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august 2015 by aries1988
12 Treasures of Europe -
Brussels: Chocolate
Nearly half the chocolate consumed in the world is savored in Europe, and Belgium — with per-capita consumption of 14.99 pounds a year —certainly devours its fair share. While Brussels, the country’s capital, is home to hundreds of chocolatiers, what makes a visit imperative, at least from a chocophile’s perspective, is the rich heritage of artisanal chocolate-makers.

“We don’t change the types of chocolates often,” Mr. Borgerhoff said. “We try to improve the choices we have.” That means sourcing top-quality ingredients and eschewing preservatives and unnatural additives of the dozens of caramel, marzipan, mousse, ganache and cream-filled bonbons that are stacked in neat rows down a long central counter, along with glass bowls of hand-rolled truffles, flaked with almonds and dusted in powdered sugar. A 250-gram box is 17 euros ($21).

Another chocolatier, Debailleul, is decidedly more whimsical. The small chain, established in 1983 by Marc Debailleul, produces bonbons and ballotins, or boxes, that are so refined and beautiful, it’s almost — almost — a shame to indulge. The options are limited: traditional pralines and creamy ganaches, many hand-painted with cupids, the letter “D” or other flourishes, and vanilla, coffee and caramel-flavored truffles. Visit the factory store (Rue de Ganshoren 27-39). It will be as if you’ve discovered secret treasures of the chocolate capital. AMY M. THOMAS

Budapest: Paprika
The job of preparing Hungarian paprika was once considered too dangerous for mothers to do. The peppers grown in Szeged — one of the country’s two primary paprika-producing regions — were so spicy that a woman who touched her children upon returning from work risked burning them, so only the elderly and unmarried were allowed the delicate task of separating the membrane from the flesh. But by the early 20th century, sweeter varieties and a machine that extracted the veins turned paprika into an equal opportunity employer and a common feature of all Hungarian cuisine. “Goulash, porkolt, the cold cheese spread called korozott that all Hungarians eat on bread at least once a month,” said the Budapest-based food journalist Dorottya Czuk. “All of our basic dishes have it.”

So omnipresent is paprika that you can get it at any Budapest supermarket, but the chains offer no guarantee of quality or origin. “It might be from Spain or, worse, China,” Ms. Czuk said. “I can tell you that nine Hungarians out of 10 would not want to eat paprika grown in Spain.” Look instead for tins, like those from Molnar or Hodi, that are produced locally.

Istanbul: Scent
So omnipresent is paprika that you can get it at any Budapest supermarket, but the chains offer no guarantee of quality or origin. “It might be from Spain or, worse, China,” Ms. Czuk said. “I can tell you that nine Hungarians out of 10 would not want to eat paprika grown in Spain.” Look instead for tins, like those from Molnar or Hodi, that are produced locally.

Lisbon: Tiles
Is there a bluer country than Portugal? The blue sky and Atlantic Ocean embrace the land. The blue moods of Fado, the melancholy folk music, form the national soundtrack. And all across Portugal, the typically blue designs of azulejos — ceramic tiles — are spread across churches, monasteries, castles, palaces, university halls, parks, train stations, hotel lobbies and apartment facades. The result is an embellished land of Christian saints, biblical episodes, Portuguese kings, historical glories, pastoral idylls, aristocrats at leisure, landscapes, seascapes, floral designs and, above all, geometric motifs.

Stacks of tiles and hanging panels embody historical styles such as Hispano-Moorish, Renaissance, Baroque, neo-Classical, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Blue and white are the star colors, though yellow, green, brown and other hues sometimes play supporting roles.

Madrid: Guitars
A guitar’s colorful mix of woods is less an aesthetic choice than a science. Each element of the instrument’s anatomy has specific physical and acoustic demands, and its maker knows which woods can accomplish each function. It’s fascinating to consider that the materials for today’s instruments may have been purchased by the artisans’ fathers 30 or 40 years ago, just as the German spruce and Canadian cedar today’s guitarreros acquire will sit drying for decades until it’s suitable to be turned into guitars by their children or grandchildren. ANDREW FERREN
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october 2014 by aries1988

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october 2014 by aries1988
Hong Kong Newspapers, Pro- and Anti-Beijing, Weigh In on Protests

“Considered the most credible Chinese-language daily, Ming Pao (明报) is a liberal voice that was founded by the Chinese novelist Louis Cha and was first published in 1959. Known for its precise use of language, many secondary schools in Hong Kong encourage students to subscribe to Ming Pao to improve their Chinese. In a recent article, the paper said that it was not Hong Kong’s desire to deny resolutions on the 2017 elections by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, but that Hong Kong just did not want a screening process for chief executive candidates.”
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october 2014 by aries1988
Everyday People in Everyday Asia
“There are many different narratives that come out of Asia, but I’d say two of the big ones are stories of economic gain — people becoming rich, or people getting evicted because of new wealth — or this exoticism, where people say, ‘Oh, look at this really strange and colorful festival they have,’ ” Mr. Jansen-Lonnquist said.

