither was invited to a conference of Syrian opposition groups convened this month by Saudi Arabia. The Syrian government is disliked by many countries, but supported by Iran and Russia. Russia’s relationship with Turkey deteriorated sharply after the Turks’ shooting-down of a Russian warplane in November. The Iraqi Kurds count numerous friends and no sworn enemies. America must play a delicate diplomatic game in holding together unlikely allies.
2015  middle-east  infographics  diplomacy  geopolitics 
december 2015 by aries1988
80后大学老师创全国高铁图走红 如地铁图般清晰(图)

train  chinese  infographics  amateur  map 
august 2015 by aries1988
Animated interactive of the history of the Atlantic slave trade.
Of the more than 10 million enslaved Africans to eventually reach the Western Hemisphere, just 388,747—less than 4 percent of the total—came to North America. This was dwarfed by the 1.3 million brought to Spanish Central America, the 4 million brought to British, French, Dutch, and Danish holdings in the Caribbean, and the 4.8 million brought to Brazil.
july 2015 by aries1988
INFOGRAPHIC: A world of languages - and how many speak them
We represent each language within black borders and then provide the numbers of native speakers (in millions) by country. The colour of these countries shows how languages have taken root in many different regions
infographics  language  world  nation 
may 2015 by aries1988
How ISIS Expands
The Islamic State aims to build a broad colonial empire across many countries.
2015  infographics  map  narrative  news 
may 2015 by aries1988
Housing: Why grumble? | The Economist
Second, regardless of city size, housing has become more affordable over the past four years throughout China. At the peak, in April 2010, house prices on average were nearly 12 times household incomes; that has dropped to less than nine times today. Prices are higher than in many developing countries, but they are not wildly divergent.
housing  china  analysis  numbers  infographics 
december 2014 by aries1988
TileMill | Mapbox
Whether you're a journalist, web designer, researcher, or seasoned cartographer, TileMill is the design studio to create stunning interactive maps.
via:vneyroud  cartographie  infographics  geography  cartes 
march 2014 by aries1988
A New Yorker Interactive
data  infographics  economy  rich  newyorker 
april 2013 by aries1988
So much to do, so little time | The Economist
Yet there is also a much more positive side to the country. It is the world’s fifth-biggest economy and sixth-biggest exporter. In the first half of 2012 it was the fourth-biggest recipient of foreign direct investment. It has more big multinational companies in the global Fortune 500 than Britain. The French are especially strong in top-end goods and services: luxury goods, food processing, pharmaceuticals, fashion. The infrastructure, especially in transport and energy, is second to none. Although many universities are mediocre, the grandes écoles, such as the Polytechnique and the HEC business school, are world class. The health system is widely admired. And unlike most other European countries France has a relatively favourable demographic outlook, with a birth rate just above replacement level.
future  france  economy  infographics  numbers  explained 
november 2012 by aries1988
game  fun  ai  infographics 
october 2012 by aries1988







googlereader  information  infographics 
september 2012 by aries1988
Daily chart: Wordy goods | The Economist
Americans are exchanging ever more words
print's share of our communication with each other has not been squeezed as dramatically by the rise of the internet as some might think. Radio, on the other hand, has undergone a clear sharp decline. Television, too, accounts for a declining share of American media consumption.
googlereader  data  infographics  communication  media  comparison 
august 2012 by aries1988
automobile  corporation  germany  info  infographics  manufacturing 
august 2012 by aries1988
Information Design
Here's a repository of some infographics we came up with ourselves. Most are topics we either couldn't ignore or issues that got someone in the studio all hot under the collar...
infographics  visualization 
august 2012 by aries1988
Un panier de la ménagère qui coûte cher en carbone
Vous êtes plutôt viande ou poisson? Légumes ou céréales? Jus de fruits ou alcool? Des choix qui sont loin d'être indifférents pour celui qui se soucie de ses émissions de CO2. Les légumes sont le parfait exemple inverse. Les fruits et légumes représentent ainsi 20 % du poids du panier, 14 % des dépenses et seulement 7 % du contenu carbone. La viande est à ce titre très emblématique. Elle ne représente que 8 % du poids moyen du panier, 23 % de son coût mais près du tiers de son contenu en carbone.
family  food  infographics  environment  numbers  français 
august 2012 by aries1988
Ramayana in one giant infographic (of which this is a tiny...
Ramayana in one giant infographic (of which this is a tiny excerpt) by Raj Kamal, reminiscent in style of The Little Book of Hindu Deities by Pixar animator Sanjay Patel
infographics  indian  story  illustration  artist 
november 2011 by aries1988
100部最好的幻想小说阅读指南 - 微科幻 - 果壳网

这个夏天,NPR(美国国家公共广播电台)发起了一次大规模的投票。听众们响应号召,对325本科幻、奇幻小说进行投票,产生了5000多项提名、60000多个投票,评选出了 “NPR读者票选幻想小说T0P100”


著名的SF Signal网站再一次解救众生,召集资深幻迷与设计师制作出了下面这张 “NPR读者票选幻想小说TOP100阅读指南”

sf  reading  howto  infographics 
october 2011 by aries1988
infographics  wc 
may 2011 by aries1988

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