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Letter of Recommendation Recently Returned Books
They were not chosen to signal anyone’s intellect or righteousness or in-the-know-ness. They are often old and very often ugly. I’ve come to think of this shelf as an escape from hype, a kind of anti-curation.
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september 2018 by aries1988
The Unexpected Beauty of Basketball Synchronicity | The New Yorker

The likely truth is more mundane, but also, in its way, more beautiful. Bodies and minds as amazing as these are made similar by training. The smallest stimulus—an obviously fishy pass, an off-kilter jump shot, an unexpected whistle—fires thousands of responses, all honed by hours of practice and study. You get hit lots of times and you learn how to fall. Every so often, instinct kicks in and only one option seems possible: plant a foot, turn around, and run. Style is great, but sometimes it’s nice to watch it fall away.
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january 2018 by aries1988
How to Cultivate the Art of Serendipity
A surprising number of the conveniences of modern life were invented when someone stumbled upon a discovery or capitalized on an accident: the microwave oven, safety glass, smoke detectors, artificial sweeteners, X-ray imaging. Many blockbuster drugs of the 20th century emerged because a lab worker picked up on the “wrong” information.

While researching breakthroughs like these, I began to wonder whether we can train ourselves to become more serendipitous. How do we cultivate the art of finding what we’re not seeking?

Most interesting were the “super-encounterers,” who reported that happy surprises popped up wherever they looked. The super-encounterers loved to spend an afternoon hunting through, say, a Victorian journal on cattle breeding, in part, because they counted on finding treasures in the oddest places. In fact, they were so addicted to prospecting that they would find information for friends and colleagues.

That’s why we need to develop a new, interdisciplinary field — call it serendipity studies — that can help us create a taxonomy of discoveries in the chemistry lab, the newsroom, the forest, the classroom, the particle accelerator and the hospital. By observing and documenting the many different “species” of super-encounterers, we might begin to understand their minds.
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january 2016 by aries1988
The Ghosts in Our Machines - The New Yorker
The confluence of emotions, when I registered what I was looking at, was unlike anything I had ever experienced—something akin to the simultaneous rush of a million overlapping feelings. There was joy, certainly—“Mom! I found you! Can you believe it?”—but also deep, deep sadness. There was heartbreak and hurt, curiosity and wonder, and everything, seemingly, in between.
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november 2015 by aries1988
Reclaiming the Age-Old Art of Getting Lost -
Lost in the Latin Quarter, I ended up, literally, at the foot of Michel de Montaigne.
A bronze statue of this French Renaissance philosopher — balding, with a…
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april 2015 by aries1988

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