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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Where Is It? - The Atlantic
It is obvious that decisions were made to not pursue certain avenues that might have reflected poorly on Malaysia Airlines or the government.
aviation  malaysia  accident  crash  airplane  satellite  communication  search  indian  ocean  story  adventurer  independent  reunion 
9 weeks ago by aries1988
Toolkit Produced for Optimizing Floating Renewables Devices
The toolkit consists of two main components: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) using Proteus open-source software and Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) using the Chrono open-source solver. Both models have been validated separately and together. Using a CFD model early in development can reduce costs in design optimization by performing full-scale simulations under realistic sea states, before performing laboratory tests which may be subject to practical limitations. 
ocean  energy  wave  eolien  offshore  cfd 
december 2018 by aries1988
PPE: l'éolien en mer "sabordé", selon France Énergie éolienne
Ils ont promis un triplement de l'éolien terrestre d'ici 2030. Concernant l'éolien en mer, le premier parc sera mis en service au large de Saint-Nazaire durant le quinquennat "et nous lancerons quatre nouveaux appels d'offres", a indiqué Emmanuel Macron. L'exécutif vise ainsi jusqu'à 35,6 gigawatts (GW) de capacités dans l'éolien terrestre en 2028 et jusqu'à 5,2 GW en mer. France énergie éolienne estime que le déploiement de l'éolien en mer est ainsi "sabordé". "Avec des objectifs réduits de moitié par rapport aux recommandations de la filière, le gouvernement renonce au potentiel énergétique et industriel de cette énergie", estiment les professionnels.
2018  project  france  energy  eolien  numbers  ocean 
november 2018 by aries1988
BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, The Ming Voyages
Rana Mitter
Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China at the University of Oxford
Julia Lovell
Lecturer in Chinese History at Birkbeck College, University of London
Craig Clunas
Professor of the History of Art at the University of Oxford.Producer: Thomas Morris.
podcast  ming  voyage  ocean  china  indian 
october 2018 by aries1988
All by Itself, the Humble Sweet Potato Colonized the World
Many botanists argued that humans must have carried the valuable staple to the Pacific from South America. Not so, according to a new study.
agriculture  story  biology  americas  pacific  ocean 
april 2018 by aries1988
A Voyage to the End of the World
Amid the monochromes, the endless black and white and gray, was the jarring blue of glacial ice. No matter the shade of it—the bluish tinge of the growlers bobbing in our wake, the intensely deep blue of the arched and chambered floating ice castles, the Styrofoamish powder blue of calving glaciers—I couldn’t make my eyes believe that they were seeing a color from nature.

the sanatorium in “The Magic Mountain”:

Everybody loves penguins. In the erectness of their bearing, and in their readiness to drop down on their bellies, the flinging way they gesture with their armlike flippers, the shortness of the strides with which they walk or boldly scamper on their fleshy feet, they resemble human children more closely than does any other animal, not excepting the great apes.
antarctic  voyage  story  business  bird  penguin  ship  travel  ocean 
april 2018 by aries1988
Le naufrage d’un pétrolier au large de la Chine provoque l’un des plus grands rejets d’hydrocarbure de l’histoire
L’hydrocarbure transporté, plus léger que du pétrole brut, pourrait se disperser plus largement, mais devrait en partie s’évaporer.
2018  ocean  pollution  oil&gas  china 
january 2018 by aries1988
The Sucker, the Sucker!
Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life by Peter Godfrey-Smith Collins

octopuses – and to some extent their cephalopod cousins, cuttlefish and squid – frustrate the neat evolutionary division between clever vertebrates and simple-minded invertebrates. They are sophisticated problem solvers; they learn, and can use tools; and they show a capacity for mimicry, deception and, some think, humour.

Consciousness – the possession of an ‘inner’ model of the ‘outer’ world, or the sense of having an integrated, subjective perspective on the world – is, on his view, just a highly evolved form of what he calls ‘subjective experience’.

the Medawar effect: natural selection tends to weed out mutations whose harmful effects appear early in an animal’s life, but it is less likely to weed out mutations whose harmful effects manifest later on.
instapaper_favs  animal  ocean  intelligence  human  sea  biology  nature  book 
october 2017 by aries1988
Kuroshio — Wikipédia
Le courant de Kuroshio, en japonais kuroshio (黒潮?, « courant noir »), anciennement orthographié kuroshiwo, est le second plus grand courant marin au monde, après le Gulf Stream. Il débute dans l'ouest de l'océan Pacifique au large de la côte orientale de Taïwan et se dirige vers les eaux au nord-est du Japon où il fusionne avec la dérive orientale du courant du Pacifique nord. Il a un rôle analogue à celui du Gulf Stream dans l'océan Atlantique, transportant des eaux chaudes tropicales vers le Nord et les régions polaires.
geography  comparison  ocean  weather 
march 2017 by aries1988
Full steam | The Economist
In the Sanya market a fishmonger explains a national aversion to deep water more bluntly: the Chinese, she says, simply don’t have sea legs. Refusing to go afloat herself, she buys her fish from the boat people living in the harbour, an ethnic subgroup whose generations have come into the world afloat and gone out the same way. Tanka, as these people are called in southern China, have historically faced discrimination. Even the name, “egg people”, has the force of an insult in Chinese (they call themselves “on-the-water people”).

