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Consumerism Is Culture: a Visit to Korea’s Lotte Department Store – BLARB
The floor of the parking garage, similar in color and cleanliness to the cars, made extraordinarily loud squeaking noises that echoed off the walls when Father turned into a parking spot, backing into it as all the other cars had backed into theirs.

He immediately stepped forward and greeted Mother with a gentle bow, while I received the customary Western handshake, but with a Korean twist: his opposite arm touched his shaking arm at the elbow, as a sign of deference.
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october 2018 by aries1988
East Goes West

In the life of a Chinese tourist, guides play an especially prominent role—translator, raconteur, and field marshal—and Li projected a calm, seasoned air. He often referred to himself in the third person—Guide Li—and he prided himself on efficiency. Everyone, our watches should be synchronized, he said. It is now 7:16 P.M. He implored us to be five minutes early for every departure. We flew all the way here, he said. Let’s make the most of it.

We might think you could just make a fake card or manipulate the records—no big deal, Li said. But, if you get caught, the fine starts at eighty-eight hundred euros, and they take away your license! That’s the way Europe is. On the surface, it appears to rely on everyone’s self-discipline, but behind it all there are strict laws.

In Europe, he warned, tactfully, Throughout our trip, breakfast will rarely be more than bread, cold ham, milk, and coffee. The bus was silent for a moment.

some of his older travellers used to have a habit of hiding cash in the toilet tank or the ventilation ducts. The worst case I’ve had was a guest who sewed money into the hem of the curtains,

At a Malaysian casino hotel in 2005, some three hundred Chinese visitors were issued special meal coupons bearing cartoon pig faces. The hotel said that the illustrations were simply to differentiate Chinese guests from Muslims, who don’t eat pork, but the offended Chinese tourists staged a sit-in, singing the national anthem.

Handy and Karen kept an eye on every cent. Within a few days, they could tell me exactly how much we’d spent on each bottle of water in five countries.

On average, a Chinese tourist buys more than a thousand dollars’ worth of tax-free stuff abroad—more luxury bags, watches, and designer clothes than any other nationality, including the Japanese, according to Global Blue, the tax-free-shopping refund service. Chinese tourists abroad spend nearly twice as much on shopping as they do on hotel rooms. Several in our group told me how sorry they were that we weren’t stopping at a place called Aotelaise. The name baffled me. Someone explained that it’s a new Chinese word: outlets.

I didn’t sense overwhelming sympathy. The Chinese have been the world’s most abundant migrants, but these days many believe that they have better job prospects at home than abroad.

He was a sanitation specialist by training, and he couldn’t help but notice Milan’s abundant graffiti and overstuffed trash bins. As Li had explained it, The government wants to clean, but it doesn’t have enough money. Handy tried to be polite, but he said, If it was like this in Shanghai, old folks would be calling us all afternoon to complain.

I was struck that, for all his travels, Zhu saw an enduring philosophical divide between China and the West: two different ways of thinking, as he put it. We will use their tools and learn their methods. But, fundamentally, China will always maintain its own way, he said.
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august 2017 by aries1988
Please Select a Reason for Your Clothing Return
Diana Vilibert humorously imagines all the reasons one could return clothing, in a list illustrated by Amy Hwang.
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july 2017 by aries1988

其實只要在神州大地走上一圈,那些不 懂中國特殊國情的老外就會發現,中國遊客就是中國人,平時在家如何,到了外頭就是如何,對內對外一致平等。沒錯,很多人在國內就很習慣進店不打招呼,視侍應和店員如無物。我曾經以為,這是當代中國社會權力結構的表現,就和低級公務員看見高官要低腰打哈,公司職員一見上司就「總」前「總」後,而在上位者則可以挺着肚子當他們不存在一樣;是我們進來花錢的人做老闆,你這個服務員算老幾?我憑甚麼要多瞧你一眼。

etiquette  chinese  language  comparison  people  life  shopping 
may 2017 by aries1988
Back to School, in a New Country

No, I insisted. I wasn’t going to ask anyone. I didn’t want some American sales clerk knowing I couldn’t understand simple, elementary-school English. We’d look for that Ziploc bag in another store. I wasn’t about to let anyone think we were Middle Eastern immigrants coming here to steal jobs from honest Americans. I would not be responsible for a surge in Islamophobia over a Ziploc bag.
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september 2016 by aries1988
Pour l'ouverture numérique des magasins le dimanche !
Dans une France déstabilisée et plus éclatée que jamais, il est crucial d’entretenir et de développer tous les moments de communion citoyenne. Le dimanche est le jour de la vie commune. Il est celui des fêtes, des repas et promenades en famille, du vote aux élections, des devoirs faits et revus avec les enfants, des rencontres sportives amicales, du culte et de la pratique de beaucoup d’autres activités sociales. Remettre en cause le principe du repos dominical, c'est porter une nouvelle atteinte à cette cohésion nationale dont l'équilibre est aujourd'hui si fragile. Comme le disait le général de Gaulle, «la vie n'est pas le travail, travailler sans cesse rend fou ! ». L'élargissement du travail le dimanche n'est pas une libération. Invoquer la liberté du travail pour le motiver est une mystification.
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november 2014 by aries1988

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