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A Virtual-Reality Program to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking | The New Yorker

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking

He showed me how to use the program to teleport across cavernous halls and land inches away from strangers, where I could admire rogue gray hairs on their heads and fine webs of wrinkles on their slacks. I was drawn to a woman sitting in a middle row of a banquet-hall audience. She appeared to be miserably bored, as if waiting for a train that would never arrive. She had dun-colored hair, worn in a bun that did not suit her. I reached out to touch it. She blinked, and my hands disappeared from view, sinking into the depth of her head. I backed off and marvelled at the sight of my alternate self’s hands, which were covered with barely detectable freckles and hair follicles. Marshall helped me adjust the size to more closely resemble my own.

I styled everyone in the program in casual, just-stopping-by-the-bookstore clothing, adjusted the gender ratio to include more women, and set the audience rudeness level as high as I could. Now everyone assembled was checking their phones, crossing their arms, or yawning theatrically. I spotted kindness on only one face. Ned, as I decided to call him, was a balding man in a gray cardigan. His hopeful eyebrows told me that he’d been through a lot.

Even though I knew that I was alone in my kitchen, in the middle of the day, and that Ned and his rude friends were illusory, my nerves kept tripping me up. A man who was seated near me at a conference table picked at some lint on his trousers, and I lost my footing and had to start the recording over. Again and again, I recited my spiel over a soundtrack of coughing and an occasional unsilenced mobile device. When I made it all the way to the end of my remarks, the crowd granted me a lackluster round of applause.

Thanks to a real-time “heat map” that tracks a user’s visual attention, I could plainly see that my gaze favors the left side of the room. I watched the words “very” and “so” rise faithfully from my mouth like bubbles.

My avatar—who had my round face and slumped posture—appeared during the playbacks. From my position at the edge of the imaginary room, all I could do was watch her ape my body movements and listen to the recording of my speech. The program designates a grade at the end of each playback, factoring in gaze distribution, pace, pauses, reliance on filler words, and hand activity. Five days in, my scores still hovered around seventy per cent. (My dead-fish hands earned consistent fourteens.)

But, in the group settings, Ned was always somewhere to be found, soothing me with a look of compassionate distress.

While the other authors spoke, I located a young woman whose wide eyes and bobbing head suggested a sympathetic soul—a new, real-life Ned. When it was my turn to speak, I focussed on her and stepped into the light.
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may 2019 by aries1988
I’m Sebastian Desand and This Is How I Mesh | Another Fine Mesh
What is some of the best CFD advice you’ve ever received?

Keep it simple and use the computational power available. The more you model, the more sources of error and uncertainty.
Never forget to ask “so-what” after concluding something. The value is very often in the implications.
cfd  temoignage  advice  entrepreneurial  sweden  cloud 
november 2018 by aries1988
French windows: an expat’s view of Paris

The most striking thing about the city, of course, is the people who live here. After almost two years here I’ve concluded that three terms sum up the Parisian experience like no other: la terrasse, faire le pont and la rentrée.

If in London you’re defined by where you work and in New York you’re defined by how much you earn, in Paris you’re defined by your ability to converse on books, philosophy or art. The French can discuss ideas for hours but equally can respond to almost any question — how was Saint-Tropez? Will Macron manage to reform France? How will the feud over [late rock star] Johnny Hallyday’s inheritance conclude? — with a shrug of their shoulders and two words: c’est compliqué.

in France there are 11 jours fériés or public holidays each year. If a férié falls on a Tuesday, you skip work on Monday as well, and make a bridge from the weekend. This is such a national pastime that there is even a section dedicated to le pont on the French public administration website.

€1m A four-bedroom duplex apartment in the loft of a recent building in the 20th arrondissement near Père Lachaise

€2m A three-bedroom apartment in the 2nd arrondissement overlooking the Places des Victoires

€5.9m A four-bedroom 294 square metre apartment at Trocadéro in the 16th arrondissement, south-facing with views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower
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september 2018 by aries1988
LIVE:你,为什么离开了中国?(大狗熊 x 友藏)
本期 LIVE 我尝试用 SKYPE 交流的方式,邀请我的朋友,新西兰的 @大狗熊 连线对谈交流了移民这样的一个话题。大狗熊 2016 年从云南移民来到了新西兰,我 2013 年离开北京来到了加拿大,两个人背井离乡究竟是什么原因?对谈当中分享了什么移民的经历、故事和心得,都在对谈当中。 这是我第一次尝试 YOUT...
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september 2018 by aries1988
Réussir son expatriation : conseils et témoignage
Il est aussi intéressant d’observer et d’avoir conscience des différences dans l’éducation en général et la formation d’ingénieur en particulier. Si les systèmes de certains pays d’Asie sont ultra sélectifs et reconnus dans les classements mondiaux, les performances des jeunes diplômés sont parfois décevantes (pour un manager européen).