As Bill Hayton points out in his book, “The South China Sea”,

Yet no Chinese official could ever admit this. The nine-dash line has for decades graced maps of China in every schoolroom in the land—part of what one academic has described as a cartography of humiliation: a narrative about what China lost in the past to imperialist depredations and what it rightly owns today.

China will take advantage of what is left of Barack Obama’s presidency to start building on the disputed Scarborough Shoal, from which Chinese ships dislodged the Philippine navy in 2012. America has suggested that such a move would constitute a red line. But, fairly or not, Mr Obama does not have the reputation of an energetic enforcer of red lines.
chinese  china  ocean  fishing  book 
november 2016 by aries1988
Fish School Us on Wind Power - Issue 37: Currents - Nautilus
As an undergraduate, Dabiri modeled the undulating movements of jellyfish. A decade later, he was involved in the construction of a medusoid—a synthetic jellyfish made from elastic silicone and the heart cells of a rat—that swims just like a living jelly when a pulsating electric field is applied.5 During that time, Dabiri also became fascinated with another unorthodox combination: schooling fish and wind power.

Fish position themselves in a staggered formation in order to use the turbulence created by their neighbors to swim more efficiently.Courtesy of Robert Whittlesey

Dabiri and Whittlesey don’t know exactly why turbines packed into closely positioned pairs are the most efficient, but they have a couple of working theories.

allows the turbine pairs to be packed more closely together—only four diameters apart compared to a norm of 15 diameters for horizontal-axis wind turbines
cfd  wind  energy  design  science  scientist  aerodynamics  ocean  moi  wt  instapaper_favs 
july 2016 by aries1988
Making Art on the Open Seas - The New York Times
"Shipyard Worker, Nantong, China"
I was flown to China to meet a ship that had just gotten a bunch of work done in shipyard. I spent three really cold winter nights with this guy, standing security watch on the gangway. We did our best to communicate. I hand-rolled him some cigarettes. He let me take his photo in exchange. Every time a female worker came on the ship, he did the curvy woman outline with his hands. Credit: Martin Machado
art  painting  ocean  ship  cargo  people  world  port  transport 
may 2016 by aries1988
Sailing the seas of global trade: From China to Europe on a cargo ship
If we read novels to understand life better, reading Conrad can help us understand globalized life better. He explores what it’s like to be out of place and to deal with difference, how to act when you are constrained by systems bigger than you, and how to make choices when every moral issue appears in shades of gray. His prophetic ability to speak to current concerns has helped make him one of the most influential English-language authors since Shakespeare, provoking and inspiring writers from Chinua Achebe to Mario Vargas Llosa to V.S. Naipaul to Ann Patchett to W.G. Sebald.

And though I hope to emulate the high-minded activities of travelers past by reading and writing while at sea, I’ve also equipped myself with lighter fare: New York Times crossword puzzles, the last three months of The New Yorker and the first three seasons of “Breaking Bad.” I also have a satellite phone, which I’ll be using to send dispatches from the ship. Till the ship comes in, I’m turning my scavenger hunt into a search for Hong Kong’s best dim sum. Reader suggestions welcome!

While networks of shopping malls form polished retail cities with about as much local feel as a major international airport, lanes of street-facing shops and stalls provide cheaper, more colorful commerce. In a single neighborhood you can walk past medicine shops jammed with jars of pale, bulbous curatives and bundles of healing twigs; electronics stores stuffed with Japanese camera lenses; tea sellers whose fat, wheel-shaped parcels cast a smoky aroma over the sidewalk; vendors of suitcases, fish sauces, cell-phone cases and a menagerie of plastic, fluffy, fluorescent, battery-operated creatures, the monstrous offspring of generations of inbred cartoon characters.

Two hundred years ago, in what must have been the first guidebook for British travelers to Asia, “The East India Vade-Mecum” counseled sea voyagers to take a washbasin, a chamber pot, a pound of tea, five pounds of sugar, soap that could be dissolved in salt water and both a horsehair and a feather pillow — the latter for cold weather and the former for hot. Passengers added diversions to help pass the time: backgammon sets, concertinas, playing cards. Imperial civil servants used their weeks at sea to study Asian languages or to undertake courses of edifying reading.

