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1789-2018 : les Anglais parmi nous
La présence des Anglais en France est importante et constante depuis le XIXe siècle. Tout en profitant des agréments culturels et des avantages matériels, les Anglais s'efforcent d'y reproduire un univers familier. Ils sont à l'origine d'une "France anglaise" dont l'histoire est méconnue.[...]
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february 2018 by aries1988
The Unexpected Beauty of Basketball Synchronicity | The New Yorker

The likely truth is more mundane, but also, in its way, more beautiful. Bodies and minds as amazing as these are made similar by training. The smallest stimulus—an obviously fishy pass, an off-kilter jump shot, an unexpected whistle—fires thousands of responses, all honed by hours of practice and study. You get hit lots of times and you learn how to fall. Every so often, instinct kicks in and only one option seems possible: plant a foot, turn around, and run. Style is great, but sometimes it’s nice to watch it fall away.
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january 2018 by aries1988
Can Russia help China crack men’s pro ice hockey?
Beijing needs a top team in place by 2022, when it hosts the Winter Olympics
2022  olympics  hockey  nationality  sports  chinese  china 
december 2017 by aries1988
The reinvention of Roger Federer
So much has changed about men’s tennis since then. Technology has made rackets resemble a weapon for a battle in space, but the huge power that they generate also requires extraordinary all-round fitness and the flexibility to control the ball with dollops of topspin. The rallies to win a point are much more demanding than they were in Ashe’s era, when players served and volleyed and points were over very quickly. This makes Federer’s late rebound all the more surprising.

A great novelist will put it into words one day, but for now, implausibly, we have it on our TV screens once again.
sports  swiss  tennis  legend 
july 2017 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation The Canadian Football League

it’s like American football in the way Canada itself is like America: just similar enough to arouse what Freud called the narcissism of small differences.
canada  sports  story  hometown  usa  comparison 
june 2017 by aries1988
Just a few hours' exercise a week makes your heart grow bigger | New Scientist
The left ventricle, which pumps oxygenated blood to the body, was 2.4 times as likely to be larger in those who exercised for between 3 and 5 hours a week than in sedentary people, and 4.4 times as likely in those who exercised for even longer. The right ventricle, which pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs, was 9.1 times as likely to be enlarged in those doing 5 or more hours of weekly exercise (Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging,
sports  health 
august 2016 by aries1988
No hard feelings | The Economist
Men also engaged in more touching after the handshake or post-boxing embrace. In tennis 42.5% of the matches between men concluded with the winner touching the loser’s arm or body in addition to the handshake, while only 12.5% of women’s matches ended this way. Ping pong showed similar results, with 33% of the male matches involving additional physical contact between the competitors while female matches showed none. (The high net in badminton and the many individuals interacting with fighters after boxing bouts made it impossible to monitor post-handshake contact in those sports.)
female  comparison  body  language  sports  psychology 
august 2016 by aries1988
How Helicopter Parenting Can Cause Binge Drinking
We didn’t need much help from our parents to do those things. Which meant that at night, we were free. And we did many dangerous things. Mothers were not yet against drunk driving; cheerful ladies did not give you condoms at school. It wasn’t an arcadia, and many times things went terribly wrong. But most of us survived.

Today, of course, all of that is different: Professional-class parents and their children are tightly bound to each other in the relentless pursuit of admission to a fancy college. A kid on that track can’t really separate from her parents, as their close involvement in this shared goal is essential. Replicating the social class across a generation is a joint project.

A teenager growing up in one of the success factories—the exceptional public high school in the fancy zip code, the prestigious private school—will oftentimes be a person whose life is composed of extremes: extreme studying, extreme athletics, extreme extracurricular pursuits, and extreme drinking. Binge drinking slots in neatly with the other, more obviously enhancing endeavors.

