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Will John Bolton Bring on Armageddon—Or Stave It Off?

One thing liberals and neoconservatives share, Bolton suggested, is an irrational, “theological” attachment to principles—the principle that treaties and alliances are good (in the case of internationalist liberals) or that democracy must be spread at the expense of all else (in the case of neoconservatives). By contrast, he thought treaties and alliances needed unsentimental evaluation. One of the Russians on Putin’s team told him, “You strike me as a pragmatic diplomat.” “I said, ‘That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said about me for a long time.’ ” Bolton recalled, “Even in the Bush 43 administration, when we were most accused of unilateralism, I didn’t get up every morning thinking, What act of unilateralism can I accomplish today? I got up thinking, What interest of the United States are we going to advance today?”

It’s difficult to exaggerate how hard it is to earn a reputation as a dick in Washington. It’s like being known as a real nerd by fellow scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or as the resident prude by sisters at a nunnery. In Washington, boorishness can be a virtue, if the boor in question is on your side and gets things done. (Witness the admiration for Lyndon B. Johnson, who would sit on the toilet and summon aides to talk policy while smelling his fumes, and the contempt for the pious Jimmy Carter.) But Bolton is almost universally known for being off-putting and ill-tempered. “One of the world’s cheapest people,” says an ex-colleague. “An extremely unpleasant person,” says another.

At the UN, he exuded contempt. In his memoir he says the General Assembly hall’s architecture is “vaguely fascist.” He scoffs at the tendency to treat Kofi Annan, the secretary general, as “a secular pope,” and he calls General Assembly President Jan Eliasson “President of the World.” Neither title is meant as a compliment. Nor is the nickname “EUroids,” which he uses to describe Europeans he considers pains in the ass.

“Bolton is a sovereigntist,” John Yoo told me. “He thinks the U.S. should not be bound by international organizations, and we should not be ceding our authority to the United Nations or NAFTA.” After the Cold War, “the U.S. tied itself down with multilateral institutions, primarily run by Europeans, to constrain our freedom of action—to tie down Gulliver.” Every time the United States joins an alliance, or consents to arbitration on equal terms with, say, Latvia or Guinea, one more rope is lashed over Gulliver’s limbs.

Bolton may have mind-melded with Trump better than McMaster did, but inevitably the president and his national security adviser will disagree, both on style and on substance. One is an unreconstructed Cold Warrior; the other is an isolationist. One says nothing without precise calculation; the other speaks seemingly without consulting his own prefrontal cortex. As the differences between their personalities multiply, savvy enemies will simply cease to believe that Bolton carries Trump’s authority. Trump, flattered, will agree.
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march 2019 by aries1988
川普搭乘的空军一号飞往伊拉克经过欧洲空域,居住在英国谢菲尔德的业余摄影师Alan Meloy偶尔在他的厨房看到天空中出现一架特别的飞机,由于他是飞机爱好者,知道这不是普通民航机,于是用佳能EOS 7D拍了下来上传到Flickr,并…
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december 2018 by aries1988
What Happens When a Bad-Tempered, Distractible Doofus Runs an Empire? | The New Yorker

About a decade ago, I published “George, Nicholas and Wilhelm: Three Royal Cousins and the Road to World War I,” a book that was, in part, about Kaiser Wilhelm, who is probably best known for being Queen Victoria’s first grandchild and for leading Germany into the First World War. Ever since Donald Trump started campaigning for President, the Kaiser has once again been on my mind—his personal failings, and the global fallout they led to.

Wilhelm’s touchiness, his unpredictability, his need to be acknowledged: these things struck a chord with elements in Germany, which was in a kind of adolescent spasm—quick to perceive slights, excited by the idea of flexing its muscles, filled with a sense of entitlement.
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november 2018 by aries1988
Waking Up with Sam Harris: #133 — Globalism on the Brink
Legitimate grievances with immigration
Impact of automation
Universal basic income, solution?

It's one thing for the Chinese to steal our intellectual property, it's another for them to steal our strategy."
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october 2018 by aries1988
Decorum is an unfashionable word but it has a radical core | Aeon Ideas
Cicero gives us the best sense of decorum’s richness. He did more than anyone in ancient Rome to develop the concept, and it sits at the heart of his ethical and rhetorical theory. Cicero defined decorum not as an inflexible code of conduct, but as the fit between an action and a moment, or between words and a rhetorical situation. To speak decorously is to say precisely what the moment demands.

Asking whether words have decorum is another way of asking what this circumstance and this audience call for.

