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Out of sync with the sun... | The Economist
the evenings are far longer than they should be: by local clocks, the sun sets an hour and 20 minutes later in Madrid than in New York City, though both are on the same latitude. That is because Spain (except the Canary Islands) is in the wrong time zone. Madrid is on a similar line of longitude to Swansea in Wales. Its clocks are set to Central European Time, the same as Warsaw or Tirana, some 24 degrees or 2,000kms (1,200 miles) to the east.
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august 2016 by aries1988
Sunshine revolution: the age of solar power -
For decades the electricity industry has been a cautious and conservative business, but the plunging prices of solar panels, down by about two-thirds in the past six years, have woken it up with a bang. Dynamic rooftop solar power companies have entered the market, in the most radical change to electricity supplies since the industry was born in the 19th century. It has been described as the equivalent of the mobile revolution in telephony, or the PC in computing.

Solar power and onshore wind power are the two most cost-effective forms of renewables but solar has the greater capacity for costs to fall further. “Wind is basically mechanics; solar is electronics. And the progress there is much more rapid, and will continue,” says Gérard Mestrallet, chief executive of Engie, the French energy group. Solar is also flexible in scale: it can power a calculator, or a city.

Electricity from SolarCity’s panels costs significantly less per kilowatt hour than the rates charged by NV Energy, the local utility. Typically customers can save 20-25 per cent on their electricity bills by going solar.
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november 2015 by aries1988
Eine Regenschirmsonnenuhr
Der japanische Designer Kota Nezu hat diesen Schirm mit funktionierender Sonnenuhr geschaffen (im Griff ist ein Kompaß eingebaut)
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march 2011 by aries1988

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