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Opinion | Away in a Manger... Or Under a Palm Tree?

But we can know something: Jesus of Nazareth must have been an amazing man. Had he been a just a Jewish carpenter from rural Galilee or one of the many militants at his time pretending to be a political Messiah, today we would not be discussing where he was born.

Jesus of Nazareth must rather have been an amazing man who, with his striking persona and fascinating teachings, captured the hearts and minds of not just his contemporaries but also many more to come. His legacy is so great that two of the world’s great religions, Christianity and Islam, sing his praises — even if they disagree on his theological nature or his exact birthplace.

So this Christmas, say, “Glory be to him,” as Christians say — or “Peace be upon him,” as we Muslims do. And either way, merry Christmas to us all!
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december 2017 by aries1988

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