A binge drinker emerges from college both elevated and coarsened: educated enough to compete in the market and sullied enough by the hard knocks of binge drinking that he won’t be too shocked by what he finds there.

make too much consciousness hard for anyone to take.
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august 2016 by aries1988
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august 2016 by aries1988
Meet Chris Puckett — esport host —
Mr Puckett is frequently stopped by gaming enthusiasts wanting him to sign their mousemats (esports being the last refuge of the mousemat, helping players’ comfort and precision).
gaming  job  sports  tv  media 
july 2016 by aries1988
The Great American Obstacle Course - The New Yorker
At the heart of Esquire’s “American Ninja Warrior” is the Great American Obstacle Course, and its obstacles, like those of American life, are meant to teach us…
challenge  sports  human  self  ninja  tv  american  instapaper_favs 
july 2016 by aries1988
Pogboom Origins
To understand something about his background, I went out to the notorious banlieue with Kuper in May. We had an appointment with Pogba's former coach, Sambou Tati, at his first club, U.S. Roissy, in Roissy-en-Brie, 23 kilometres or so from the centre of Paris to the east.

This is, in theory, a "banlieue," which just means suburb but carries all kinds of other—usually negative—connotations in the public and global consciousness and is often the object of lazy journalism.

Pogba's relationship with his birthplace is complicated. He has spent more of his adult life outside France than inside it. He left as a young man to make his fortune elsewhere. To the French, he is both immigrant and emigrant. To the Italians, he is both Frenchman and African. He has multiple identities and loyalties.
reportage  sports  football  français 
june 2016 by aries1988
Alternative guide to Euro 2016 -
The French took a long time to fall en masse for football. In other countries, professional football started out as the sport of the urban working classes. But most of France never became very industrialised, and so the French working class stayed relatively small. The Parisian elite long had contempt for the sport, while in rural France football teams rarely became a strong source of local communal identity. Only in France’s few traditionally proletarian towns — notably Lens, Marseille and Saint-Etienne — did workers, uprooted from their ancestral villages, find belonging by supporting the local football team, much as they did in Manchester or Milan or the German Ruhr region.

The “black, blanc, beur” (black, white, son of Arab) team was a picture of a unified, multicultural nation. It was probably France’s happiest communal moment since Liberation in 1944, with the difference being that in 1998 all French people were on the same side.

French complaints about les Bleus provide a way for the nation to debate immigration. Whereas the French rugby team incarnate rural France, with many white players from the south-west, the football team are drawn more from non-white suburbs of big cities. Many of today’s players grew up in poor immigrant families (often Muslim), then emigrated as teenagers to grow rich playing for foreign clubs. In short, they have never lived in the French mainstream.

The French hope is that this summer will be a rerun of 1998. Thuram says: “I think that people only ask for one thing: to love the French team. Football has the power to create a certain communion of emotions. You can go up to another person you don’t even know and share that joy. For me, that’s what football is above all.” And it’s just what France now needs.
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june 2016 by aries1988
Why the England team stole Japan’s rugby coach Eddie Jones
The former coach of Japan’s national squad has left an impressive legacy
sports  japan 
january 2016 by aries1988
The Secret To Japan's Little League Success: 10-Hour Practices
A Japanese team has again reached the final four of the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. Its training involves strict discipline, relentless drilling and group responsibility.
sports  japan 
september 2015 by aries1988
Is This New Swim Stroke the Fastest Yet? - Issue 25: Water - Nautilus
Resume Reading — Is This New Swim Stroke the Fastest Yet?
I tug my black swim cap over my hair, strap on my pink goggles, and keep a focused calm, like Michael…
sports  future  swimming 
july 2015 by aries1988
Yamato nadeshiko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term "Yamato nadeshiko" is often used referring to a girl or shy young woman[6] and, in a contemporary context, nostalgically of women with "good" traits which are perceived as being increasingly rare.[7] However, Nadeshiko Japan is also widely used as the name for the Japanese national women's football team.[8]
flower  japan  japanese  sports  female 
july 2015 by aries1988
Brand Maria Sharapova -
Apart from a brief chat in the dressing room and the handshake after the match, tennis requires little contact between players.

