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Emilia Clarke, of “Game of Thrones,” on Surviving Two Life-Threatening Aneurysms

But I kept at it. In school productions, I played Anita in “West Side Story,” Abigail in “The Crucible,” one of the witches in “Macbeth,” Viola in “Twelfth Night.” After secondary school, I took a gap year, during which I worked as a waitress and went backpacking in Asia. Then I started classes at the Drama Centre London to pursue my B.A. As fledgling actors, we studied everything from “The Cherry Orchard” to “The Wire.” I didn’t get the ingénue parts. Those went to the tall, willowy, impossibly blond girls. I got cast as a Jewish mother in “Awake and Sing!” You should hear my Bronx accent.

In those days, I thought of myself as healthy. Sometimes I got a little light-headed, because I often had low blood pressure and a low heart rate. Once in a while, I’d get dizzy and pass out. When I was fourteen, I had a migraine that kept me in bed for a couple of days, and in drama school I’d collapse once in a while. But it all seemed manageable, part of the stress of being an actor and of life in general. Now I think that I might have been experiencing warning signs of what was to come.

I could hardly catch my breath. I went back to the hotel, where some people invited me to a party on the roof. “I think I’m good!” I told them. Instead, I went to my room, ate Oreos, watched “Friends,” and called everyone I knew.

The “Game of Thrones” creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have said that Daenerys Targaryen is a blend of Napoleon, Joan of Arc, and Lawrence of Arabia.
GOT  tv  actor  story  hospital  death  struggle  growup  uk  health  acting  female  fame  success  girl  interview  job 
april 2019 by aries1988
When Asia Ruled the World
Nonfiction The Pudong skyline, Shanghai. Credit Lauryn Ishak for The New York Times Amazon Local Booksellers Barnes and Noble When you purchase an independently…
contrarian  west  empire  conflict  world  war  success  europe  fail  qing  ottoman  book  opinion  history  prediction  theory 
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· 第一条建议,就是内心笃定一点。
· 第二条建议,就是理解人的基本需求。
· 第三条建议,就是持续投资于知识技能提升。
· 第四条建议,就是给孩子探究和发挥创意的教育。
· 第五条建议,就是不要鄙薄孩子任何发展方向。
· 第六条建议,就是重视理解事物的本质。
tianjin  author  scifi  self  success  2019  china  advice  parenting  future  education  workforce 
january 2019 by aries1988
The Painful Price of Becoming Jackie Chan

The transfer was symbolically completed in 1999’s The Matrix, when Keanu Reeves, having downloaded a fighting program to his brain, opens his eyes and reverently whispers, I know kung fu.
kungfu  actor  movie  icon  hongkong  growup  bio  book  critic  pain  success  story 
january 2019 by aries1988
The Western Elite from a Chinese Perspective - American Affairs Journal
T he Evangelical Christians I have met in the United States often talk about how reading the Bible changed their lives. They talk about being born again. I am…
west  education  money  success  business  chinese 
august 2018 by aries1988
287期:你,为什么离开了中国?- Why did you leave China?

应老朋友友藏的邀请,我们跨越半个地球连线,对谈交流了移民这样的一个话题。大狗熊 2016 年从云南移民来到了新西兰,友藏 2013 年离开北京来到了加拿大,两个人背井离乡究竟是什么原因?对谈当中分享了各自移民的经历、故事和心得,都在这期节目当中。
expat  china  canada  vancouver  story  kiwi  couple  kid  why  success 
july 2018 by aries1988
Naval on Twitter
“How to Get Rich (without getting lucky):”
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june 2018 by aries1988
Can Wine Transform China’s Countryside?
the wines produced are mostly Cabernet Sauvignons, Cabernet blends, and Chardonnays.
wine  china  story  success  gansu  region  desert  money  today 
march 2018 by aries1988
The Interpreter
(1) It’s over. We failed. North Korea is a nuclear power now.
2017  korea  asia  crisis  usa  war  nuclear  military  success 
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november 2017 by aries1988
Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond? - The Atlantic
De Beers proved to be the most successful cartel arrangement in the annals of modern commerce. While other commodities, such as gold, silver, copper, rubber, and grains, fluctuated wildly in response to economic conditions, diamonds have continued, with few exceptions, to advance upward in price every year since the Depression. Indeed, the cartel seemed so superbly in control of prices -- and unassailable -- that, in the late 1970s, even speculators began buying diamonds as a guard against the vagaries of inflation and recession.

To stabilize the market, De Beers had to endow these stones with a sentiment that would inhibit the public from ever reselling them. The illusion had to be created that diamonds were forever -- "forever" in the sense that they should never be resold.