Although I have most of what I think I need, I have spent my extra time here in search of a clutch of final items: a cheap duffel bag, some ginger tea and a shortwave radio. It’s a self-imposed scavenger hunt, and what better place for a scavenger hunt than Hong Kong?

Your best bet is to get the entire crew to hide out in a designated safe room called the citadel. If pirates can’t find anybody to take hostage, the captain told me, then they’ll usually leave in a matter of hours. He took me to see the citadel. I won’t reveal its location, for safety reasons, but I will say that being inside was about what I’d imagine it would feel like to be locked in a bank vault. A set of utility shelves holds two days’ worth of bottled water and emergency food rations, a stack of inflatable mattresses with air pumps, a chemical toilet in a box and several dozen rolls of toilet paper. There’s a set of small folding tables. There’s also, critically, a satellite phone, with emergency phone numbers posted next to it — though this arrived a year after everything else.

That’s the official side. Then there are the cigarettes. Every one of these men receives a “gift” of cigarette cartons, according to an informally established tariff. By convention, the first pilot gets one carton; the second set of pilots gets two each; the third set asks for three but gets only two. The boatman, electrician and agent also leave stocked with nicotine. They all prefer Marlboro Gold to Red and don’t like the packages that have gruesome pictures of cancerous lungs — but they’ll take what they get. Our passage costs 12 or 13 cartons of cigarettes. “But that’s nothing,” says the captain, compared with some transactions in China, where 30 cartons are the norm (at least until recent crackdowns on corruption).
CMA-CGM  ocean  ship  hongkong  français  essay  travel  instapaper_favs 
november 2015 by aries1988
The sea women of Jeju
From more than 14,000 in the 1970s, the number of haenyeo has dwindled to fewer than 4,500 today.

The vast majority are aged over 50, with the oldest in their nineties. But, despite their age, they continue to perform feats beyond most women in their twenties — diving to depths of up to 20m, holding their breath for as long as two minutes at a time.

“If I weren’t diving, I’d just be growing potatoes,” she says. “I dived right through pregnancy, up to the ninth month.” This was normal practice, according to historians of Jeju, who record cases of haenyeo giving birth on boats during a day’s diving, and even strapping their young children to the mast while they worked.

Their financial independence is remarkable in a country where elderly poverty is a huge problem. Forty-nine per cent of South Koreans over 65 live on less than half the median income — the highest proportion in the international Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a group of advanced economies. That has contributed to a nearly fivefold increase in the elderly suicide rate since 1990 to a level that is by far the highest of any developed country.
korea  asia  comparison  oecd  work  ocean  food  money  youth  aging  tradition  village  female  elders 
september 2015 by aries1988
Réunion Island, Linked to Malaysian Plane, Makes Most of Moment
La Réunion, as the locals call it, is a French department about 4,000 miles from Europe, off the southeastern coast of Africa, between the islands of Madagascar and Mauritius. If people had heard about it before, it was most likely because of bad publicity surrounding shark attacks or an epidemic of chikungunya, a disease spread by mosquitoes that affected about a quarter of the island’s 900,000 inhabitants in 2005 and 2006.

As we swooped over Grand Brûlé, the brown, barren landscape where lava flows harden into solid rock, and headed straight for the cones where lava was bursting into the sky, the helicopter felt at times as if it were on a marionette string, the wind having its way with the machine.

This was fortunate. The western side of the island has white-sand beaches that are far more appealing than the rocky shores where the plane wreckage was found. With rooms well over $400 a night, the area has an unmistakable Côte-d’Azur-on-the-Indian-Ocean vibe.

For the uninitiated, canyoning entails scaling canyon walls, jumping into deep pools of cold mountain water and floating through rapids to the next cliff to scale and leap from, into frigid waters below.
travel  idea  island  ocean  français  beach  swimming 
august 2015 by aries1988
Petites îles, gros enjeux
Les Maldiviens sont soumis a une version rigoriste de la charia: le port du niqab est obligatoire pour les femmes et la peine capitale pur les enfants a meme ete reintrocuite en avril 2014.
ocean  geopolitics  story  2015  state  list  explained 
august 2015 by aries1988
De Shanghaï à Hongkong en cargo, en prenant son temps
Le dieu des misanthropes s’est réveillé et a fait un geste pour ses dévots: ils peuvent enfin partir en vacances comme tout le monde. Faire du tourisme…
tourist  CMA-CGM  hongkong  ocean  list  ship  français  story  travel 
july 2015 by aries1988
Meet the Comical Opah, the Only Truly Warm-Blooded Fish
There’s nothing about the opah that says “fast-moving predator”. Tuna, sharks, and swordfish are fast-moving predators and accordingly, their bodies look like streamlined torpedoes. By contrast, th...
biology  fish  discovery  ocean 
may 2015 by aries1988
Ancient and modern mariners | The Economist
Like the other giants in its class, the Marie Maersk was built for the profitable Asia-Europe route: from Busan and Kwangyang in South Korea, then along the eastern and southern Chinese coasts, down to Malaysia, across the Indian Ocean, through the Suez Canal to Tangier and southern Spain, then up to Scandinavia by way of the Netherlands and Germany. Then back again; the round trip takes around six months. The kaleidoscopic cargo might include iPads, smartphones, cars, bulldozers, baseball caps and T-shirts from Chinese factories; then, on the return journey, fruits, chocolates, wine, watches and whisky.