Mes expériences passées avec de jeunes (élèves) ingénieurs français ont toujours été positives. Je retiens en particulier les capacités d’adaptation, de compréhension, d’autonomie, d’innovation, ainsi que la confiance en soi. Ce sont pour moi les principales qualités acquises lors de nos formations.
temoignage  ecl  expat 
july 2018 by aries1988
A Chinese Empire Reborn
Though unabashedly authoritarian, China was a magnet. I was among many who thought it might forge a confident and more open identity while ushering in a vibrant era of new ideas, values and culture, one befitting its superpower status. When I ended my China assignment last year, I no longer had such expectations.
temoignage  journalist  china  2010s 
january 2018 by aries1988
知乎上的一个问题 看大家的回答 为什么法国人那么懒,老罢工和放假休息,法国GDP还那么高,科技还那么发达? Huang Penny…
temoignage  français  china  story  france 
september 2017 by aries1988
What American Women Who Wear Hijab Want You to Know
In the short film Hijabi World, two Rutgers University students, Hamna Saleem and Dina Sayedahmed, filmed their friends—Muslim women who observe hijab—talking about the day-to-day challenges of wearing a headscarf. “Sometimes you itch in your own skin,” says one woman named Halima. These are the heartening testimonies of a handful of Muslim women about why they decided to wear the scarf and how it impacts their lives and religiosity.
usa  female  muslim  religion  video  story  temoignage  explained 
august 2016 by aries1988
BBC World Service - Business Daily, 100 Women: Japan
A special edition looking at the role of women in and out of the Japanese workforce. The Japanese Prime Minister has promised that within five years, around a third of all Japanese executives will be women. How achievable is that? Mariko Oi reports from Tokyo. Part of the BBC's 100 Women season.
japanese  workforce  temoignage  female 
february 2016 by aries1988
Attaques à Paris : « J’ai senti comme un pétard qui explosait dans mon bras »
Le version mobile - Riverain du Bataclan et journaliste au « Monde », Daniel Psenny a été blessé par balle alors qu’il tentait de secourir des blessés qui s’étaient échappés de la salle de concert.
video  paris  temoignage  terrorism 
november 2015 by aries1988
Paris witness: Simon Kuper in the Stade de France -
Tonight my family will probably be OK in Paris. But after that?
paris  story  temoignage  2015  children  terrorism 
november 2015 by aries1988
deutschland  refugee  temoignage  integration  germany 
november 2015 by aries1988
Transitioning out of academia
I have to admit I do miss aspects of the academic and research environment. I never thought I would say that, but I do. I miss the solitude; the ability to focus on a task; to really, really think about an issue; to identify a research question; to develop an hypothesis and then to test if it is true; and the opportunity to debate and discuss with like-minded peers and colleagues. It really is a unique environment.
temoignage  phd  life  career  advice  development  self  howto  moi 
june 2015 by aries1988
Les classes prépas racontées par ceux qui y sont passés
VIDÉO - Pour démonter certaines idées reçues et lutter contre l’autocensure, 11 élèves ingénieurs ont réalisé un documentaire retraçant l’expérience prépa telle qu’ils l’ont vécue.
temoignage  education  video  prepa  français 
june 2015 by aries1988
Teaching ‘Western Values’ in China

Chinese-style democratic meritocracy is the only viable alternative to liberal democracy, and I have front row seats to China’s experiment. What else could a political theorist ask for?

That said, I am in favor of free speech in universities. And my views are widely shared in Chinese academia: Whatever people say in public, I haven’t met a single Chinese intellectual — socialist, liberal or Confucian — who argues in private discussion for censorship of scholarly works. Censorship only serves to alienate intellectuals.
china  temoignage  intelligentsia  politics  university  freedom  expression  teaching  youth  chinese  challenge 
may 2015 by aries1988
« Madame, votre enfant est au poste »
Serge Aranguren est familier de ce merveilleux mécanisme d’autodéfense. « Personne n’aime la sanction. Pas plus les adultes pris en défaut parce qu’ils ont roulé trop vite ou consommé de l’alcool. Le parent au commissariat a l’impression d’avoir loupé quelque chose. À défaut de pouvoir échapper à la sanction, il essaie d’y échapper intellectuellement en se disant qu’après tout, le DVD a été restitué, etc. » Comme l’explique Sylvie, dont le fils a été arrêté en possession de cannabis, « le moment où il fait la leçon à ton gamin, tu te sens minable, t’as l’impression que le flic est obligé de prendre ta place de parent parce que t’as pas assuré ».
parents  crime  police  temoignage  children  teenager 
may 2015 by aries1988
甘肃兰州怎样? - 马琨的回答 - 知乎

