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How Retailers Use Personalized Prices to Test What You’re Willing to Pay
The reason why retailers try to offer a personalized price goes back to the downward sloping demand curve highlighted in Economics 101. This fundamental concept illustrates that, for most products, some customers are willing to pay more than others. To exploit that, pricing managers employ techniques that try to discern — and charge — the exact price that each customer is willing to pay. Outsize profits can be extracted from “top of the demand curve” customers, who value the product highly. Meanwhile, if discounts can be discreetly offered to customers with a lower willingness to pay, additional sales (and profit) are reaped. The result is a more profitable customer base, with some shoppers paying more than others.

Personalized pricing can be found at most auto dealerships. The goal of salespeople is to determine how much each customer is willing to pay for a car through individualized negotiation. Prices are tailored by noting each customer’s characteristics and observing their actions. How shoppers dress, the car they currently drive, and answers to seemingly innocuous questions (Where do you live? What do you do for a living?) provide clues. Salespeople also observe actions, such as the other cars people are looking at and how they behave in negotiations (passive or aggressive). Evaluating each shopper’s characteristics and actions creates a pricing profile. Think of a profile as a polygraph test that suggests the highest amount each shopper will pay.
price  commercial  profiling  customer  strategy  online 
october 2017 by aries1988
Is your commute worth the pain? The real cost of getting to work


When suburbs sprawl out too far and fail to stay compact, he says, then “even if [the authorities] wanted to provide good public transport services, it will end up more and more costly.”

city  life  moi  analysis  data  shanghai  tokyo  work  comparison  world  time  immobilier  price  commute 
march 2017 by aries1988
Le pétrole en désordre
Pétrole : prix bas, annonce de l'entrée en bourse d'Aramco... quel jeu jouent les grands pays producteurs (Arabie, Etats-Unis, Russie...)? Autour de Christine Ockrent :Marie-Claire Aoun, directrice du Centre Energie de l’IFRI (Instititut Français des Relations Internationales)   Pierre Terzian, Directeur de PETROSTRATEGIES Patrice Geoffron, professeur d’économie, directeur du Centre de ...
explained  oil&gas  world  price 
january 2016 by aries1988
Un baby-foot en carton qui se monte en quelques instants
En Allemagne, la startup Pappkicker a mis au point Kartoni, un baby-foot en carton à monter soi-même et à personnaliser.
game  price  idea 
march 2015 by aries1988
The red and the black: copper v oil
The red metal is known as Dr Copper for its supposed ability to predict where the world economy is going. Copper crops up in everything from cars to phones to computer chips. A fall in its price, the theory goes, suggests global demand is slowing.
economy  price  explained  resource 
january 2015 by aries1988
著名的马斯洛需求层次理论(Maslow's hierarchy of needs)中,将人的本质需求分为5个层次,分别为生理需求、安全需求、社交需求、尊重需求、自我实现需求。无房状态对于工薪阶层各层级的需求都存在负面影响。
china  family  future  googlereader  price  youth  psychology 
september 2012 by aries1988
hongkong  china  analysis  price 
september 2012 by aries1988
Apple's iPod touch Dilemma
Bottom line: the iPod touch market is being constricted by Apple's own products—the iPhone and the (presumed) iPad mini. And perhaps even by the iPod nano. I'm confident that the situation is not dire enough for Apple to consider abandoning the iPod touch altogether. But Apple does have some price compression and market differentiation quandaries to solve. What will it do? We should know the answers in a few weeks.
apple  price 
september 2012 by aries1988
清华大学的研究成果表明,父母的政治资本对高校毕业生第一份工作的工资存在显著的积极影响。“官二代”大学毕业生的起薪比“非官二代”高出13%(约280元/月),这个工资溢价相当于两年教育的回报。 | 政见
work  youth  price  parents  politics  china 
september 2012 by aries1988
Set science free from publishers' paywalls
IF YOU would like to read the latest research from my lab, be my guest. Our report on a protein from a mouse version of the winter vomiting virus has just been published in the journal PLoS One and is available online for free – to anyone (vol 7, p e38723).
science  research  price  elsevier  knowledge 
june 2012 by aries1988
一部 Made in China 的iPhone, 在国外售价远比它的出生地便宜,是中国人的收入超过欧美了吗?是中外区别对待吗?都不是,只因中国奇特的税收秘密。
manufacturing  iphone  china  price 
november 2011 by aries1988
price  opensource  story 
october 2011 by aries1988
导语: 存在多年的殡葬行业乱象仍被反复讨论,“葬不起、死不长”的抱怨让人追思逝者之时难以心安。最新发布的《殡葬绿皮书》将行业暴利归结为法律法规滞后以及市场监管不力,但其实,只要政府部门不从市场抽身,权力追逐金钱无法杜绝,扭曲的“市场化”必然是暴利温床。
life  china  today  price  money 
april 2011 by aries1988

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