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Letter of Recommendation Recently Returned Books
They were not chosen to signal anyone’s intellect or righteousness or in-the-know-ness. They are often old and very often ugly. I’ve come to think of this shelf as an escape from hype, a kind of anti-curation.
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september 2018 by aries1988
颱風夜裡的「機器人」守護神 - 那瑪夏的圖書館|端傳媒 Initium Media
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october 2017 by aries1988
到学校第一天上课的时候,路过文科校区的图书馆,愣是没敢走进去,因为还不知道借书卡的手续怎么办。直到过了几天,在网上填了申请表,之后再去领卡的时候才走进去。 结果发现进图书馆不需要刷任何卡、不需要出示任何证件。学校图书馆里的书、电脑、自习室是任何人都可以使用的,只是把书借走、带出去,需要办一张借书卡(似乎是只提供给学校师生和访问学者)。 文科校区的图书馆名叫 Karin Boye,这是一位瑞典女诗人的名字,她也是我校的一位校友。 这个图书馆里的书以瑞典语和英语为主,英语书可能还更多一些,... | 小鹤学舌记 | How’s your day?
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september 2017 by aries1988
Old Fulton NY Post Cards
这个家伙号称以一己之力,将 37,439,000 页美国和加拿大报纸过刊进行了数字化和细致的分类、索引,网站看起来是笨重的上世纪风格,但检索功能真的很强大: 。
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january 2017 by aries1988
20 of the most beautiful libraries in the world
A library can be a second home for a bibliophile.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of embellishment. The nearly 300-year-old State Hall in Vienna, Austria, boasts carved wooden galleries, baroque-style statues, and frescos, while Taipei's Beitou Branch resembles a treehouse more than a shelter for books.

We scoured the internet and found 20 of the most beautifully designed libraries around the world.
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july 2016 by aries1988

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