Specifically, the Ayer study stressed the need to strengthen the association in the public's mind of diamonds with romance. Since "young men buy over 90% of all engagement rings" it would be crucial to inculcate in them the idea that diamonds were a gift of love: the larger and finer the diamond, the greater the expression of love. Similarly, young women had to be encouraged to view diamonds as an integral part of any romantic courtship.

"We spread the word of diamonds worn by stars of screen and stage, by wives and daughters of political leaders, by any woman who can make the grocer's wife and the mechanic's sweetheart say 'I wish I had what she has.'"

N. W. Ayer proposed to apply to the diamond market Thorstein Veblen's idea, stated in The Theory of the Leisure Class, that Americans were motivated in their purchases not by utility but by "conspicuous consumption."

The message was clear: diamonds represent a sharp break with the Oriental past and a sign of entry into modern life.

DeBeers devised the "eternity ring," made up of as many as twenty-five tiny Soviet diamonds, which could be sold to an entirely new market of older married women. The advertising campaign was based on the theme of recaptured love. Again, sentiments were born out of necessity: older American women received a ring of miniature diamonds because of the needs of a South African corporation to accommodate the Soviet Union.
business  advertising  jewelry  diamond  marriage  tv  marketing  usa  japan  mentality  psychology  story  success 
october 2017 by aries1988
High-pressure parenting
the habits of the British upper classes in much of the 20th century: the business of child-rearing was largely outsourced to nannies and boarding schools.

As the West industrialised and grew richer and medicine and sanitation improved, death rates fell. Maturing economies had less need of child labour, and more need of the labour of adult women – work which took them out of the home and reduced their ability to care for large broods. What’s more, as both survival rates and the returns on education rose, the imperative when having children shifted from quantity to quality. Investing more in children’s socialisation and education served the interests of both parents and offspring.

The right specialisation, it seemed, was for skilled parents to work outside the home, where they could earn lots of money, and then use some of that lucre to hire child-care professionals to rear the little ones.

Instead of increasingly outsourcing child-rearing, parents are devoting more of the scarce time left outside working hours to their children. Over the last two decades, time spent by parents on child-rearing has jumped.
Mothers without university degrees now spend about 16 hours per week on child care, while those with degrees spend nearly 22 hours per week. For fathers the figures are seven and ten, respectively. This pattern is repeated across the rich world.

High-income parents are instead spending less time on other personal activities, including sleep.


Getting ready for university was a big deal. But there was no urgency to get into the best school possible, whatever the cost. Rather, school was a practical step on the path toward a sturdy, dependable career. You went to university to learn, first and foremost: to pick up the skills needed to find a trade. And while it might be nice to go to an elite institution, state schools provided great value for money.

I didn’t have one, other than pride, and I wasn’t proud enough at the time to go to the trouble of applying to Ivy League schools. I wasn’t certain what I wanted to do when I grew up, and it seemed to me that to justify going someplace fancy one needed to want to do something that really required one to go to that someplace, whatever that something might be. My parents are accountants. I knew I didn’t want to do that, but not much else. I was good at maths, so I thought I would be an engineer. The state school nearby was strong in engineering, cheap and willing to offer me a scholarship. Job done.


the more wrenching and decisive those years immediately before matriculation seemed to become, the earlier and the more aggressively parents and children prepared their case for the admissions officers.

By the age of 17, children were expected to have lived a full and complete life, developed their whole selves and undergone one or more personal epiphanies.

The marathon ends with a sprint: a burst of intense preparation for placement tests and demanding university applications and interviews, at the end of which, if all goes right, the young ones are launched into the nurturing confines of a top university, which themselves are a waiting room for an adult life of consequence, a distinguished dotage and an obituary the envy of all the other strivers.

activities outside the realm of scholarship: the enriching spheres of athletics, personal interests and community service. The marathon ends with a sprint: a burst of intense preparation for placement tests and demanding university applications and interviews, at the end of which, if all goes right, the young ones are launched into the nurturing confines of a top university, which themselves are a waiting room for an adult life of consequence, a distinguished dotage and an obituary the envy of all the other strivers.

We can lament the problems with the system, but when the other parents bring out the flashcards, we feel bound to as well.

Efforts to pick apart the value added by the universities themselves find that there is some, but that elite schools are not, as a rule, the ones that do the best job improving students’ earning potential.

Parents are investing massive amounts of time preparing their children to win a race that cannot be won.

