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Letter of Recommendation Offgrid’s ‘What If
A prepper magazine that will make you appreciate what you have.
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february 2019 by aries1988
Monocle's View From Nowhere
The content has a new seriousness, though it remains ever-optimistic. In an interview for the March issue, the CEO of Lufthansa says he is confident that globalization “cannot be stopped or slowed down, even though some people are trying hard.” The president of Portugal, adopting the vocabulary of a start-up founder, pitches his country as “a platform between cultures, civilizations, and seas.” (“We were an empire,” he reassures readers, “but not imperialistic.”)
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july 2017 by aries1988
工科生怎么看懂《经济学人》(The Economist)? - 金融 - 知乎


“举个例子,刚才那段节选文章里有一句: The pre-modern marauders of Islamic State (IS) rampaged between Iraq and Syria, and Russian forces dismembered Ukraine, as if borders were elastic lines rather than fixed frontiers. 读到这里有没有一种“哇,写得真牛逼“的感觉?是的,最后一句的比喻写得太棒了,把国家的边界比喻成橡皮筋,可进可退,可伸可缩,借此来讽刺IS和俄罗斯随意入侵别国的行径。”

“关键是要找到适合自己的学习材料。理想的学习材料应该满足“i+1”的原则,即你的英语水平为i ,选取的阅读材料难度为”i+1”,阅读材料不能太简单也不能太难。”
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september 2015 by aries1988
Marco Arment's The Magazine and the economic case for content bundling.
So as The Magazine gets bigger, the same $1.99 a month fee buys you more content. It's a virtuous circle in which subscription growth drives a superior value proposition that drives more subscription growth. Of course as you scale up, you do hit some hiccups—eventually you need to add extra editorial staff and such—but it's pretty smooth sailing.
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february 2013 by aries1988
电子杂志精华版 - 电子杂志 - 原版英语论坛 英语小说-英语学习-有声读本 - Powered by Discuz!
Business Week(商业周刊)
Scientific American (科学美国人)
US News & World Report(美国新闻与世界报道)
The Economist (经济学人)
Reader's Digest(读者文摘)
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january 2009 by aries1988

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