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RT : A very special and memorable flight on today from Shanghai to Paris! For the first time pe…
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10 weeks ago by aries1988
What is turbulence—and how can you calm down about it?

Rough air happens everywhere, from ground level to far above cruising altitude. But the most common turbulence experienced by flyers has three common causes: mountains, jet streams, and storms.

At NCAR, Sharman has been working since 2005 to build much more precise “nowcasting” turbulence tools.

Here’s how it works: an algorithm currently installed on around 1,000 commercial airliners analyzes information from onboard sensors to characterize each plane’s movement at any given moment. Using data on forward velocity, wind speed, air pressure, roll angle, and other factors, the algorithm generates a local atmospheric turbulence level, which is fed back into a national system every minute. Used in conjunction with national weather forecasts and models, the tool annotates forecasts with real-time conditions, which in turn helps to strengthen weather prediction models.
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march 2019 by aries1988
川普搭乘的空军一号飞往伊拉克经过欧洲空域,居住在英国谢菲尔德的业余摄影师Alan Meloy偶尔在他的厨房看到天空中出现一架特别的飞机,由于他是飞机爱好者,知道这不是普通民航机,于是用佳能EOS 7D拍了下来上传到Flickr,并…
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december 2018 by aries1988
Meeting Her Parents, Meeting Her Country: an American's Taste of Korea
Garam returned with a triangle-shaped, seaweed-wrapped rice ball, and a short, rotund beverage container full of banana-flavored milk. She handed me the ball and explained how to open it: you were supposed to pull the tab marked “1” on the the back of the plastic wrapper which bisected the triangle, then you gently tugged on the corner marked “2” to remove half of the plastic wrapper, pulling next on the corner marked “3” to remove the rest of the wrapper.

Pleased with my triangular snack, I tried the banana milk, which made me question why it had taken me until the age of 24 to discover such a taste halfway around the world from my native country.
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september 2018 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation In-Flight Movies
Crying on planes is so common that it has prompted cheeky “weep warnings” on Virgin Atlantic flights and myriad articles trying to understand why we do it. The most accepted explanation is a simple confluence of altitude, loneliness and the heightened emotions that accompany the humiliating experience that is modern air travel.
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november 2017 by aries1988
BBC - Future - How flying seriously messes with your mind
There are some studies, however, that show even relatively mild levels of hypoxia (deficiency in oxygen) can alter our ability to think clearly.

Human night vision can deteriorate by 5-10% at altitudes of just 5,000ft (1.5km). This is because the photoreceptor cells in the retina needed to see in the dark are extremely oxygen-hungry and can struggle to get all they need at a high altitude, causing them to work less effectively.

as the change in air pressure can also lead to passengers breaking wind more often.
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october 2017 by aries1988
Not your average paper airplane | Harvard Gazette
Collins’ talk touched on glide ratios, center of gravity, and center of lift, the boundary layer, and the Magnus effect. He drew on his experience with origami to introduce students to the complicated folds of their first plane, which had a thick hexagonal front. He talked about how an additional fold here or there can shift the center of gravity and make a plane fly better, or how a tweak of a wing’s trailing edge can prevent a nosedive. Along the way, he offered an inside view of the process behind designing 75 original planes.
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february 2017 by aries1988
The language of the cockpit is technical, obscure – and irresistibly romantic – Mark Vanhoenacker | Aeon Essays

For example, we’re instructed to pronounce three as ‘TREE’ and nine as ‘NINER’, and 25,000 as ‘two-five thousand’ (more specifically, ‘TOO FIFE TOUSAND’), not ‘twenty-five thousand’, because experience has shown that these modified pronunciations are less likely to be misunderstood.

Though Aeroese has predominantly English roots, a handful of common meteorological abbreviations have French origins (as do the words fuselage and aileron, of course). BR is Mist (brouillard) GR is Hail (grêle); HN is Sunset to Sunrise (horaire de nuit). MI is Shallow (a usage derived from mince) and BC is Patches (from bancs). I used some of these for years and never once wondered where they came from, until I researched them for my book.

aircraft? Why, that’s ‘any machine that can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air other than the reactions of the air against the Earth’s surface’. In a heavens-transiting industry, angels are ‘an echo caused by physical phenomena not discernible to the eye… sometimes attributed to insects or birds flying in the radar beam’.

Terrain is important, but it sounds obvious, so much so that I never thought about how to define it: ‘the continuous surface that exists at the bare earth, the top of the [forest] canopy or something in-between, also known as the first reflective surface’.

Before I was either a pilot or a writer, I was a teenager whose obsessions, aside from airplanes, included browsing dictionaries, encyclopaedias and atlases, and staring at samples of languages that I’d never heard of, let alone studied. In my late 20s, when I finally started training to become a pilot, I was happy to realise how fascinating the sky is for anyone who loves words.

