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The Interpreter: Facts and feelings and genocide

To pay for that house and the time to sit in his well-appointed rooms tinkering with brilliant ideas, Jefferson enslaved hundreds of human beings, including at least four of his own biological children. To fill it with treasures, he used people — families — as collateral for loans.
He thought it should be abolished. But he lived in luxury and comfort, and did not free the people he had enslaved.

American history, at least in the standard teaching, has been like that Monticello tour. It acknowledges slavery, but tends to make it a secondary consideration, ranked somewhere below the accomplishments and ideas of those who used slave-derived wealth to build a new country.

All of those memorials, all of the reckonings they might trigger, are political. But that’s only because forgetting is a political act too.

Reckoning with past atrocities can stir up shame and a kind of cognitive dissonance. It’s not just that we don’t want to see national heroes and other beloved members of our “team” — people and institutions we have been taught to revere and identify with — as capable of monstrous acts. It also threatens our sense of a just world. If people can commit atrocities but still go on to be revered, that suggests the world is unjust; that we cannot trust history’s calculus of who is a hero and who is a villain. Or, for that matter, trust our own.

That is … uncomfortable.
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Letter of Recommendation In-Flight Movies
Crying on planes is so common that it has prompted cheeky “weep warnings” on Virgin Atlantic flights and myriad articles trying to understand why we do it. The most accepted explanation is a simple confluence of altitude, loneliness and the heightened emotions that accompany the humiliating experience that is modern air travel.
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