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撰文:吴介民 本文选自《东方历史评论》第1期,回复“购买”了解如何购买…
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8 weeks ago by aries1988
北京牛街:改造后,穆斯林聚居区已快变成小吃街|少数族群|深度|一周精选|端传媒 Initium Media
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october 2018 by aries1988
FT correspondent’s warm memories of difficult days in Madrid

There was anger, to be sure, but it was directed at people you saw on television, not in the street. Spaniards cursed the corrupt politicians and the reckless bankers who had created this mess, and those merciless austerians in Brussels and Berlin who were telling them how to get out of it. But I never saw a bad word directed at the young west African migrant selling pirate DVDs outside my house, or the foreign lady begging outside my local supermarket. Neighbours would greet them every morning, like people who belonged to the barrio. Madrid, and the country at large, came through the crisis with reserves of solidarity and grace that were at times hard to fathom, and harder still to forget.

Of all the big capitals in Europe, it is probably the most relaxed and un­hurried. It is a city of long lunches and long nights, a city where people walk slowly and stop frequently, with none of the stand-right-walk-left efficiency that has been bred into the denizens of London or New York.

Madrid is a place where people know you — and make you know them. The fishmonger remembers your partner had a knee operation and wants to know about her recovery. The waiter remembers how you like to drink your coffee. The office receptionist knows which football team you support, and how far he can tease you after a weekend defeat. The garage attendant knows your son’s favourite cartoon character and has saved some stickers as a gift. Everyone advises, argues and talks. Everything is everyone’s business, for good and for bad. Mostly for good, I think.

I will miss many things about the Spanish capital: the food, the Prado museum, the elegant Retiro park in the centre and the snow-capped mountains to the north. I will miss the little restaurant near my office, with its white-and-green tablecloths and menu for less than €10. I will miss speeding through the Madrid dawn towards the splendid Atocha railway station, the starting point for so many reporting trips. I will miss the fact that beer is served ice cold and in tiny glasses, and that ham is not a food to eat but a universe to discover.
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august 2017 by aries1988
The Destruction of Baishizhou

In other words, they were in a fine position to participate in Shenzhen’s capitalist experiment. As waves of migrant workers flowed into the city to fuel the manufacturing boom, the villagers put their money into maximizing rental space: building residential buildings that went as high as tenants were willing to climb, and then partitioning them into ever smaller units and crowding them closer and closer together. In the process, they gave Shenzhen a backbone of affordable, albeit poorly regulated, housing that was vital to the city’s rise.

A leather and household repairman tends his stall in a passageway, next to chatting residents. The density of the neighborhood makes for an occasional blurring of private and public spaces.
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october 2016 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation: Looking Out the Window
A real window is something that frames our fundamental lack of control.
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april 2016 by aries1988
你家周围3公里 -- 槽边往事 -- 传送门

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april 2014 by aries1988

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