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Inside America’s Infrastructure Problem
From the crumbling bridges of California to the overflowing sewage drains of Houston and the rusting railroad tracks in the Northeast Corridor, decaying infrastructure is all around us, and the consequences are so familiar that we barely notice them—like urban traffic congestion, slow-moving trains, and flights that are often disrupted, thanks to an outdated air-traffic-control system.

there are political reasons that maintenance gets scanted. It’s handled mainly by state and local communities, which, because many of them can’t run fiscal deficits, operate under budgetary pressures. Term limits mean that a politician who cuts maintenance spending may not be around when things go wrong. There’s also what Erie calls the edifice complex: what politician doesn’t like opening something new and having a nice press op at the ribbon-cutting? But no one ever writes articles saying, Region’s highways are still about as good as they were last year.

infrastructure policy has become a matter of lurching from crisis to crisis, solving problems after the fact rather than preventing them from happening.
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China's Ancient Lifeline
The 1,400-year-old Grand Canal is a monumental project that bound north and south China together. It’s still in use today.
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China Takes Off | Popular Science
James Fallows is the author of China Airborne, which will be published by Pantheon this month.
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