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One is Chinese. One is American. How a journalist discovered and reunited identical twins

The mother had given birth in a bamboo grove, trying to avoid detection by the government. She and her husband then fled to another province with one twin while leaving the other with an uncle and aunt. But one day when the girls were almost 2 years old, five men working for family planning stormed the house, restrained the aunt and took away the screaming toddler.

He told me his father had been pressuring them to have a boy — in keeping with rural tradition in which the family line is continued through men. His family had lived in Gaofeng for hundreds of years, and it was the men who tended the graves in the family cemetery. When the twins were born, he was pleased to be defying the expectations. “I was so happy when they were born. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

She kept replaying in her head a scene she’d read in a magazine about a 2-year-old girl crying “No, Daddy!” as her father threw her down a well.

“I cried whenever I thought about that girl,” she said. “I knew we had to adopt from China.”

The twins didn’t look directly at each other. They stood side by side, facing a photographer we had brought along. Nobody spoke. Nobody moved. I imagined the twins as a bride and groom in an arranged marriage meeting for the first time.

Nearly 150,000 children have been adopted from China since 1992, 96,000 of them Americans, mostly girls.
hunan  tragedy  twin  american  chinese  reunion 
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Ghosts of D-Day: The Civilian Casualties of the Battle of Normandy – BLARB
Most Germans had actually left Caen by June 6, a fact the Allies knew, prompting one British historian to call the bombing of Caen “close to a war crime;” there are also indications that some planes flew too high to hit their targets accurately. But my mother’s family was deeply grateful for the Allies. Living in Caen, they had suffered for four years under a regime of daily humiliations and threats, of near-starvation rations. None of the survivors I knew referred to the deaths of their loved ones as a crime. Caen was bombed in order to isolate the Germans by destroying lines of communication. To call that a war crime is to fall into the same black-and-white thinking that leads us to avoid mentioning civilian deaths in the first place.
ww2  normandie  death  war  tragedy  story  family 
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Notre Dame Is the Burning Heart of Paris

It’s partly that, at 856 years old, Notre Dame has witnessed much of French history. It’s where Henry VI was crowned, and Napoleon became emperor. A few hours into the fire, French TV news was running everything from clips of François Mitterrand’s funeral to scenes from a movie version of Victor Hugo’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

In his address to the nation, Mr. Macron described what Parisians are feeling as a “tremblement intérieur” — an internal trembling.

A hundred years from now, people will still be talking about the fire of 2019.
2019  paris  france  architecture  patrimoine  fire  tragedy  accident  art  church  christianity  français 
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在化工脱贫的路上,响水人经历过爆炸、泄漏和“大逃亡”|深度|端传媒 Initium Media







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Gene A. Bunin: How the “Happiest Muslims in the World” are Coping with Their Happiness • art of life in chinese central asia
Karim, a worldly polyglot who could have easily passed for a Middle Easterner, told of how he’d sometimes go to a hotel and speak to the front-desk staff in English. Mistaking him for a foreigner, they’d tell him that there were rooms available, and then backtrack after asking him for his documents and seeing the word Uyghur on his Chinese identification card.
uygur  tragedy  story  restaurant  persecution  ethnic  interview 
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Aberfan - 50 years on

It was a normal October day for a small mining village, where it had been raining for what seemed like forever
story  disaster  children  school  wales  death  comparison  coal  mining  accident  closure  ptsd  family  tragedy 
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