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How to Mount Removable Drives and Network Locations in the Windows Subsystem for Linux
Network locations can be mounted in one of two ways. If you map a network drive to a drive letter, you can mount it using the same options as above. This would give you an opportunity to easily sign into the network share and enter your credentials in File Explorer. For example, if your mapped network drive is F:, you could run the following commands to mount it:

sudo mkdir /mnt/f

sudo mount -t drvfs F: /mnt/f
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june 2019 by aries1988
Optional Feature that I don't want keeps trying to Install and failing Solved - Windows 10 Forums
It is just a guess, but try to disable this task. Run CMD as admin and copy/paste:

schtasks /Change /TN "Microsoft\Windows\LanguageComponentsInstaller\Installation" /Disable

Install language components that match the user's language list.

If it does not help, enable it back.

schtasks /Change /TN "Microsoft\Windows\LanguageComponentsInstaller\Installation" /Enable
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january 2019 by aries1988
vim - What is `^M` and how do I get rid of it? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
The ^M is a carriage-return character. If you see this, you're probably looking at a file that originated in the DOS/Windows world, where an end-of-line is marked by a carriage return/newline pair, whereas in the Unix world, end-of-line is marked by a single newline.

dos2unix filename
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august 2017 by aries1988
利器分享|重装系统后,我送你一份 Windows 软件必装清单 - 利器
我推荐 Listary,功能与 Wox 和 Everything 类似,但是它有一个优点,就是在任何状态下双击 Ctrl 键即可呼出,能够启动任何程序和文件。 via Pocket
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july 2017 by aries1988
New keyboard shortcuts;
Paste from clipboard (Ctrl-V).
Incremental history search (Ctrl-R/Ctrl-S).
Powerful completion (TAB).
Undo (Ctrl-Z).
Automatic “cd ..” (Ctrl-Alt-U).
Environment variable expansion (Ctrl-Alt-E).
(press Alt-H for many more…)
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march 2017 by aries1988
有没有可能,明年回家不用再帮爸妈重装电脑? [福利] - 少数派
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january 2017 by aries1988
MinGW | Minimalist GNU for Windows
MinGW, a contraction of "Minimalist GNU for Windows", is a minimalist development environment for native Microsoft Windows applications.
windows  programming  development 
january 2017 by aries1988
Standard Notes
A standard notes app with an un-standard focus on longevity, portability, and privacy.
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january 2017 by aries1988
7 Ways to Measure Time Taken to Complete a Batch File or Command Line Execution • Raymond.CC
Apart from that, getting an execution time for a command line can also be used for benchmarking purposes. Some examples are measuring the time taken to copy files between computers, or hard drives. Here we have 7 different methods that you can use to track the execution time of a command.
windows  tool  time 
november 2016 by aries1988
How to execute one line multiple times using windows batch file? - Stack Overflow
@echo off
Set Sleep=0
if %Sleep% == 30 ( goto end )
xx.exe yyyyy.dll /p:InputDataSource=Table:table.xml
echo This is a loop
Set /A Sleep+=1
echo %Sleep%
goto start
echo "am 30 now"
cmd  windows  tips 
november 2016 by aries1988
Installation « Something More for Research
Please follow the documentation about using third-party .dll libraries in MS Visual Studio 2008 or 2010. Make sure to link against a library for the correct architecture. For example, you may receive an error such as “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)” which typically indicates a mismatch between 32/64-bit libraries.
openmp  32  64  windows 
november 2016 by aries1988
Chrome 设置什么字体较好? - 知乎
汉字的话,用我这个:Inziu Iosevka Downloads
windows  chrome  font  chinese 
august 2016 by aries1988
How to compile and run a simple MS-MPI program | The Microsoft HPC & Batch Team Blog
Alternatively, you can use the command line to compile and link your program (replacing steps 1-6 above). Note that I have added “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\bin\amd64” to my path environment variable so that cl.exe and link.exe are available.

To compile your program into .obj files:
cl /I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\MPI\Include" /I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\MPI\Include\x64" /I. /I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1A\Include" /I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\include" /c MPIHelloWorld.cpp

Linking the .obj files:
link /machine:x64 /out:MpiHelloWorld.exe /dynamicbase "msmpi.lib" /libpath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\MPI\Lib\x64" /LIBPATH:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\lib\amd64" /LIBPATH:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1A\Lib\x64" MPIHelloWorld.obj
mpi  moi  windows  terminal 
june 2016 by aries1988
在 Windows 下配置 Vim 使用 Ack 进行快速查找 - sxvbc的专栏 - 博客频道 - CSDN.NET
1. 下载并安装 Strawberry Perl

2. 创建一个目录 c:/tools_bin,并将该目录添加到系统 PATH 环境变量

3. 下载 ack 脚本 (
     放到 c:/tools_bin/

4. 创建一个批处理文件 c:/tools_bin/ack.bat 内容如下:
@echo off
perl.exe c:/tools_bin/ %*
windows  vim  search  ack  howto 
march 2016 by aries1988
bibliographies - Creating a central bibliography - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
Windows C:\Users\<user name>\texmf\bibtex\bib\local
Mac OS X ~/Library/texmf/bibtex/bib/local
Linux ~/texmf/bibtex/bib/local
latex  linux  mac  windows  tips  biblio 
february 2015 by aries1988
Difference engine: Why 10, not 9, is better than 8 | The Economist
Free upgrades could also be the inducement that persuades the hordes of PC users who refuse to upgrade from older versions of Windows to do precisely that. Currently, Windows 8 and 8.1 account for little more than 12% of the PC user-base, according to Net Applications, a web-tracking firm. Meanwhile, 76% of PC users have remained loyal to Windows 7 or the even older Windows XP, despite all support for the latter having ceased last April. Such users have steadfastly refused to adopt Windows 8 because they find it too strange and demanding. Windows 10, with its return to traditional ways of doing things, should be a lot more to their liking. Ever since Windows 8 was released, sales of Windows 7 licences have increased rather than decreased. Businesses have continued to buy computers with Windows 7 pre-installed or have bought licences to downgrade Windows 8 machines to meet staff objections. However, come October 31st, Microsoft will stop selling copies of Windows 7 to system builders. It ceased offering retail copies a year ago.
windows  future  OS  comparison  service 
february 2015 by aries1988
xdissent/ievms · GitHub
A snapshot is automatically taken upon install, allowing rollback to the pristine virtual environment configuration. Anything can go wrong in Windows and rather than having to worry about maintaining a stable VM, you can simply revert to the clean snapshot to reset your VM to the initial state.
windows  mac  ie 
january 2015 by aries1988
An alternate universe
The Surface is partially for Microsoft’s world of denial: the world in which this store contains no elephants and Microsoft invented the silver store with the glass front and the glowing logo and blue shirts and white lanyards and these table layouts and the modern tablet and its magnetic power cable. In that world, this is a groundbreaking new tablet that you can finally use at work and leave your big creaky plastic Dell laptop behind when you go to the conference room to have a conference call on the starfish phone with all of the wires and dysfunctional communication. But it’s also for people like that salesman who don’t agree with Apple’s choices: people who want to have more hardware options, more customization, more hackability, and fewer people saying “no” to what they can do on their devices. Apple’s products say, “You can’t do that because we think it would suck.” Microsoft’s products say, “We’ll let you try to do anything on anything if you really want to, even if it sucks.”
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october 2012 by aries1988

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