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历史太大,内容太多,一时不知从何讲起,就先来一碗乱炖,作为开篇吧。 一、人类的文明起点 言中国史,必以汉唐为骄傲,说西洋史,必云希腊罗马如何如何,所谓“光荣属于希腊,伟大属于罗马”。 说大汉,必云匈奴,言盛唐,岂能避开突厥?希腊再光荣,能不提马其顿?罗马再牛逼,也免不了北方蛮族的侵袭。




博望侯张骞所开辟的,李希霍芬所命名的SILK ROAD。




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may 2018 by aries1988
Japan's Endless Search for Modernity - The Atlantic
The government captured religion, creating a centralized State-Shinto apparatus that glorified the emperor and subordinated his subjects to a mission civilisatrice that pulled the rest of Asia into a Japanese-dominated modernity.
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january 2018 by aries1988
The Interpreter Thursday, October 12, 2017
Rapid modernization means more than rising incomes. It means rural-to-urban migration, population density and shifting social hierarchies. This changes how society and politics work. Of course, most countries manage to modernize without committing atrocities. But in countries already predisposed to sectarian conflict, modernization can trigger terrible violence.

Economic change disrupts how people organize themselves socially and therefore relate to one another. Identity becomes more salient as people search for new ways to root themselves. This means that contradictions or faultlines in identity — for example, between Myanmar’s ethnic majority and the minority Rohingya, long seen as outsiders — become more salient as well.

As we wrote earlier in the week, this is not to say that the people of Myanmar are inherently predisposed to sectarian conflict or were unready for modernization. Rather, these developments reflect the weakness of institutions, as well as political and social norms, that are meant to safeguard societies through turbulence. When they are not up to that task, as in Myanmar, the consequences can be severe.
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october 2017 by aries1988

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