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計算の確認と計算結果の処理 2018年2月5日 はじめに 計算の確認と計算結果の処理について。 使用バージョン OpenFOAM 5.x 残差の確認 function object を用いる方法 バージョン 2.4.0 から、残差を出力する function object が使える。system/controlDict…
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february 2018 by aries1988
Time averaged fields on a defined time range -- CFD Online Discussion Forums
When I re-run a part of my simulation with this function enabled, it works well. In the "case/timeStep/uniform/fieldAveragingProperties" file, the "totalTime" corresponds to the time from the start of the function and it grows accordingly to time steps which is totally logical. The averaged fields seem ok too.
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january 2018 by aries1988
OpenFOAM-4.x/foamSequenceVTKFiles at master · OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-4.x
# Description
# Creates symbolic links to all VTK files in a post-processing directory
# Links form a sequence like name.0000.vtk, name.0001.vtk, etc.
# Paraview recognises link names as a sequence which can be animated.
# The sequence of links can be used to create a video from the images.
# - Default directory name for VTK files is postProcessing
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november 2017 by aries1988
dayigu/ofpp: OpenFOAM Python Parser, parse data in OpenFOAM output files to Numpy array.
Ofpp stands for OpenFOAM Python Parser. It is a simple Python library for parsing data in OpenFOAM output files to Numpy array.

limits: only support ascii format file.
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november 2017 by aries1988
Interview with Emmanuel Macron: 'We Need to Develop Political Heroism' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - International

Nothing here should become habitual, because routine lends one a deceptive feeling of security. You begin not noticing certain things and lose your focus on what's important. Uncertainty and change keep you attentive.

It is a place laden with history. The emperors spent time here, Napoleon I and Napoleon III. In the Fourth Republic, it was the palace of a president without powers. Only in the Fifth Republic did Charles de Gaulle move back in.

Germany is different from France. You are more Protestant, which results in a significant difference. Through the church, through Catholicism, French society was structured vertically, from top to bottom. I am convinced that it has remained so until today.

France is a country of regicidal monarchists. It is a paradox: The French want to elect a king, but they would like to be able to overthrow him whenever they want.

I am a strong believer that modern political life must rediscover a sense for symbolism. We need to develop a kind of political heroism. I don't mean that I want to play the hero. But we need to be amenable once again to creating grand narratives. If you like, post-modernism was the worst thing that could have happened to our democracy. The idea that you have to deconstruct and destroy all grand narratives is not a good one. Since then, trust has evaporated in everything and everyone.

I am putting an end to the cronyism between politics and the media. For a president, constantly speaking to journalists, constantly being surrounded by journalists, has nothing to do with closeness to the people. A president should keep the media at arm's length.
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october 2017 by aries1988
利用functionObjects对指定区域内进行后处理 | Giskard's CFD Learning Tricks
有人会问,我怎么知道那些 type,source,operation 等有哪些选项可用呢?这里介绍一种的方法,即所谓的香蕉大法。比如对于 type,你不知道有哪些可用,那么将type设置为 banana (将上面第2节示例的中 type cellSource改成type banana),然后运行execFlowFunctionObjects,这时,会得到如下信息:
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september 2017 by aries1988

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