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I.M. Pei: Establishment Modernism Lite

while we were in Kyoto together, as a thank-you for some service he had performed for the Japanese government, officials arranged at his request for a rare private viewing of one of the greatest treasures of Chinese art: Six Persimmons, a thirteenth-century ink painting by the monk Mu Qi, now stored at the Daitoku-ji temple. Knowing my love of art he invited me to join him, though he explained that we would be required to wear white gloves and stuff wads of gauze in our mouths lest we emitted any droplets of saliva if we spoke near the unframed relic. This generous gesture was typical of his genuine thoughtfulness, and when I ran into him several years later he beamed and asked, ”Remember Six Persimmons?”
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A history of China in 8m objects - Chaguan

the Cultural Revolution, the decade after 1966 when Mao Zedong unleashed terror on his own country, pitting neighbour against neighbour, students against teachers, children against parents and Red Guard mobs against officials whom Mao despised. More than a million lives were lost, and many more ruined. Centuries-old temples and libraries were smashed to so much rubble and firewood.

Other exhibits recall hardships. One museum in Anren is devoted to the nearly 18m urban youngsters who were banished to the countryside for years of ploughing, hauling manure and digging ditches instead of being educated.

Drawing the wrong lessons about the past can prompt charges of “historical nihilism”, an offence that sees museums punished and careers blighted.
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A new museum captures Austria’s ambivalence about its past - The story of a horse
Most Austrians saw Austria as an aberration, cut off from its wheat in the east, its port on the Adriatic and the industry of Bohemia; the Allies denied their wish to join a “greater Germany”.

“We see ourselves as a forum for debate,” says Monika Sommer, the director. “We are quite comfortable with showing that there isn’t always one view on history.” She hopes that exhibits like the Waldheim-Pferd will prove to be “friction points” that galvanise discussion. There are bound to be controversies, she acknowledges. The museum’s aim is to provide a stage on which to air them, perhaps even to forge a new consensus.
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november 2018 by aries1988
Some Reflections from My Trip to Berlin
Even for a city almost 800 years old, Berlin has seen more than its fair share of history, especially in the 20th century. Watch
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november 2018 by aries1988
Musée d'arts : Les mémoires de la restauration
L’exposition revient sur ce formidable Salon qui incarne, à travers les plus belles oeuvres présentées à l’époque, le virage exceptionnel de l’art vers la modernité.

L’exposition propose un parcours en cinq parties. L'introduction générale contextualise la ville de Nantes en 1886, organisatrice d'un grand salon en province. Un ensemble de thématiques permet de reconstituer l’esprit d’une époque, au moment où se développe un marché de l’art et des collections audacieux, qui crée une nouvelle idée de la «modernité» face au passé académique.

Rassemblés selon des thématiques structurantes, près de 80 œuvres, peintures, sculptures et dessins provenant de collections publiques et privées, françaises et étrangères, seront exposées.
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october 2018 by aries1988
Why fake miniatures depicting Islamic science are everywhere | Aeon Essays
With these ideals in mind, do the ends justify the means? Using a reproduction or fake to draw attention to the rich and oft-overlooked intellectual legacy of the Middle East and South Asia might be a small price to pay for widening the circle of cross-cultural curiosity. If the material remains of the science do not exist, or don’t fit the narrative we wish to construct, then maybe it’s acceptable to imaginatively reconstruct them. Faced with the gap between our scant knowledge of the actual intellectual endeavours of bygone Muslims, and the imagined Islamic past upon which we’ve laid our weighty expectations, we indulge in the ‘freedom’ to recreate.
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october 2018 by aries1988
Song Ma on Twitter
“去年在参观曼彻斯特“科学与工业博物馆” @msimanchester 时,从珍妮纺纱机一直看到罗尔斯罗伊斯飞机发动机,电力机车头和曼城大学研发的第一台电子计算机,突然意识到英国这个小岛有着完备工业体系,可以自己独立制造大部分重要民用和军用工业产品。不过好像也不足为奇,毕竟现代工业就是他们发明的。”
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Hearing Poland’s Ghosts

The enormity of these events, combined with the suppression of basic truths about them, meant that their legacies were preserved covertly by their various inheritors, all with their own adamant loyalties and wrenching recollections, and that Poland in the postwar period became a place of often conflicting and fervently defended forms of collective memory.

a declaration that Polish history should be as much a part of the European historical imagination as, say, French or German history has been for educated citizens of the advanced world.