Arguing over Trump’s decorum, or lack thereof, is about asking who counts – who is included in, and excluded from, ‘the sense of the community’ to which decorum appeals.
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september 2018 by aries1988
Will the Benalla Affair Sink Emmanuel Macron?
Alexandra Schwartz on the Benalla Affair, which is ostensibly about Emmanuel Macron’s onetime bodyguard, but in fact reflects on the French President himself.
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august 2018 by aries1988





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july 2018 by aries1988
RT : 川总三十年不变的理念MAGA
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april 2018 by aries1988
Joan C Williams on Trump, elitism and the white working class
Progressives often confuse them with the poor — an entirely separate class. Williams defines the working class as households that earn more than the country’s bottom third but less than the top 20 per cent, plus some slightly better-off families that include no college graduate. This group is “the middle 53 per cent of American families”, whose family incomes in 2015 ranged from $41,005 to $131,962.

Many stereotypes about WWC men came together in the hapless cartoon character Homer Simpson. American progressives showed respect to ethnic and sexual minorities, not to the WWC. But then the WWC made Trump president.

“I think Trump just needs to keep on being Trump. That’s the sobering fact. The irony is that Trump is the most hysterical, emotional president in living memory, he’s like a caricature of a woman out of control, but following his gut connects him to the white working class. His continuing gestures of disrespect to cultural elites, through Twitter and other means, are just inestimably delicious.”

So far she’s unimpressed. “Just read the frigging New York Times, listen to NPR [National Public Radio], key outlets of the progressive elite: story after story of an outpouring of compassion for immigrants.

“Do I feel sorry for immigrants? Yes. But that’s not the point. An outpouring of compassion for immigrants, in the absence of offering dignity to the white working class, will hurt immigrants because it’s just another expression that elites have ‘feeling rules’ — who you should feel sorry for.” Elite “feeling rules” ordain compassion for ethnic and sexual minorities and “perhaps women”, she says, “but the white working class are just ‘fat, stupid and ignorant’. So the elites are saying, ‘Oh, my God, we just heard this cri de coeur from the white working class, let’s express sympathy for immigrants!’ Talk about a recipe for Trump’s second term.

Generally, says Williams, progressives need to tone down the PC talk. They can still fight (albeit more quietly) for women and minorities, but they will achieve nothing unless they can build the black-and-white working-class
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may 2017 by aries1988
Trump’s Radical Anti-Americanism
Yet what perhaps no one could have entirely predicted was the special cocktail of oafish incompetence and radical anti-Americanism that President Trump’s Administration has brought. This combination has produced a new note in our public life: chaotic cruelty. The immigration crisis may abate, but it has already shown the power of government to act arbitrarily overnight—sundering families, upending long-set expectations, until all those born as outsiders must imagine themselves here only on sufferance of a senior White House counsellor.

Autocratic regimes with a demagogic bent are nearly always inefficient, because they cannot create and extend the network of delegated trust that is essential to making any organization work smoothly. The chaos is characteristic. Whether by instinct or by intention, it benefits the regime, whose goal is to create an overwhelming feeling of shared helplessness in the population at large: we will detain you and take away your green card—or, no, now we won’t take away your green card, but we will hold you here, and we may let you go, or we may not.
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february 2017 by aries1988
Les élites démocrates en pleine dépression

Au lendemain de l’élection, sa femme et lui ont tout de même décidé de faire bonne figure devant leurs deux jeunes enfants. « Depuis des mois on leur disait que Trump était un bad guy. Du coup, le mercredi, quand on leur a annoncé qu’Hillary avait perdu, on leur a assuré que Trump avait fait un beau discours de remerciements et que tout allait être OK… »

au-delà du désarroi et de la peur, la honte, l’embarras et une forme de culpabilité se sont emparés de ces milieux éduqués, ultra-informés, hyperconnectés, qui ont dû admettre leur aveuglement.

Quant aux supporteurs de Trump, durant cette campagne, ils nous inspiraient une forme de mépris.

« Dans cette société du post-fact [où le discours politique fait appel à l’émotion, au détriment des faits], éduquer les jeunes est devenu primordial. Un citoyen bien informé est toujours en meilleure position pour faire des choix. Plus que jamais, je dis à mes étudiants : “la vérité compte, la perspective historique importe, les faits ont un sens” »