Why the discrepancy? The obvious answer is that she is a very attractive girl, that she is marketable and has done a lot of winning, replies Eisenbud. The real answer, however, is that she is very savvy, she is a very smart businesswoman — and she understands return on investment. She understands that if Porsche or Evian are paying her a lot of money, the only way that money will keep on flowing is if she helps them with their goals and objectives.
interview  sports  female  money 
may 2015 by aries1988
A Life in Motion, Stopped Cold
But the story she sees in her mind always ends the same way: She is lying helpless in the snow. Her coach is kneeling above her, tears spilling down his face. And the stillness of the mountain has been shattered by the angry, whirring blades of the helicopter that has come to take her to the hospital.

“When you asked her to repeat something 10 times, she would repeat it 20 times,” said Gisele Fabris Moreira, who coached Souza from 1995 to 1997. “She had a great capacity to not show she was in pain if she was hurt. This was very impressive in a little girl of only 8 years old. She would fall from the bar to the floor and hit her head and then return straight to the bar. She was like an adult in a child’s body.”

Souza's hat was adjusted by her mother, Odete, in Miami. At right, Souza during physical therapy in June. Last year, she began a stem cell treatment that awakened a small amount of feeling in her arms and feet.

Her resilience comes from a lot of things: her religion, her discipline, her policy of setting a goal for herself, reaching it and aiming for the next one. There are also her many friends from Brazil to help Souza’s mother, who has been caring almost full time for Souza since the accident.

Souza still wears a smile on her face, at least most of the time, at least when she is in public. She tries not to think about her old self, but she cannot help it. It feels so close yet so out of reach, as if a flimsy curtain is all that separates one life from the other.

She misses the little things, mostly. “I want to pass my hand through my hair, to feel my hand on my face, to take a shower,” she said. She recently got a tattoo on her arm: a person in a wheelchair standing up and gradually walking away.

When she dreams at night, she said, she never dreams of skiing. She dreams of gymnastics.
video  sports  handicap  brazil  accident  life 
may 2015 by aries1988
Cycling is a drag act in virtual wind tunnel - physics-math - 22 July 2014 - New Scientist
As well as all this, the method also makes for a pretty picture. "CFD is perhaps the most colourful technique used in engineering," says Hart.
cfd  sports 
may 2015 by aries1988
The Heart-Stopping Climbs of Alex Honnold
Even if you have perfect confidence in your climbing ability and perfect emotional control in the face of danger, as Honnold appears to, most climbers fear the unexpected: the handhold that suddenly breaks, the bird that erupts from a hidden nest.
risk  death  sports  nature  fear  gravity 
april 2015 by aries1988
At Marathon in North Korea, Curiosity Goes a Long Way

In the hazy chill, I stood on the track with about 650 runners from about 30 countries who had come to challenge their preconceptions as well as their endurance.
korea  sports  marathon 
april 2015 by aries1988
Running the New York City Marathon at Age 60

Oh, to be able to run one mile as fast and elegantly as Haile. Not in this lifetime. Sometimes it seems every part of my body is going in a different direction, everything squishing about like water in a balloon.
run  aging  newyork  american  story  humor  essay  life  hobby  sports  elders 
april 2015 by aries1988
迪卡侬之战 - 公司 - 环球企业家-中国商业领袖的首页

购物中心曾依靠捆绑沃尔玛等大型超市聚集人气,但在对抗互联网冲击的今天,商业地产商纷纷寻求体验式购物的新方向。而这正是迪卡侬能提供的。迪卡侬大中华区地产部副总裁汪漪表示,“迪卡侬不仅是零售店,还是一种生活方式。”这里可以成为一个家庭周末休闲娱乐的首选地,试试自行车、滑板,或者投个篮、上蹦床跳一跳、在帐篷里坐一坐。与华远合作的首个项目华远·好天地便以“生活方式中心”为概念,为了最好的体验,华远为迪卡侬规划了5000平米店面及300平米的运动场。而在其他购物中心项目里,迪卡侬也不与大多体育品牌一样呆在5层,而是要求1楼的最佳位置。“开购物中心是为了消费者更便利,那我们就要在最便利的位置。” 邸百航说。
china  corporation  sports  future 
december 2014 by aries1988
Nike, le décodage
J’insiste beaucoup sur le recours à des collaborations extérieures, les connexions avec des personnes étrangères à l’entreprise, qui permettent de stimuler les incroyables talents dont nous disposons en interne. Notre potentiel vient de notre manière d’utiliser ces talents tout en laissant entrer de nouvelles idées et d’autres points de vue sur ce que nous faisons. J’adore ça."

