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The Voyages Issue: How Do Families Around the World Spend Their Vacations?
Joakim Eskildsen for The New York Times Gross domestic product per capita: $20,122 Estonia’s ‘‘singing revolution’’ involved mass demonstrations of choral…
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september 2017 by aries1988
Plus que cinq dodos sans les enfants !
Toute l’année, on attend les vacances pour souffler un peu et prendre du temps pour soi. Mais le moment de la séparation est redouté tant par les parents que par leur progéniture.
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august 2017 by aries1988
How to take better holiday photos through science | Science | The Guardian
How much care do you take when composing your holiday snaps? One scientist dares to suggest that with the right methods, your results might easily be improved
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august 2015 by aries1988
One Woman's Struggle To Survive 'Too Much Vacation' In France
The rhythm of the seasons in France is dictated by the school calendar. And French school kids spend less time in the classroom than their European peers. Along with a two-month summer vacation, French kids have a two-week break every six weeks throughout the school year. Thank goodness the Paris elementary schools run a system of day camps during the vacations called centres de loisirs, or leisure centers. The cost is minimal and the kids get a hot lunch and are even taken on field trips to museums or a farm outside the city. It's operated by professional animateurs as they're called. Running a kids' vacation leisure center is actually a full-time profession in France. Let's face it, the children who spend their vacations at the leisure center aren't as lucky as some of their friends, and the kids know it. There's nothing like a glut of vacation to highlight the gap between the haves — those with the country houses and grandparent networks — and the have-nots, mostly the children of African and North African immigrants. On this four-day weekend we'll be celebrating Ascension. That's right, this staunchly secular nation is marking Jesus' rise to heaven 40 days after his resurrection.
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may 2015 by aries1988
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october 2012 by aries1988

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