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How Digital Maps Have Changed What It Means to Be Lost
I was curious if others felt the same way, so I set about collecting more of these moments—memories of the last times people felt really, truly lost.

“I can sympathize with that romantic notion that wandering in an unfamiliar place is great because you never know what you might stumble on,” Mathis says. “But in practical terms, as a woman who often is out walking alone, I do have my guard up. I have my city face on. And the technology that we have now does make me feel like I can be self-sufficient almost anywhere. And that’s something I value.”

There are many ways to be lost. Some have declined due to technology; others are newly born. But in every situation, to be lost is to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is frightening, often dangerous, but it also breeds connection—with people, and with places. The maps people carry in their pockets can be a barrier to that connection, but they are also safety nets. And it’s easier to take a leap if you know there’s something at the bottom to catch you.
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february 2018 by aries1988
Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast

He fell for Hanoi long before he actually travelled there, when he read Graham Greene’s 1955 novel, The Quiet American, and the city has retained a thick atmosphere of colonial decay—dingy villas, lugubrious banyan trees, monsoon clouds, and afternoon cocktails—that Bourdain savors without apology.

Bourdain believes that the age of the fifteen-course tasting menu is over. He is an evangelist for street food, and Hanoi excels at open-air cooking.

The restaurant’s specialty is bún chả: springy white noodles, smoky sausage, and charred pork belly served in a sweet and pungent broth.

I won’t eat in a restaurant with filthy bathrooms, Bourdain warned. They let you see the bathrooms. If the restaurant can’t be bothered to replace the puck in the urinal or keep the toilets and floors clean, then just imagine what their refrigeration and work spaces look like.

If Bourdain’s show offers a vicarious taste of an intrepid culinary expedition, the market will provide an ersatz consumer experience of his show.

With his chopsticks, he gestured toward a bowl of kimchi between us. Americans want kimchi. They want it on their hamburgers. It’s like when Americans started eating sushi—a huge tectonic shift. The new frontier for American tastes is fermentation, Bourdain continued. That funk. That corruption of the flesh. That’s exactly the flavor zone that we’re all moving toward.

I don’t know anybody who is more a man of the twenty-first century, Richman told me. The way he acts. The way he speaks. His insanity. His vulgarity.

the only way to see Hanoi was on the back of a scooter: To be anonymous, another helmeted figure in the middle of a million little dramas and comedies happening on a million bikes moving through this amazing city—every second is pure joy.
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december 2017 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation Caceroladas
A community banging its pots and pans together as a democratic showing of discontent.
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november 2017 by aries1988
« Edit Beijing » : la capitale chinoise vue par Guy Tillim
Durant deux semaines, le photographe sud-africain Guy Tillim a photographié les rues de Pékin. Il en a tiré un livre composé de polyptyques qui reconstituent le paysage urbain de la capitale chinoise.
beijing  photo  idea  street 
october 2017 by aries1988

刘涛此前的拍摄都是在合肥,他在这里出生、读书、工作。除此之外,他对世界的认识都来自书籍和网络,他每天在自家的电脑上浏览大量摄影作品,看玛格南大师,看Flickr上国外摄影师刚出炉的作品,看森山大道的摄影集—— 拍照都是一回事儿,跟日本新宿比起来,合肥的区别也不大。他最喜欢的摄影师是Alex Webb,刚出名时接受记者采访,刘涛说,Alex把城市里的建筑、栏杆、街上的行人都拍得很有味道,这些元素合肥也有。


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august 2017 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation: Looking Out the Window
A real window is something that frames our fundamental lack of control.
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april 2016 by aries1988
Chen WU on Twitter
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december 2015 by aries1988
Everyday Usability in Japan (Part 3)
A big part of this includes the built landscape, and today I wanted to look at Tokyo’s ever-changing skyline which has been the result of natural disasters, war, and cultural beliefs.

A big part of this includes the built landscape, and today I wanted to look at Tokyo’s ever-changing skyline which has been the result of natural disasters, war, and cultural beliefs.

Most streets in Japan don’t have names, however the blocks between streets are numbered

Buildings within a block are also numbered in order in which they were historically built
tokyo  explained  fun  city  comparison  street  travel  tool 
march 2014 by aries1988

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