city  local  temoignage  food  impression 
may 2015 by aries1988
The future of flying -
Another tip he offered, for those flying anywhere near the Northern Lights, is that pilots rarely announce such things because they normally occur as passengers are trying to sleep. If you want to be alerted, you need to let the cabin crew know.
book  aviation  pilot  experience  temoignage 
may 2015 by aries1988
Prépas, l'excellence au prix fort
“Quand Napoléon crée les élites de la nation, ajoute la psychanalyste Claire-Marine François-Poncet, il remplace la noblesse de naissance par une noblesse de mérite. L’effort qu’on lui demande doit être à la hauteur des catastrophes de la Révolution et des guerres napoléoniennes. On a tué l’aristocratie de privilège. Il faut payer le crime.”
teacher  life  temoignage  opinion  parents  student  story  prepa  français  education 
may 2015 by aries1988
La classe prépa, une galère aussi pour les parents
Le rythme de travail, la confrontation des premiers de classe, le stress des concours qui monte, transforment la cellule familiale en cellule de soutien psychologique. Soir après soir, « remotiver le gamin laminé », « booster », « faire baisser la pression », « désamorcer les angoisses sur leurs capacités », « dédramatiser »…
prepa  temoignage  story  parents 
april 2015 by aries1988
Why I want my children to be bilingual – Ben Faccini – Aeon
From school to university, and then working and travelling for a UN agency for many years, I constructed myself thanks to different languages, following the roads they paved out into the unknown. I can now say with confidence that the chameleonic battles of my childhood were worth it. A knowledge of languages can foster versatility, an attentiveness to the world and an understanding of cultural difference. It can make sense of the make-up and narrative of nations, cultivating deeper and joyous communion with others. Without languages, I feel as though my children are going to be missing some vital limb, hobbling through life, cut off from their heritage and the possibilities of the world.
language  temoignage  children 
april 2015 by aries1988
Meet the Unlikely Airbnb Hosts of Japan
Using the IBM data, and later incorporating the research of other social scientists, he came up with six measures to help define and analyze the values, attitudes and behavioral impulses of any group — from something as small as the population of a single office or factory to something as large as a nation. These include individualism versus collectivism, indulgence versus restraint, power distance (a group’s acceptance or rejection of hierarchy) and, perhaps most important for Airbnb, uncertainty avoidance.

it seemed, everyone had some defining experience with outsiders. Two of the couples were multinational — Japanese natives with partners who were American and Chinese. Other hosts were Japanese by birth but had lived in other countries or traveled a lot. This appeared to give them a certain renegade perspective, a degree of global cross-pollination and comfort with strangers that seemed to put them at odds with many of the people around them, but also made them more like other Airbnb users internationally.

She was even tolerant of the French, who she admitted, when pressed, could be the most challenging guests of all.

One of her daughters lived in Los Angeles for eight years, and Miki had gone for extended visits. She knew acutely what it felt like to be dislocated, the stun of a country that’s not your own.
culture  hotel  hostel  gaijin  japan  japanese  home  temoignage 
february 2015 by aries1988
Oliver Sacks on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer
I feel a sudden clear focus and perspective. There is no time for anything inessential. I must focus on myself, my work and my friends. I shall no longer look at “NewsHour” every night. I shall no longer pay any attention to politics or arguments about global warming.

This is not indifference but detachment — I still care deeply about the Middle East, about global warming, about growing inequality, but these are no longer my business; they belong to the future. I rejoice when I meet gifted young people — even the one who biopsied and diagnosed my metastases. I feel the future is in good hands.
essay  death  fear  life  temoignage 
february 2015 by aries1988
The Physical Exam as Refuge -

Countless times, I have found that it is only during the physical exam that patients reveal what is truly on their mind. Whether it is the cough that they are reminded of now that I am listening to their lungs, or whether it is the domestic violence, the eating disorder or the genital symptoms that they feel comfortable revealing once we are in a more intimate setting — there is something about touch that changes the dynamic.

But then the doctor and patient move to the exam table, and everything changes. This is often the first moment that they can talk directly, without the impediment of technology. They are physically closer to each other, actually touching. This is an intimacy, albeit of the nonromantic type, but an intimacy nonetheless. And all intimacies have an effect of changing the dynamics of the interaction. Obviously, there is a risk of changing for the worse, but in my experience it is almost always a change for the better. Once a doctor and patient are at the exam table, touching, talking without the computer between them, conversation of a different sort is possible.
doctor  people  temoignage  body  medicine  opinion  psychology  human  communication  practice 
october 2014 by aries1988
Manish Rai Jain's answer to Which is a better place to live: Switzerland or USA? - Quora
Foreigners are tourists: Swiss don't believe in foreigners contributing to their society. For them, foreigners are something they have to bear with, and protect their society from. They're really kind hearted people once you get to know them, but you wouldn't feel at home living there.
swiss  temoignage  gaijin 
september 2013 by aries1988

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