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Three tips for becoming a better China-watcher - SupChina
Nonetheless, they are invaluable windows into the terminology, perspectives, policies, and personalities on which the Chinese Communist Party wants readers to focus. They should therefore be read as such, by focusing not just on the explicit claims they make and where they are directing your attention, but also on which topics and perspectives they omit and, crucially, why they might do so.

Good information about China is relatively hard to obtain, doubly so because it is channeled through a limited set of journalists, researchers, analysts, and propaganda outlets with the expertise needed to bridge the gaps between China and the outside world.

assessments must be rooted in an understanding of China’s historical, societal, and political context.

Furthermore, Chinese norms for prose mean core claims often appear buried or bafflingly idiomatic (such that knowing what they say is not at all the same as understanding what they mean).
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november 2017 by aries1988
L'âge du président
Où l'on voit, avec Donald Trump et Emmanuel Macron, que la jeunesse paraît repasser l'Atlantique
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may 2017 by aries1988
Learning Arabic from Egypt’s Revolution

In Dardasha, icons of little bombs with burning fuses had been printed next to the kind of phrase that, even during a revolution, qualified as explosive: Your son is really smart, Madame Fathiya. Fortunately, this compliment-bomb was promptly disarmed: This is what God has willed, Madame Fathiya, your son is really smart.

Grammar functions as a kind of spice, similar to the way that Sichuanese cuisine uses strong flavors to create satisfying meals that actually contain little meat.

Western academics call it modern standard Arabic, although the language retains strong links to the time of Muhammed. Back then, Arabic lacked a strong written literary tradition, and, in the eyes of believers, the Prophet’s illiteracy is evidence of the divine nature of the Quran. Even a skeptic like Rifaat told us that the Quran is so beautiful that it could only have come from God.

In China, the Han dynasty, which was founded in 206 B.C.E., codified and standardized the Confucian, or Ruist, classics, a process that helped set the terms for the writing system. By taking these centuries-old texts as their model of proper Chinese writing, the Han prescribed an idealized language—classical Chinese—that was probably never spoken in day-to-day life.

traditionalists feared further cultural damage. It will not be long before our ancestral language loses its form, God forbid, an editor at the newspaper Al-Ahram wrote, in 1882. How can we support a weak spoken language which will eliminate the sacred original language?

Most important, classical Chinese wasn’t tied to a religion or a divine text.

while places like German Switzerland also practice diglossia, the use of two languages, the difference is that both Swiss German and High German are living, spoken languages. The majority of Arab children are put in a position that I cannot think of an equivalent for any other group of children in the world, she said.
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april 2017 by aries1988
Old Fulton NY Post Cards
这个家伙号称以一己之力,将 37,439,000 页美国和加拿大报纸过刊进行了数字化和细致的分类、索引,网站看起来是笨重的上世纪风格,但检索功能真的很强大: 。
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january 2017 by aries1988
How the New York Times plans to conquer the world
We believe there’s a gap we’re well positioned to fill, said Dunbar-Johnson. The Economist addresses its readers as if they’re aspiring heads of state. The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal try to address them as if they’re captains of industry. Our readers are people who are deeply curious about the world, not necessarily because they want to run it, but because they want to understand it and make it better.

The bigger question, he said, is what the problem that the Times solves for people is supposed to be, and whether it helps people be part of communities that they want to or need to be part of. Reading the New York Times is part of being a certain kind of person in the US. It is less clear that the Times occupies a similar position with its target audiences around the world.

From the perspective of Latin America, that was much more important, said Polgreen. Similarly, she said, Imagine you’re a reader in France and come to the New York Times homepage. It’s completely dominated by what to a foreign reader feels like really small-bore American politics.
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may 2016 by aries1988
The Flowers of World Powers
Andrea K. Scott on “Paperwork, and the Will of Capital,” which Simon showed at the Venice Biennale.
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january 2016 by aries1988
China’s One-Child Policy
A look at how China’s restrictions on the size of families changed over the years.
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october 2015 by aries1988
Taming the Flood
In August 1975, Typhoon Nina, one of the most powerful tropical storms on record, surged inland from the Taiwan Strait, causing floods so catastrophic they…
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july 2015 by aries1988
How ISIS Expands
The Islamic State aims to build a broad colonial empire across many countries.
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may 2015 by aries1988
Rohingya Refugees From Myanmar Have Been Persecuted for Decades
The voting rights of the Muslim ethnic minority were effectively revoked in February, and President Thein Sein of Myanmar denies the existence of the ethnicity.
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may 2015 by aries1988
‘Downton Abbey’ and History: A Look Back -
As a chronicle of the ups and downs of fictional British aristocrats and servants, “Downton Abbey” weaves a surprising amount of authentic historical context into its plots. Here is an episode-by-episode look at some of the show’s period details, and how those events have been covered in The New York Times. “Downton Abbey” returns for its fifth season on PBS on Sunday — check back each week during the new season for updates.
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january 2015 by aries1988
Adding your favorite news website — calibre User Manual
Remove articles in feeds based on a string in the article title or url.
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march 2013 by aries1988
A Widening War in Mali -
American military training programs have had an unhappy history in Mali, as reported in The Times on Monday. Years of effort, costing hundreds of millions of dollars, turned to disaster when American-trained units defected with their weapons and joined an ethnic Tuareg rebellion that preceded the Islamist takeover. One American-trained Malian officer who did not defect led the coup that overthrew President Amadou Toumani Touré last March, further weakening the country’s defenses. Mali’s Army has also been cited by human rights groups for torturing detainees.
january 2013 by aries1988
Norway Marks One-Year Anniversary of Massacre | World |
One year later Norwegians look back at the massacre that scarred a nation |
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july 2012 by aries1988


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july 2012 by aries1988

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