Je crois beaucoup à l’équilibre. Il y a des périodes où le design doit prendre le dessus, et le business doit lui laisser la place. À d’autres moments, ce doit être le contraire. Comme sur une table de mixage il faut toujours chercher le juste équilibre entre le son et la balance. C’est sans fin. Tout au long d’une chanson, ça va évoluer de nombreuses fois, et c’est ce que je ressens dans les différents rôles que j’assume. Je suis un chorégraphe qui essaie d’atteindre ce mélange parfait. J’adore ça. J’aime pousser sur ce bouton, éteindre provisoirement celui-là. Pour nous, c’est très naturel."
reportage  business  sports 
october 2014 by aries1988
The Immigrant Sport: What Ping-Pong Means In America
For five years I played ping-pong with Bella. I learned how to touch—not strike—the ball with a sponge racket, and how to return sidespin, and how to start my serve by tossing the ball at least six inches above the table from an open hand, as mandated by the International Table Tennis Federation. Bella was a straightforward person who gave straightforward advice: move your feet, spin the ball, don't be so lazy. She told me about playing table tennis in Ukraine."

Ping-pong is a game for obsessives. Obsessiveness, in fact, is a prerequisite for success. The best players in the world spend hours standing at a table, repeating the same strokes and the same footwork, developing the reflexes and the intuition necessary to defy physics by returning shots struck in their direction at impossible speeds and with unpredictable spin."

She reminds me, too, that in order to win at ping-pong you must truly feel the ball on a subconscious level. It is more intuitive than intellectual, and that kind of muscle memory takes years to develop. A successful return is not just a thwack. It is an exercise in timing, patience, and rhythm. It is almost a dance."

hear the tick-tick-ticking of celluloid balls on tables and the soft hollow sound of rackets on the ball, and the squeaking of table tennis shoes, and the soft murmurs of many voices. Then I walk through the doors into a bright hangar of a room with cement floors and catwalks high above. Ninety tables spread out before me, and hundreds of people are moving around and among them: an entire city of table tennis. The sounds come into clear focus, then blend together and rise to a steady hum under the halogen lights."

When I ask Connie about China, she gives nice, polite prepackaged answers. She is used to talking about it. She wants to make sure I have a nice time."

The matches are highly ritualized: Chinese players all scream the same way after hitting a big point: "Choooo." Players from everywhere approach the table after a rally and wipe their sweaty palms on the front corner of the surface beside the net, locking eyes. In a best-of-five or best-of-seven match, with games to 11, just a few points can change everything. Small swings of momentum become massive tectonic shifts."
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october 2014 by aries1988
Take Me Out to the Ballgame, in Taipei | The LARB Blog
In Taiwan, however, baseball is a legacy of Japanese colonization, which stretched from 1895 to 1945. Though the Japanese initially tried to maintain baseball as “their” sport, as the British did with cricket in India, local Taiwanese soon took it up and continued playing long after the island’s colonizers had left (a story detailed in Colonial Project, National Game, by China sports historian Andrew Morris). They played it well: between 1969 and today, Taiwanese teams have won 20 Little League World Series titles, and the Taiwanese $500 bill shows a young team jumping for joy, hats thrown in the air.

even in my isolated seat, I was suddenly suffering from sensory overload. I longed for the relaxed vibe of Thursday night and realized that maybe I should have let that experience stand uncontested, a perfect game in an unexpected place. Trying for a second only two days later was bound to be a letdown.