Pour tenter de relativiser « la catastrophe », beaucoup comparent la situation américaine aux poussées « nationalistes, populistes, conservatrices, xénophobes » qui traversent l’Europe. « C’est une marée mondiale, la preuve que l’exceptionnalisme américain n’existe pas », défend Rhea.
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january 2017 by aries1988
Hillary Clinton: a fate worse than mere defeat
Historians will look back on 2016 as a textbook case of how not to run a campaign. Clinton’s demise owes more to the fact that she personified the establishment than to her gender. She will surely be haunted by her mis-steps for the rest of her life. She could have been America’s first female commander-in-chief — and one of the White House’s most experienced occupants in decades. Instead, she lost to an outsider whom all the experts had dismissed as a joke.
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december 2016 by aries1988
Why are so many first-generation Chinese immigrants supporting Donald Trump? - SupChina
The appeal of Trump to so many first-generation Chinese immigrants quickly became a topic I obsessed about. Fanfan and I had lunch the other day at the home of a lovely, retired Chinese-American woman (she asked that I not use her name) in Chapel Hill, and this disturbing development was almost all we could talk about. A native Beijinger and member of the Class of 1977 — the first crop of students to matriculate in universities after the Cultural Revolution — she shared our horror at Trump’s popularity among recently arrived immigrants, and confirmed that, as I had suspected, this rightward tilt was an entirely new phenomenon and was certainly not the case either four or eight years ago. The stridency among these Trump supporters, she said, reminded her of nothing so much as the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.

Whatever its causes — and they are too numerous to get into here — Chinese racism is well attested, and many Americans would be shocked were they privy to conversations about race taking place in Chinese when participants think no one else is listening.

All too often, there is this belief that it’s an American problem and that their only interest is to ensure the short-term safety of their own families.

The East Coast Crips-affiliated gang behind those robberies, police said, specifically targeted Asian-owned homes — discernible by the shoes left on the front porch — and was responsible for a reported 5,000 burglaries.
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december 2016 by aries1988
Donald Trump, the First President of Our Post-Literate Age

The easiest way to grasp the difference between the written world and the oral world is that in the latter, there’s no way to look up anything. Before the invention of writing, knowledge existed in the present tense between two or more people; when information was forgotten, it disappeared forever. That state of affairs created a special need for ideas that were easily memorized and repeatable (so, in a way, they could go viral). The immediacy of the oral world did not favor complicated, abstract ideas that need to be thought through. Instead, it elevated individuals who passed along memorable stories, wisdom and good news.

platforms are fostering an emerging linguistic economy that places a high premium on ideas that are pithy, clear, memorable and repeatable (that is to say, viral).
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december 2016 by aries1988
这六个州连成一片,构成了美国的锈带(rust belt)。这片传统工业重镇在美国的崛起中扮演过重要角色,一度繁荣无比;但随着全球化的到来,制造业外迁,经济衰退,民生凋敝,和东三省的老工业区颇有几分相似。这里大量受教育程度低的白人产业工人传统上是民主党的支持者,但在种族、国家安全和移民等问题上比一般的民主党人更趋保守。在1980年的大选中,他们就曾经认为民主党过于关注少数族裔、妇女、失业人群和赤贫人群的利益,忽视了白人工人阶级的利益而倒戈共和党候选人里根,史称“里根民主党人”(Reagan Democrats)。今年的大选中,他们对全球化的反对、对自身经济状况的焦虑、对移民和反恐问题和恐惧,与种族主义的抬头交织在一起,使他们再次倒戈,成了“特朗普民主党人”。从出口民调来看,特朗普依靠的就是白人,赢得了58%的白人选票,在没有大学学历的白人中,支持率高达67%。最近一年经济情况好转的选民72%投给了希拉里,而经济情况变差的选民78%投给了特朗普。有超过20%的人表示他们最看重的是新总统能够带来改变,这些人几乎悉数投给了特朗普。这和上面的分析基本一致。






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december 2016 by aries1988
Does Trump’s Rise Mean Liberalism’s End? - The New Yorker

Decisions made by Web designers years ago mean that today the Internet is a free and lawless zone that erodes state sovereignty, ignores borders, revolutionizes the job market, smashes privacy, and poses a formidable global-security risk.

This is not the first time the Liberal Story has faced a crisis of confidence. Ever since this story gained global influence, in the second half of the nineteenth century, it has endured periodic crises.

The liberal phoenix next faced a challenge from the left, during the Che Guevara moment, between the fifties and the seventies. While Fascists found the liberal story soft and degenerate, socialists accused it of being a fig leaf for the ruthless, exploitative, and racist system of global capitalism.

the Liberal Story proved to be far more supple and dynamic than any of its opponents. It triumphed over traditional empires, over fascism, and over Communism by adopting some of their best ideas and practices (such as government-sponsored education, health, and welfare for the masses).

it might be much harder for the Liberal Story to survive the current crisis of confidence, because the traditional alliance between liberal ethics and capitalist economics that has long underpinned the Liberal Story may be unravelling.
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october 2016 by aries1988

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