What had almost entirely vanished from collective memory was the fact that before World War II, Jewish and non-Jewish communities had coexisted in Poland for ten centuries, in a relationship that included phases of tension and benign indifference, of spiritual separateness and mutually advantageous commerce, of ideological anti-Semitism and what might be called multiculturalism avant la lettre.

more than 154,000 people, most of them civilians, lost their lives

His well-informed answer is given in a tone of almost trembling emotion, difficult to imagine among adolescent visitors to, say, the Imperial War Museum in London.

to insert the experiences of Poland and east-central Europe into Europe’s and the world’s historical memory.

As for the future of Poland’s cultural institutions, Kerski says that much depends on what might be called the civic courage of individuals in opposing repressive policies, as well as on the credibility of the European Union.
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march 2018 by aries1988
British Museum and BBC team up to explore belief through objects | Culture | The Guardian
MacGregor – an acclaimed art historian, curator and devout Christian – examines shared rituals, festivals, pilgrimages and sacrifices and the relationship between belief, society and politics.

People at the time were “living on the edge. What they most need to do is find food and keep warm and yet they allow someone amongst them to spend over 400 hours making a sculpture … Clearly, people are trying to come to terms with their environment, to reshape or transcend their environment. They’re thinking, believing, trying to transcend the daily grind of keeping their lives together.”
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october 2017 by aries1988
Le « monstre » de graisse qui bouche les égouts de Londres pourrait finir au musée
Quelle meilleure façon d’interpeller sur les conséquences de la pollution que d’obliger le visiteur à regarder la boule de graisse et de lingettes qui obstrue les égouts sous leurs pieds ?
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september 2017 by aries1988
A Sri Lankan Museum on Staten Island
A high-school student showcases relics from her family’s country in the basement of their restaurant.
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august 2017 by aries1988
The Natural History Museum’s new hall of wonders
Although gigantism on land reached a peak with dinosaurs, today’s blue whales are the biggest animals that have ever lived on land or sea. Evolutionary studies suggest that baleen whales, and the blue whale in particular, have grown to this scale within the past three million years in response to the availability of huge concentrations of krill, which they can catch and eat through their specialised filter-feeding mechanism.
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july 2017 by aries1988
Collecting the World by James Delbourgo — the life of Hans Sloane
An erudite biography of the botanist and doctor whose vision led to the British Museum
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june 2017 by aries1988
Musée de l'Homme
Inauguré en juin 1938, le musée de l’homme présente l’évolution de l’homme et des sociétés, en croisant les approches biologiques, sociales et culturelles selon la pensée de Paul Rivet : « l’humanité est un tout indivisible, non seulement dans l’espace, mais aussi dans le temps ». Situé dans l’aile Passy du Palais de Chaillot (Paris 16e) dans un bâtiment construit à l’occasion de l’Exposition Universelle de 1937, il rouvre en 2015 après 6 ans de travaux en réaffirmant le concept de musée-laboratoire voulu par son fondateur.
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may 2017 by aries1988
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april 2017 by aries1988
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february 2017 by aries1988
【5.18活动答案大解析(上)】: 光影流转 迷情依旧
museum  movie 
may 2016 by aries1988
Museum of the World
Welcome to The Museum of the World – an interactive experience through time, continents and cultures, featuring some of the most fascinating objects in human history. The project is a partnership between the British Museum and Google Cultural Institute. For the first time ever, discover objects from the British Museum’s collection from prehistory to the present using the most advanced WebGL (Web Graphics Library) technology available. Jump back in time to explore objects from across diverse cultures and listen to British Museum curators share their insights. Click to connect objects across time and space, and discover hidden links between then and now. Take a look around, explore and learn something new! Enjoy your visit.

The website was designed and built by WEIR+WONG. All sound effects are provided under license from
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december 2015 by aries1988
Miniatur Wunderland *** official video *** largest model railway / railroad of the world
The official video about Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, the largest model railway in the world, and one of the most successful tourist attractions in Germany. ...
deutschland  idea  train  model  transport  airplane  fun  travel  museum  moi  germany 
december 2015 by aries1988
How to buy a Tyrannosaurus Rex -
“The fossil was discovered in Montana four years ago and its 250kg skull reached Berlin from the US in July. The rest of the skeleton will arrive next month and the whole specimen will be assembled for public display from December 17 — the first full T-rex skeleton on show in Europe. (About 50 T-rex fossils are in collections worldwide.)”