I had missed baseball—maybe not as much as I missed my family and friends, but far more than I’d realized. Shanghai’s import supermarkets and plentiful Starbucks are nice conveniences, but I’d happily trade a few of them for a baseball team to watch.
story  sports  taiwan  gaijin 
september 2014 by aries1988
Sabine Lisicki, record serve: Science explains why female tennis players can serve as fast as men.
This selection effect creates a surfeit of female talent in a small number of sports. The world’s top women’s tennis players, particularly the Williams sisters, are likely among the best female athletes alive. The best male athletes, by contrast, aren’t concentrated in a particular sport—they might play basketball or soccer or football or run track, depending on their country of origin, socioeconomic status, and any number of other factors.
sports  explained  science 
september 2014 by aries1988
L'heure est venue pour la Mannschaft, par François Bégaudeau
Si on définit l’événement comme ce qui fait rupture pour imposer un présent inédit, le Tour de France usurpe le nom d’événement sportif. Il y a bien longtemps que les commentateurs et organisateurs s’emploient à compenser le faible intérêt de la course en mettant en avant son foncier : invariable caravane, immuable château du XIIe siècle, inoubliable duel Fignon-LeMond, indécrottable foule au sommet des cols. Le Tour de France n’est pas un événement, c’est un fait patrimonial. Il ne se vit pas, il se visite – comme une église par des non-croyants.
comparison  sports  français 
july 2014 by aries1988
Bye-Bye, Brazil
Nobody doubts the Brazilian talent pool. What will be re-examined is the way they are utilized. Scolari built his squad with players like Luis Gustavo, Paulinho, Ramires — players whose tasks involved more running, defending, and fouling than creating or retaining the ball. At their expense he left out talented attack-minded players like Philippe Coutinho and Lucas Moura. When Brazil last lost in 2010, the immediate remedy was clear: bring in Neymar. Now the solution might be to surround Neymar with more creative talent, to elevate what he can do, instead of defensive talent to cover for what he can’t.

There’s every reason to believe the lead-up to Rio 2016 will be similar to what Brazil experienced before the World Cup unless, of course, the government has a super-secret plan to boost the economy, increase employment, and more aggressively address persistent inequality.
brazil  today  crisis  sports  state 
july 2014 by aries1988
爱珀斯坦援引了一项卡兰津人与丹麦人的对比研究;卡兰津人更矮但腿更长,而且小腿要轻将近一斤。这样一来每公里少消耗8%的能量。 这一切都有一个进化上的解释:四肢瘦长的骨架在炎热干燥的环境中有利,那更容易降温;这就好比粗壮矮胖的身材在寒冷的气候中有利,那种身材能更好地保温。 补碘已经使人们的智商提升了高达13分之多——这是一项非同寻常的提升。你家橱柜中的碘盐是对事物自然秩序的一种干预。当一名来自爱达荷州贫碘山区的学生应邀与一名来自缅因州富碘沿海地区的学生比赛时,我们会认为补偿他们自然条件上的不平等是我们道义上的责任。然而在体育世界中,事情并不像这样明明白白,这就是近年来关于一流运动成绩的争议变得如此火热的原因所在。如果这两名学生是在体育比赛中角逐又该如何?我们还能不能给自然条件不足的一方补充相应量的碘?对于这个问题,我们无法抉择。
october 2013 by aries1988
Losing Is Good for You
Po Bronson and I have spent years reporting on the effects of praise and rewards on kids. The science is clear. Awards can be powerful motivators, but nonstop recognition does not inspire children to succeed. Instead, it can cause them to underachieve.

By age 4 or 5, children aren’t fooled by all the trophies. They are surprisingly accurate in identifying who excels and who struggles. Those who are outperformed know it and give up, while those who do well feel cheated when they aren’t recognized for their accomplishments. They, too, may give up.

It’s accepted that, before punishing children, we must consider their individual levels of cognitive and emotional development. Then we monitor them, changing our approach if there’s a negative outcome.
However, when it comes to rewards, people argue that kids must be treated identically: everyone must always win. That is misguided. And there are negative outcomes. Not just for specific children, but for society as a whole.

