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Class dismissed: Surge in arrests of foreign teachers in China - Reuters
“What has changed is that many government officials think that kicking out Western influences like English teachers is doing the Party’s work, and the schools are taking advantage of it” said Harris, the Seattle lawyer, who now advises against foreigners teaching in China. “The risks of going to China to teach far outweigh the rewards.”
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Lucy Kellaway: why we went back to school
The person who came closest to how I felt was Lara Agnew, a documentary film-maker. “I’ve spent my life commenting on the fabric of society,” she said. “I want to be in the fabric of society, not outside looking on.”

Many of the applicants had not set foot in a school since they attended one themselves 30 or 40 years earlier, and so were sent off for a week’s immersion. This weeded out all those who had a fond vision of themselves as Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. It also got rid of those unsuited to the rigidity of school life. One man was told to leave after his first day — he had sat at the back of class checking his emails and then proceeded to go to sleep.

If nothing else, we will bring diversity to the staff room, where most teachers are youngish and female. By contrast, we are mostly oldish and two-thirds male — and stick out so much that various trainees were mistaken for Ofsted inspectors at the schools they visited. There is a delicious irony here: these corporate men have been used to being the ruling class all their professional life but now are going to be the persecuted minority.

Watching them, I realised what I am giving up to train to be a teacher, as well as income, time and autonomy: a life-long tendency towards cynicism. This has served me well for 32 years as a journalist, but now I fear that it is going to get in the way.
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october 2017 by aries1988
Professeurs un jour, mais pas pour toujours

Il y a dix ans, Sébastien Chauchot savait déjà qu’il ne s’y consacrerait pas « jusqu’au bout », alors même qu’il s’y était engagé avec conviction « pour la relation aux enfants, la polyvalence… »

Une décennie de direction d’école et d’« injonctions en tous sens » l’a convaincu qu’il ne réussirait pas à faire « bouger les choses ». Qu’il lui faudrait trouver ailleurs une reconnaissance dont la profession tout entière semble manquer.

« Des collègues n’anticipent pas le temps de travail, le sentiment d’envahissement, l’impact sur la vie privée, explique Francette Popineau. Face à ça, on n’est pas tous équipés pareil. Que certains dépassent l’état de désenchantement pour démissionner peut ne pas être vu seulement comme négatif. »

Dans une société où les engagements – politiques, syndicaux et même privés – se font plus au coup par coup, l’idée de se projeter professionnellement le temps d’une vie aurait presque, pour lui, un petit air démodé.
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january 2017 by aries1988
Lessons in Britishness
William Richardson, general secretary of the HMC (the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference), says British boarding schools are very good at making children resilient adults who can earn a good living. “Children in boarding schools win out in the graduate labour market. They do well all round, and are self-confident, resilient and networked,” he says.

Reading is a red-brick university which ranks in the top 20 per cent of UK higher education institutions. Not numbered among Britain’s elite “Russell Group” — equivalent to the US Ivy League — it has nevertheless risen steadily through the rankings and is now rated third in the country for research on environmental sciences.
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may 2015 by aries1988
Prépas, l'excellence au prix fort
“Quand Napoléon crée les élites de la nation, ajoute la psychanalyste Claire-Marine François-Poncet, il remplace la noblesse de naissance par une noblesse de mérite. L’effort qu’on lui demande doit être à la hauteur des catastrophes de la Révolution et des guerres napoléoniennes. On a tué l’aristocratie de privilège. Il faut payer le crime.”
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may 2015 by aries1988
Dispelling the Myth of Deferred Gratification
Underlying self-discipline and grit is the idea of deferring gratification—for example, by putting off doing what you enjoy until you finish your "work." The appeal to many educators of transforming kids from lazy grasshoppers to hardworking ants explains the fresh wave of interest in a series of experiments conducted back in the 1960s known as the marshmallow studies.

What mostly interested Mischel wasn't whether children could wait for a bigger treat—which, by the way, most of them could. It wasn't even whether those who waited fared better in life than those who didn't. Rather, the central question was how children go about trying to wait and which strategies help. It turned out that kids waited longer when they were distracted by a toy. What worked best wasn't (in Mischel's words) "self-denial and grim determination," but doing something enjoyable while waiting so that self-control wasn't needed at all.

It shouldn't be surprising that the kids' capacity to figure out a way to think about something other than the food was associated with their SAT scores. It's not that willpower makes certain kids successful; it's that the same loose cluster of mental proficiencies that helped them with distraction when they were young also helped them score well on a test of reasoning when they were older. (In fact, when the researchers held those scores constant, most of the other long-term benefits associated with their marshmallow-related behavior disappeared.)

Perhaps the broader message for educators is this: Focus less on "fixing the kids" and more on improving what and how they're taught.
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