Like her father, she is disorganised and struggles to find the motivation to do tasks that don’t interest her. (My three-year-old son, on the other hand, is a determined perfectionist, like his mother.) I want to help teach them how to follow their passions, and how to strive for the things they want, rather than for empty markers of success. But I am discovering that I don’t know how to channel their personalities and interests towards a good, happy, fulfilled life any more than I knew what to do with myself, scared in that freshman dorm room. But I am discovering that I don’t know how to channel their personalities and interests towards a good, happy, fulfilled life any more than I knew what to do with myself, scared in that freshman dorm room.
university  history  trend  story  kid  moi  youth  future  success  education  parenting  children  comparison  today  usa 
march 2017 by aries1988
Que reste-t-il du rêve américain? - RFI
320 millions d’habitants, 9800 kilomètres carrés, 5 fuseaux horaires, 50 Etats aux juridictions diverses, une incroyable...
reportage  usa  2016  dream  story  immigrant  success  politics  election 
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对于“废柴”巴西的想象和误解:与其互黑,不如共情_文化课_澎湃新闻-The Paper



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august 2016 by aries1988
How a Chinese Billionaire Built Her Fortune

“In the Hunan language, we call women like her ‘ba de man,’ which means a person who dares to do what others are afraid to do,” said her cousin Zhou Xinyi, who helped her open the workshop and now serves on the Lens board. Along the way, Zhou Qunfei married her former factory boss, had a child and divorced. She later married a longtime factory colleague, who serves on the Lens board, and had a second child.
success  story  chinese  female 
august 2015 by aries1988
New Young Puritans: students get serious -
At well past midnight, Reading university is fully awake. The midweek club night, known as Flirt, emits a dull thud of bass, and from time to time revellers…
school  university  study  student  mentality  success  comparison  today 
may 2015 by aries1988
A Meditation on the Art of Not Trying
When you’re nervous, how can you be yourself? How you can force yourself to relax? How can you try not to try? It makes no sense, but the paradox may be essential to civilization.

He calls it the paradox of wu wei, the Chinese term for “effortless action.” Pronounced “ooo-way,” it has similarities to the concept of flow, that state of effortless performance sought by athletes, but it applies to a lot more than sports. Wu wei is integral to romance, religion, politics and commerce. It’s why some leaders have charisma and why business executives insist on a drunken dinner before sealing a deal.

Hence the preoccupation with wu wei, whose ancient significance has become clearer to scholars since the discovery in 1993 of bamboo strips in a tomb in the village of Guodian in central China. The texts on the bamboo, composed more than three centuries before Christ, emphasize that following rules and fulfilling obligations are not enough to maintain social order.

Taoists did not strive. Instead of following the rigid training and rituals required by Confucius, they sought to liberate the natural virtue within. They went with the flow. They disdained traditional music in favor of a funkier new style with a beat. They emphasized personal meditation instead of formal scholarship.

“Particularly when one has developed proficiency in an area, it is often better to simply go with the flow. Paralysis through analysis and overthinking are very real pitfalls that the art of wu wei was designed to avoid.”

“Getting drunk is essentially an act of mental disarmament,” Dr. Slingerland writes. “In the same way that shaking right hands with someone assures them that you’re not holding a weapon, downing a few tequila shots is like checking your prefrontal cortex at the door. ‘See? No cognitive control. You can trust me.’ ”
mind  taoist  chinese  workflow  GTD  debate  success  work 
december 2014 by aries1988
The Problem With Positive Thinking
Positive thinking fools our minds into perceiving that we’ve already attained our goal, slackening our readiness to pursue it. What does work better is a hybrid approach that combines positive thinking with “realism.” Here’s how it works. Think of a wish. For a few minutes, imagine the wish coming true, letting your mind wander and drift where it will. Then shift gears. Spend a few more minutes imagining the obstacles that stand in the way of realizing your wish. This simple process, which my colleagues and I call “mental contrasting,” has produced powerful results in laboratory experiments. When participants have performed mental contrasting with reasonable, potentially attainable wishes, they have come away more energized and achieved better results compared with participants who either positively fantasized or dwelt on the obstacles. Mental contrasting spurs us on when it makes sense to pursue a wish, and lets us abandon wishes more readily when it doesn’t, so that we can go after other, more reasonable ambitions.
howto  psychology  success  self  thinking 
october 2014 by aries1988
How young women in China become mistresses – James Palmer – Aeon
Shanshan’s $550 shoes came from her lover, but the soles of her feet, as hard as leather, came from her childhood. ‘We used to play barefoot in the village,’…aSome, such as modern China’s first president, Sun Yat-sen, or its first chairman, Mao Tse-tung, did so even as they pressed teenage girls into their beds.

But it has gone after such easy targets as hospitality budgets, official vehicles and foreign trips, while the real muscle has gone into hunting down dissidents, whistle-blowers and journalists who might actually threaten the powerful.
story  success  money  love  female 
october 2014 by aries1988
How a password changed my life. — Medium
In my mind, I went with the mantra that I didn’t type a password. In my mind, I was reminding myself to “Forgive her”.