Having studied recent increases in narcissism and entitlement among college students, she warns that when living rooms are filled with participation trophies, it’s part of a larger cultural message: to succeed, you just have to show up. In college, those who’ve grown up receiving endless awards do the requisite work, but don’t see the need to do it well. In the office, they still believe that attendance is all it takes to get a promotion.
children  education  sports  win 
september 2013 by aries1988
数字化个人健康管理 - 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览
听说过自我量化(Quantified Self)运动吗?这是日渐兴起的用手表、夹子和腕带记录身体运动、睡眠和其他生理功能的运动。其构想是:对日常生活进行持续不断的数字记录,可以给人带来健康生活的动力,比如:把车停得更远一点、提前一站下地铁和多走楼梯等。研究这些图表和数字,你就能生活得更久、更健康。(而且你试图不成为聚会上让人扫兴的人。 )

Flex 可以显示你在每日、每周、每月或每年的步数或卡路里燃烧量,但不能把这些数据和其他因素相关联。例如, Up

但 Flex 的睡眠图不像 Up 那样会区分浅睡眠和深睡眠。你将错过一扇洞察自己的奇妙窗户。 Fitbit 表示,他们之所以省略了

在这两款腕带之间做出选择是一种折磨。 Up 的技术含量更高,功能多得多,但打开盖子和插入耳机接口的设计很不

from:kindle  buy  sports  self  bienetre 
july 2013 by aries1988
PageRank Algorithm Reveals Soccer Teams' Strategies - Technology Review
这个文章好有创意,介绍使用PageRank算法研究球队战术——”PageRank Algorithm Reveals Soccer Teams' Strategies“: 。
data  analysis  discovery  google  science  sports 
august 2012 by aries1988
对西方来说,最大的困难在于很难对中国人的民族心理做到感同身受。过去300年是世界历史的“西方时刻”,近代以来,西方作为一个整体从未受到过外来异质文明入侵和统治,从未被看成过是“劣等人”,西方的精神传统也从未像中国那样因无力应对外来挑战而陷于彻底崩溃……因而,西方人几乎不可能理解普遍弥漫于曾经在列强入侵下国破家亡的中国人民心灵深处的那种近乎“病态”的民族自尊感。... 近年来随着中国的发展和开放,尤其是中国已经以东道主的身份举办过一届成功的奥运会,金牌和奖牌数也连续高举各国前列,在这方面我们似乎已经没有再多目标可以继续追求了。因而,越来越多的人逐渐能够以平常心看待比赛胜负,运动员也不再被视为国家和民族的符号。就像中国著名体操运动员李宁所说过的,中国已经过了“只需要金牌,不需要体育;只需要冠军,不需要运动员”的时代,中国的竞技体育也从要通过体育来彰显国力的“英雄时代”进入了运动员充分展现个体魅力的“明星时代”。
china  history  zeitgeist  nation  people  future  opinion  sports  politics 
august 2012 by aries1988
The best and worst countries to be a returning athlete | FP Passport
The Olympics have left in their wake a glut of sports metaphors and even a few diplomatic spats, but the games themselves are over. The athletes are heading home - in fact, many left before the closing ceremonies last Sunday night. Some will receive heroes' welcomes, others, less so. Where are the best and worst places to go home to as an international athlete?
googlereader  sports  nation 
august 2012 by aries1988
How I Got Over the Jogging Beginner's Hump
My first attempts at jogging were met by my body feeling like it was going to fall apart. Jogging seems as easy as lacing up and taking off on the streets, but here's what I learned to get over the beginner's hump and turn jogging into a habit. More »
sports  life  moi 
june 2012 by aries1988
health  people  china  system  sports  life 
october 2011 by aries1988
Qui est Li Na, la finaliste de Roland Garros?
La Chinoise accède en finale de Roland Garros et la voici catapultée en tête des discussions sur Weibo, le Twitter chinois… Mais qui est la nouvelle star du tennis féminin?
sports  reportage  tennis  chinese 
june 2011 by aries1988

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