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a16z Podcast: The Search for the Secret Metal that Powers All Our Devices – Andreessen Horowitz
The exploration for and mining of certain metals has driven huge epochs of human civilization, from copper and iron to gold and diamonds. In this conversation, Kurt House, CEO and co-founder of KoBold Metals; John Thompson, professor of earth and geosciences at Cornell and longtime advisor to the mining industry; and a16z General Partner on the consumer team, Connie Chan, talk with a16z’s Hanne Tidnam all about why it is that cobalt is suddenly one of the most important metals on the planet.
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Aberfan - 50 years on

It was a normal October day for a small mining village, where it had been raining for what seemed like forever
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The Last Coal Miners of Spain

The portraits are a vivid illustration of the challenges facing environmental reformers. A rapidly overheating world requires global remedies; many of these measures, at least in the short term, will inflict hardships that will fall unevenly on those least suited to bear them. Stories of immediate individual suffering will always speak more powerfully than a broader narrative about the gradual mitigation of existential threats. Spain, like most other nations, faces a daunting political problem: how to destroy a poisonous industry without destroying its workers?
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