There are exceptions – places where controllers may speak to local pilots in a shared first language. This often occurs in France, for example, when a French pilot arrives in French skies. It also occurs when longhaul French pilots cross the aerial borders into the administrative airspace region of the Canadian sky known as Montréal. But every airline pilot flying internationally can speak English, and usually does.
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june 2016 by aries1988
在飞机上如何拍出好的照片? - Justin Liu 的回答 - 知乎
我曾经非常热衷于航拍地面风景,每个白天的航班都会精心设计拍摄计划,在此分享一下我的经验和教训:(新疆,飞向天山)航线侦察好的航拍必须建立在好的航线之上,也就是说航线周围得有些可以拍摄的景观。通常我会在谷歌地球( Google E…
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april 2016 by aries1988
What It's Like to Fly Into a Thunderstorm
WMI planes are equipped with silver iodide burners on both wings, each capable of running for about two to two and a half hours. Silver iodide flares sit in racks under the wings. Upon release, they last anywhere from around 30 seconds to two minutes and deliver a concentrated dose to the would-be ice particles. When suppressing hail, the goal for pilots is to release the silver iodide directly into the storm’s updraft, which is the vertically-oriented region of warm moist air rising up off the ground that fuels thunderstorms. Hail forms when cloud droplets get shot up the updraft of a storm into the taller parts of the cloud and freeze. The stronger the updraft, the longer the hailstone can stay suspended in the storm, the more liquid water it can freeze onto its surface, the bigger the hailstone can become.
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november 2015 by aries1988
The crashes that changed plane designs forever
At any one time hundreds of thousands of us are cocooned in pressurised cabins scything through the cold upper reaches of the troposphere. Soon enough, this…
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may 2015 by aries1988
5 Great Ideas For The Future Of Flying (And One Really Terrible One)
The good news, theres more room to store your bag. The bad news, there may be a lot more people on your plane.
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april 2015 by aries1988
Inside a Pilot’s Mind
Cockpit conduct is well regulated, but ruling out human flaws is harder.
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march 2015 by aries1988
L'heure des avions chinois n'a pas encore sonné
Pendant ce temps là, Airbus et Boeing ne resteront pas les bras croisés ; Ils travaillent déjà à un moyen courrier totalement nouveau qui sera en rupture avec les avions actuels. De quoi conserver leur leadership technologique et leur avance commerciale. Gagner son ticket d'entrée dans le club très fermé des constructeurs d'avions de plus de cent sièges est un véritable parcours du combattant. Dans l'industrie, on estime qu'un constructeur doit contrôler au moins 30% du marché pour survivre. Il y a donc de la place pour un troisième grand acteur d'autant que les besoins en avions neufs sont immenses.

Mais à court et moyen termes, le duopole n'a pas grand-chose à craindre. A long terme, l'histoire sera différente. Il n'y a pas de raison pour que la Chine qui forme des milliers d'ingénieurs par an et dispose d'énormes capitaux, n'émerge pas dans cette industrie stratégique. Elle l'a bien fait dans le domaine spatial. Comac rêve de réitérer le succès d'Airbus qui a réussi à détrôner un Boeing longtemps tout puissant. En 1995, l'américain détenait 82% du marché mondial et Airbus 18%. En 2013, l'européen détenait 51% du marché et Boeing 49%.
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march 2014 by aries1988
Solar-powered aircraft: The Wright stuff? | The Economist
THERE is something of the 19th century about Eric Raymond. Devoted to making commercial solar-powered aircraft, he would have thrived in the Victorian heyday of the private inventor. Most fell by the wayside; their ideas outran their ability or their money. But the names of the successes—Morse, Dunlop, Bell, Diesel and even, to stretch the era into the early 20th century, the brothers Wright—have lived on.

The Duo has a wingspan of 23 metres and a planned weight, when the main gear and any other missing equipment is on board, of 270kg. A 20kW electric motor will drive the propeller, but all of those watts will be needed only during take off and climbing. In level flight, at an altitude of 6,000 metres, the 5kW provided by the solar panels will be enough both to drive the propeller and to recharge the batteries.
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november 2012 by aries1988
Video: How to Fold the Longest-Flying Paper Airplanes
Brian Christian's book The Most Human Human, newly out in paperback, tells the story of how the author, "a young poet with degrees in computer science and philosophy," set out to win the "Most Human Human" prize in a Turing test weighing natural against artificial intelligence. Along the way, as he prepares to prove to a panel of judges (via an anonymous teletype interface) that he is not a machine, the book provides a sharply reasoned investigation into the nature of thinking. Are we setting ourselves up for failure by competing with machines in their analytical, logical areas of prowess rather than nurturing our own human strengths? -- Delivered by Feed43 service
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may 2012 by aries1988
The Jets of the Future
NASA asked the world’s top aircraft engineers to solve the hardest problem in commercial aviation: how to fly cleaner, quieter and using less fuel. The prototypes they imagined may set a new standard for the next two decades of flight.-- Delivered by Feed43 service
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may 2012 by aries1988

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