That simple action changed the way I looked at my ex wife. That constant reminder that I should forgive her, led me to accept the way things happened at the end of my marriage, and embrace a new way of dealing with the depression that I was drowning into.

Seeing how these reminders helped to materialize my goals kept me motivated and excited. I’ll admit this: It is difficult to come up with your next goal. Sometimes it’s hard to identify what we need to change, or where we need to walk towards to.

Make sure your goals are realistic, and avoid being too dreamy when you phrase them. It’s important to build a metric around your goal so you can measure its success along the way. For example, if you’re on a hunt to get a better job, don’t use things like BeTh3NumberOne! but instead go with KickASS@LinkedIn! and use the new connections, groups and number of resumes sent as a metric to validate your efforts to land a new job. Being the number one is great, but being able to measure where you are and where you’re going is important, specially when there’s a big gap between those two points.

This feeling of micro achievements, this thought of ‘my mantra helps me to get things done’ can build up a momentum that motivates you to stay focused on achieving your monthly goals. It’s a tiny habit that has the power to transform.
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Time and punishment
When the respondents’ education was included in the analysis, they found that higher educational attainment was linked to a preference for delayed gratification. “We therefore suspect that schooling can deter people from crime by making them value the future more,” explains Mr Gronqvist. Francisco Perez-Arce of the RAND Corporation, a think-tank, interviewed around 2,000 applicants for Mexican universities. The students had similar credentials but some obtained admission through a lottery to a university that did not charge tuition fees, whereas the rest had to apply elsewhere. As a result, a higher proportion of lottery-winners than losers went to college. After a year, Mr Perez-Arce found, the lottery-winners were more patient than the losers. Since the process was random, he concluded that higher education can make people place more weight on the future.
GTD  education  psychology  success  experiment  children 
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经过两年孜孜不倦得英语训练,开始有人见面夸我your English is really good了。我颇开心了一阵,后来我想了想不对,其实这只能说明我的英语对方能听懂,但是同时对方很轻易就能听出来我是外国人,所以才会自然得夸英语好, 什么时候听见美国人夸另一个美国人英语好来着。于是我对自己说,你还有很长路要走呢。英语有三个境 界,vocabulary,pronunciation,intonation,刚来时候结结巴巴不知道怎么说,颠来倒去那几个词,那是 vocabulary问题,我的pronouciation还可以,所以要提高就要在intonation上下功夫。这个东西,无他,唯手熟尔。留意别人 说话的语调,然后模仿,这个和我小时候练书法一样,开始就是临摹,到你写100遍的时候,提起笔来就可以写自己的style了。

我在渐渐得融入美国的生活,但我从来都没放弃过中国我的根,我有太多东西和中国分不开,以后不管做什么,中国背景都将是我的一个 asset,而不是缺陷,所以我冒着被check的危险年年回国,体会和适应国内的变化,和朋友们吃饭聊天,最重要的是陪父母外婆尽孝心。

我们的dean告诉我,没有人能真的什么都懂,但是人和人的差别不是谁懂得 多,而是谁学得快,她说她和很多人谈之前是不知道他们说的东西的,但是谈话的过程就是她学习的过程,谈完她可以去和别的人绘声绘色的说的像一个专家。我用 了同样的策略,现学现卖,而且要卖的如同你对此已经很熟悉,了然于胸的样子,这个事情并不难,只需要三样东西,超强的自信心,超快的理解能力,和超好的表 达技巧,其中没有一样是可以短时间内获得的,我多年的折腾paid off。
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“Dexter” and British Psychologist Ask: Who Wants to Be a Psychopath?
Psychopaths tend to be fearless, ruthless, capable of extraordinary focus, and they are cool and decisive in high-pressure situations that make others quail. Psychopaths excel at reading other peoples’ facial expression, which comes in handy if they want to manipulate someone. The big difference, Dutton said, is that monks are motivated by compassion for others, whereas psychopaths seek only their own pleasure. But maybe this difference is not so great (and this is my point, not Dutton’s). After all, many modern gurus–notably Chogyam Trungpa, who helped bring Tibetan Buddhism to the west decades ago—act like narcissistic monsters. That’s one reason why I’m so down on Buddhism.
interview  success  book  TV  explained  psychology  behavior  mind 
october 2012 by aries1988
Showing Up Is Not Enough
If 90% of success in life is showing up, the other 10% depends on what you're showing up for. Show up for things where your potential for achievement is commensurate with your willingness to put in effort. The rest seems to take care of itself.
success  moi  time  management 
june 2012 by aries1988
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