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november 2018 by aries1988
Opinion | Does Religion Make People Moral?

In the past, he noted, moral conservatives like him would argue that “there could be no morality without religion.” But now, he wrote, “there should be no religion without morality.”

My humble answer is: It depends. Religion can work in two fundamentally different ways: It can be a source of self-education, or it can be a source of self-glorification. Self-education can make people more moral, while self-glorification can make them considerably less moral.

Religion can be a source of self-education, because religious texts often have moral teachings with which people can question and instruct themselves.

But trying to nurture moral virtues is one thing; assuming that you are already moral and virtuous simply because you identify with a particular religion is another. The latter turns religion into a tool for self-glorification.
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december 2017 by aries1988
Mutations de l’islam en Asie centrale
Dans son dernier ouvrage, Bayram Balci, chercheur au CERI-Sciences Po, revisite de manière éclairante la religion dans les ex-républiques communistes musulmanes
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december 2017 by aries1988
Memories of Thanksgivings Abroad and In Between

I remember tweeting into the void about Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce on the morning of my first Thanksgiving abroad. Nobody who might have cared was up yet.

In it, she writes about realizing, after becoming a foreign correspondent, that the picture she had of America hadn’t been complete—that one hadn’t seen the whole picture of America until one had left the national borders, because the whole picture included foreign interventions, cultural exports, and various modes of thought that were invisible at home.

The agonizing particulars of the Presidential race, which were doubly nerve-wracking to watch from afar, had been hard to explain to inquisitive Spaniards. I craved American company—to be able to dish and spar with some compatriots in the know. So when a group of expats invited me to dinner, I accepted, bringing a bottle of Rioja.

All of these celebrations offered, and birds ritually consumed, have led me to a single, significant conclusion: If it’s true, as my colleague Calvin Trillin long ago suggested, that everything exotic that isn’t chicken tastes like chicken—rattlesnake, ostrich, etc.—the one thing that can be said for certain, on Thanksgiving, is that no matter what you do to it, a turkey will always taste like a turkey.
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november 2017 by aries1988
« La Turquie a emprunté une voie qui rend impossible son adhésion à l’UE »

Cruelle ironie : l’Europe a permis à l’AKP, le parti islamo-conservateur arrivé au pouvoir en 2002, de saborder l’héritage de Mustafa Kemal dit Atatürk, autoritaire, souvent peu démocratique mais plus européo-compatible par de nombreux aspects.

Second choc, le néo-ottomanisme. Les mauvaises manières faites par Nicolas Sarkozy et Angela Merkel et le turcoscepticisme européen ont clairement découragé une population turque europhile. Amoureuse éconduite, l’opinion turque a laissé Erdogan enfourcher son combat nationaliste.
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march 2017 by aries1988
BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, The Siege of Vienna
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the 1683 siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Army.
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february 2017 by aries1988
我們不妨大膽地說,恰恰是奧圖曼帝國在它這場最後「聖戰」之後的瓦解,造成了現今世界其中幾種最激烈的政治和意識形態的衝突。往昔,奧圖曼人習慣把它管轄的地方叫做「和平之土」,在其統治之外的世界則是「戰爭之土」。這個劃分看起來非常可笑,因為它控制的地方幾乎全是依靠戰爭征服回來的。不過,這個想法背後卻有一個相當久遠的歷史基礎,可以上溯至古羅馬人所說的「羅馬和平」(Pax Romana),甚至波斯屠魯士大帝所締造的寬容太平,那就是在一個多民族、多文化的帝國之下,所有臣民都不應該為了信仰以及族裔的差別而拔刀相向。果然,奧圖曼崩潰的結局,就是中東和巴爾幹地區此後幾乎從不休止的血腥戰爭。不斷變形又不斷自我分裂的民族認同運動,和幽靈一般不停回歸的宗教認同政治,正是這一切爭端的最大觸媒。

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october 2016 by aries1988
引言 今日土耳其已站在其现代历史的一个危险的十字路口,这也使得这个站在欧亚大陆十字路口的古老国家重新赢得全世界的目光。 上周末土耳其发生的军事政变把国人的视线引到了这个欧亚大陆交汇点上的古老国家,对大多数国人来说,这是一个陌生的国家。但从某种程度上看,世界上可能没有哪一个国家比土耳其更值得中国人了解和关心的了。…
turkey  history 
july 2016 by aries1988
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may 2016 by aries1988
Letter of Recommendation: Uzbek
Because I happened to speak decent Turkish, a cousin of Uzbek, and because I spent a week in Uzbekistan when I was 22, and because life is nothing if not a sequence of odd choices vaguely considered, for two years I sat in a room with two other students and produced some extremely literal translations.

I’m settled now, no longer nomadic. But Uzbek is my little insurance policy, a crumpled bill rolled into a stocking, against some unforeseen contingency. Who knows when I might find myself on a plane Tashkent-bound, surveying the Qizilqum Desert? Salom, I’ll turn to my seatmate and say. Siz bilan tanishganimdan xursandman.
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august 2015 by aries1988
A War to End Jihad

But perhaps there is a caution in this narrative. In a striking parallel to events a century ago, the threat of far-reaching jihad — most recently in the name of the Islamic State — continues to play on the minds of Western leaders. But it does so far beyond any evidence of wide appeal among a vast majority of the globe’s Muslims. So Western leaders can learn from the experience of a century ago. When they overreact to the threat of religious war, they concede power to the very enemies they seek to overcome, with consequences impossible to predict.

With each setback, the British redoubled efforts to defeat the Turks and contain the threat of jihad. That same year, they sealed an alliance with the highest ranking Muslim official in the Arab world, Hussein ibn Ali, the sharif of Mecca, to lead an Arab revolt against Ottoman rule with the assistance of his son Faisal and a British officer, T.E. Lawrence.
history  jihad  opinion  turkey 
may 2015 by aries1988

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