“Even on well-worn paths, we miss things. We overlook,” he said. “I think it’s important to revisit what we assume we know about. In Everyday Asia we can admit that we don’t know everything about Asia and are working through this process of discovery as well.”
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october 2014 by aries1988
The World’s Ball -
The 1970 World Cup was broadcast by satellite in both Europe and the Americas, and the Telstar Durlast was designed to be television friendly. The enduring black-and-white pattern was said to improve visibility on black-and-white sets.

The construction of the ball was innovative as well. Older balls, with horizontal and vertical stripes, resembled volleyballs. Adi Dassler, a founder of Adidas, broke away by choosing a 32-panel design that made the ball more spherical, allowing for improved ball control.

The new construction set the standard for the next three decades of World Cup balls, with leather eventually giving way to synthetics. Meanwhile, Adidas has provided the ball for every tournament since 1970.
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june 2014 by aries1988
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may 2014 by aries1988
The Way We Read Now -
You can’t read an e-book in the tub. You can’t fling one across the room, aiming, as Mark Twain liked to do, at a cat. And e-books will not furnish a room. Writing in The Times in 1991, Anna Quindlen declared, “I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.” I am so down with that. But it’s the mental furniture that matters.
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december 2012 by aries1988
European economy guide
The Economist: Daily chart: Our interactive guide to Europe's economies Currency Economy - GDP per person - Unemployment - Youth unemployment Debt - Public debt - Budget balance - Primary balance Growth - Latest GDP change - 2012 GDP forecast - 2013 GDP forecast
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november 2012 by aries1988
情书 » 牛校牛在哪
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空气颗粒污染物,有杀气! - 自然控 - 果壳网
一般来说,颗粒物越渺小,越可怕。越是细小的颗粒,越容易深入人体内部,对人体产生的危害也越加复杂。相比于涵盖更广的TSP来说,PM10因体重轻、体积小,更易在空气中持续和传播;同时,它还可以不受鼻腔和咽喉的捕集作用,轻易地进入肺泡内部,因此对人体的健康有不可忽视的威胁。研究表明,PM10被吸入后,小于10μm(微米)大于5 μm 的颗粒物会被上呼吸道挡住,主要累积在上呼吸道;小于5 μm大于2 μm的颗粒物会进入到呼吸道的深部,小于2 μm的颗粒物会进入到细支气管和肺泡。
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august 2012 by aries1988
安卓手机,玩的就是个性 - 发现 - 南都周刊
july 2012 by aries1988
If you're not getting what you want out of k2pdfopt, other utilities may be useful as alternatives to or in conjunction with k2pdfopt, but be sure to "check under the hood" of k2pdfopt--it has many options that make it useful as a generic tool to manipulate PDF files (see my k2pdfopt help pages). Similar utilities to k2pdfopt are PaperCrop (review here), PDFRead, Cut2Col (converts 2-column PDFs to 1-column using an intuitive GUI, written in Java), and SoPDF (open-source PDF-to-Sony reader app written in C++, command-line based). Cut2Col, SoPDF, and, PaperCrop (as of v0.51) all add cropping directives to the PDF file so that all of the original contents are still in the PDF file (in text form and searchable if they started that way)--they are just custom cropped on each new page. K2pdfopt now has this same native PDF output option as of v1.60. Jpdftweak is an excellent "swiss army knife" for PDF files that I use to extract or merge pages from different PDF files. Or try running k2pdfopt with the -mode copy option to optimize scanned PDFs or convert DJVU files to PDF. Briss and PDF Scissors are open-source PDF cropping apps. Calibre is a free, professional mobi-book organizer and converter. PdfMasher is a PDF text-to-mobi converter that claims to be smarter than calibre (or at least to give the user more control over the conversion). The Big List of Free Kindle Tools was posted by on 8-28-11.
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january 2012 by aries1988
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june 2011 by aries1988

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