Which artefact is the best emblem of modern life? The personal computer, perhaps, or the mobile phone, or the car. Or maybe, instead, the container ship, which transports all of those things and much besides: “90 Percent of Everything”, as the title of Rose George’s first-rate book on the shipping industry puts it. These ships are the workhorses of globalisation; they are also exemplars of another contemporary megatrend, automation. Their sterility would make them almost unrecognisable to Melville, the novelist-whaler, or to Joseph Conrad (who spent nearly two decades as a merchant marine).
ship  world  ocean  story  commerce 
may 2015 by aries1988
How human noise affects the ocean – Peter Brannen – Aeon
At 5:30am I awoke to the sound of the diesel chug-chugging of a lone lobster boat carving into the glassy Atlantic. An audience of shrieking gulls hushed in the…aUnder the right conditions, fin- and blue‑whale song can carry thousands of miles, as Clark realised while listening in on the oceans using the US Navy’s global submarine detection network. He was stunned to hear a blue whale singer on the Grand Banks of Canada all the way from Puerto Rico, 1,600 miles away. However, it’s an open question whether these performers are actually trying to be heard by their audiences across the ocean.
ocean  animal  whales  biology 
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夏威夷有好几个岛组成,包括Honolulu所在的Oahu岛,以及现在还在喷发的基拉韦厄火山所在的Big Island,还有成长的烦恼里面一家子去度假的Maui岛等等,每个岛有不同的特色,Oahu最繁华,Big…
ocean  hawai  tropcial  photo  usa  travel 
august 2014 by aries1988
A freight adventure: Sailing the oceans on a container ship -
Many cargo ships have a couple of spare cabins which they will sell to paying passengers. Possible routes range from a few days across the Mediterranean to epic world voyages. French shipping line CMA CGM offers a trip from Tilbury, Essex, to New Zealand and back for €10,000 with only one condition: an upper age limit of 80. It takes three months and a certain sort of traveller. Luxury aircraft, trains and yachts have their pleasures but my favourite transport is a mighty freighter loaded with steel boxes. I loved all 125,000 tonnes of mine. She showed me another world.

Thailand for the girls, in the old days, the sea dogs laughed. (The old days were those before containerisation, when it took days to unload and days to load, and you were young and cash-rich, alcohol was permitted aboard, and you could bring “guests” up the gangway.)

we remembered ourselves, and our wives and girlfriends, and spoke about food and the best places to live, popular topics with sailors. Everyone put New Zealand in the top three.

When the Gerd Maersk curved back out of the harbour, stretched to her full capacity and heeling over, we were so heavy it took us 20 minutes to heel back.

I solicited sea stories and wrote and read and dived into deep sleeps, rocked by the great ship, lulled by her diesel heartbeat.

After reeling, sleepless nights we plunged through the bruised colours and violent swells of typhoon days.
CMA-CGM  ocean  story  world  weather  ship  travel 
january 2014 by aries1988
Mystery of the missing waves on Titan
Researchers have toyed with several explanations. Perhaps the lakes are frozen. Hayes thinks that is unlikely, however, "because we see evidence of rainfall and surface temperatures well above the melting point of methane." Or maybe the lakes are covered with a tar-like substance that damps wave motion. "We can't yet rule that out," he adds.
The answer might be found in the results of a study Hayes and colleagues published in the July 2013 online edition of the journal Icarus. Taking into account the gravity of Titan, the low viscosity of liquid hydrocarbons, the density of Titan's atmosphere, and other factors, they calculated how fast wind on Titan would have to blow to stir up waves: A walking-pace breeze of only 1 to 2 mph should do the trick.
This suggests a third possibility: the winds just haven't been blowing hard enough. Since Cassini reached Saturn in 2004, Titan's northern hemisphere (where most of the lakes are located) has been locked in the grip of winter. Cold heavy air barely stirs, and seldom reaches the threshold for wave-making.
ocean  space 
july 2013 by aries1988

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