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january 2019 by aries1988
What’s in my name: tales that cross continents and generations | Life and style | The Guardian

While I didn’t like the English aspect of my name, I was embarrassed by what that double “e” in Sheela symbolised – my own Indian-ness. I was embarrassed by my parents, our food, our language, cringing at the sound of them speaking Bengali to me in public. But as I grew up I began to shed the layers of stigma. I started hanging out with my Bengali friends in west London pubs. I went to college and studied African and Asian studies in the radicalised environment of Sussex University. I started looking back at the world in which I had grown up through a different lens.

Banerjees – upper-middle-class Bengalis – often became quite close to the British. They did business with them, were educated in their schooling system, and taught to speak English (like my father and my grandfather before him). My grandfather was the manager of a company which supplied porters and teashops to the British-owned railways. He remained a devout Hindu all his life, but the influence of the British filtered down to his son, my father, who grew up dreaming of coming to England.

The most significant aspect of my surname, however, is that in India it identifies where I belong in the Hindu caste system. My grandparents were devout Brahmins – the name Banerjee, along with others such as Mukherjee, Chatterjee and Bhattacharjee, signified that they belonged to the priestly class, the highest tier of the Bengali caste system. Their name and their whole way of life was an embodiment of this.

Even further back in time, being a Banerjee, a Brahmin, means that we must have been Aryan invaders who crossed mountains and rivers in central Asia, fought and pillaged our way through harsh terrain and subjugated the original inhabitants of India – the Dravidians.
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july 2018 by aries1988
Tsuyoshi - Wikipedia

Tsuyoshi (つよし, ツヨシ) is a masculine Japanese given name.

Tsuyoshi can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:

剛, "sturdy"
豪, "overpowering"
毅, "strong"
力, "power"
剛史, "sturdy, history"
剛志, "sturdy, will"
剛士, "sturdy, gentleman/samurai"
強, « force »
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june 2018 by aries1988
FT correspondent James Crabtree on bringing up a baby in Mumbai

For the next two years I wrote happily about Indian business for the FT while we travelled avidly at weekends, from skiing in the Himalayas to tiger safaris in Madhya Pradesh.

Walking through an Indian airport with my son is perhaps the closest I will come to celebrity, as heads turned to watch the baby, and strangers approached, embarrassed and smiling, asking for selfies.

Back at home, we learnt the benefits of being parents in India, not least the plentiful childcare. There was even the unheard of option of night nurses, women who stay through the night to help look after the baby, allowing parents to rest. We turned that down, thinking we should learn the hard way, perplexing Indian friends. Others seemed confused that we put Alexander to bed at the primly European hour of 7pm, while many Indian babies head off to sleep rather closer to midnight.

It is often said that India is a land of contrasts, but few are more jarring than that between the grim conditions in which many children live and the profoundly child-loving culture in the country as a whole.

I hope Alexander comes to enjoy his secret Indian middle name. And even if he does not, I will remember fondly how he came to have it, and even more so the country that welcomed him into the world.

Charming colonial architecture
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november 2016 by aries1988
Persian (or Arabian) Gulf Is Caught in the Middle of Regional Rivalries
This may be among the most minor of the disputes, but it speaks to the level of hostility and competition between the two, and is taken quite seriously by many with an interest in the region — including the United States Navy, which, for fear of alienating its regional allies, uses the term Arabian Gulf.

Persian Gulf has been used throughout history, in maps, documents and diplomacy, from the ancient Persians, whose empire dominated the region, to the Greeks and the British.

“It is commonly understood to be a friendly gesture of solidarity and support for our host nation of Bahrain and our other Gulf Cooperation Council partners in the region to use the term they prefer,” Commander Stephens wrote in an email.
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january 2016 by aries1988
Name that country: What to call Macedonia?
Alexander was Greek — his tutor was Aristotle the philosopher — and grew up in the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, which stretched across the modern border towards Skopje, before setting out on his trail of conquests.

Meanwhile, ethnicity in Macedonia is so mixed it gave the French a word for fruit salad. In the modern republic there are Slavs, who consider themselves ethnically Macedonian and a big Albanian minority, along with smaller groups of Vlachs, Bulgarians, and Roma people.
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december 2015 by aries1988
Été indien — Wikipédia
L’été indien ou l’été des Indiens (expression d’origine américaine, en France on parle également d’été de Vireux ou d’été de la Saint-Martin) est une période de temps ensoleillé et radouci, après les premières gelées de l’automne et juste avant l’hiver. Elle se produit en octobre ou au début de novembre dans l’hémisphère nord, et en avril ou au début mai dans l’hémisphère sud. Elle est aléatoire et peut durer de quelques jours à plus d’une semaine, ou ne pas se produire du tout certaines années.
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november 2014 by aries1988
段钢 : 谁可以称蒋经国为“建丰同志”? _ 腾讯 · 大家



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october 2014 by aries1988

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