“When Tristan goes on show, the original skeleton will be topped by a lightweight replica of the skull, produced by 3D printing from scans, while the original skull will be displayed separately. “The skull is too heavy to sit on the skeleton, so it will be in its own case,” says Nielsen. “This will also make it easier for people to see and easier to remove bones temporarily for study.””

“The best dinosaur discoveries today are taking place in the US Great Plains states such as Montana and Wyoming and, on the other side of the world, in Mongolia and China. “It is almost impossible to get stuff out of China or Mongolia nowadays, even for conservation, which is a pity when you have dinosaur skeletons weathering away on the ground,” Nudds laments.”
dinosaur  collection  museum  amateur 
september 2015 by aries1988
Un musée de l'aviation à Blagnac
Aeroscopia, un site dédié à l'histoire de l'aéronautique atterrit au pays d'Airbus. La vaste aérogare présente les pionniers, les constructeurs et leurs avions les plus emblématiques.
museum  Toulouse  aviation  travel 
january 2015 by aries1988
Are European Museum Passes Worth the Money? -
I found the Paris Museum Pass to be the best deal, offering free entry with priority access to over 60 museums and monuments including the Louvre, Ste.-Chapelle, Musée d’Orsay, Musée Rodin, Centre Pompidou and Versailles. This pass also allows for an unlimited number of visits, a plus for tourists who want to spread out a tour of the Louvre over two or three days — not a bad idea with this easily overwhelming museum. Available for two consecutive days (42 euros), four days (56 euros) or six days (69 euros), the pass gives visitors about twice as much time as similarly priced passes in Amsterdam and Madrid. First-time visitors will almost surely come out ahead with the pass, but tourists with fewer museums on the itinerary should do the math before buying.
museum  travel 
november 2014 by aries1988
La reine Alien se restaure à Lyon
Ce n'est certainement ni la première ni la dernière fois que la saga du xénomorphe fait l'objet d'un événement de ce type. Mais cet hommage lyonnais revêtait une saveur toute particulière, la cité rhodanienne abritant depuis septembre la maquette motorisée originale restaurée de la « Alien queen », la reine Alien géante imaginée par James Cameron pour Aliens : le retour en 1986.

Il obtient finalement la bête pour 40 000 dollars, soit 31 000 euros. Une broutille comparée à son coût de production estimé – 900 000 dollars – mais un prix non négligeable pour ce petit musée familial et privé, qui emprunte pour s'offrir le monstre sacré.

Au final, le musée s'en tire avec une facture de 120 000 euros de réparation, hors main-d'œuvre interne.
lyon  museum  movie  model 
november 2014 by aries1988
How Shanghai Saved the Jews
I don’t generally hold Chinese museums in high regard (though there are some exceptions, such as the Shaanxi Provincial Museum in Xi’an). Many Chinese museums have spectacular artifacts, whether lacquerware or locomotives, but, regardless of language, they are often bad at explanation and storytelling and beholden to the imperatives of The Official Narrative. This is a minor tragedy. The Forbidden City should be one of the great museums of the planet. It’s not. It’s a glorious structure holding a bunch of disconnected and poorly explained stuff. And, no, it’s not because Chiang Kai Shek took a lot of the good stuff to Taiwan (although he did). The story is accurate, insofar as it goes, but as with many Chinese museums the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum is interesting less for what it includes than for what it elides. For example, it is true that Shanghai accepted the Jewish refugees at a time when the US and UK shamefully didn’t. But that was because Shanghai didn’t require an entry visa, so anyone could (and did) land there. Left unmentioned is that the open borders were the result of Shanghai’s status as foreign treaty port under the infamous Treaty of Nanking (the same one that ceded Hong Kong to the British after the First Opium War – and we know how the Chinese felt about that).
museum  china  history  narration  ww2 
november 2012 by aries1988
Securing the legacy of the world's greatest geek - opinion - 24 August 2012 - New Scientist
Matthew Inman wants to build a museum dedicated to inventor Nikola Tesla, the "greatest geek who ever lived"
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august 2012 by aries1988

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