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Why I prefer the iPad Pro to my Mac for importing and editing photos | iMore
4. The iPad opens up Pixelmator automatically with my image inside it; I use the Apple Pencil to eradicate any stray pet hair or dust motes with Pixelmator's Repair tool, and adjust color if necessary.
5. I tap "Open in Another App", choose my format (JPG), and run my "Resize, name, and upload to iCloud Drive" workflow that resizes the image, names it, and uploads it to iCloud Drive.
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september 2018 by aries1988
My iPad Photography Workflow – The Sweet Setup
Here is an outline of the process I use to get images onto my iPad, how I edit them, and why there are a lot of best practices that I’m intentionally bypassing.
photography  workflow  iPad 
september 2018 by aries1988
Using an iPad for photography workflows – The Sweet Setup
Here are a range of workflows, apps, accessories, and methods for using your iPad in casual and professional photography settings.
photography  apps  iPad  workflow 
september 2018 by aries1988
How I use Day One — and an aside about the differences between Bear and Day One – The Sweet Setup
Bear is great at being a giant scrapbook of useful (and useless!) thoughts and ideas. I throw anything and everything into Bear and use Bear to house all sorts of information and data to search and use at a later time. I keep all my notes tagged with a general topic (like “finance” or “home/renovations”) to keep things organized and easy to find. And I generally jump into Bear four or five times a day to keep my notes organized.

1. If the note is a task or event, it gets sent to Things or Fantastical.
2. If the note is an idea I want to pursue for my personal blog or for The Sweet Setup, I send the idea from Bear to Ulysses.
3. If the note is a personal memory or something I want to speak about to my future self, I send the note to Day One.
4. If the note doesn’t fit into any of the above categories, it’s left in Bear and sits there for future reference.

Day One, in my little world, is my little world — a largely information-free area that has sentimental value and that is ripe with personal conversations. Day One is, and has always been, the app that best embodies me. I don’t think I see a day where Day One is not part of my larger data workflow.
workflow  pkm  iOS  apple  notes  diary  self  future  tool  comparison 
june 2018 by aries1988
How robots are making humans indispensable

Mr Shestakovsky initially assumed that his research would show how machines were replacing human workers. When he did grassroots analysis he realised that the company was growing so fast, with such big and complex computing systems, that it was constantly drafting more humans — not robots — to monitor, manage and interpret the data. Software automation can substitute for labour but it also creates new human-machine complementaries, he told an American Anthropological Association meeting recently, noting that companies are creating new types of jobs.

new digitised jobs may seem less attractive than the old roles since they are often structured as contingent work, with self-employed workers who provide services on demand.

the urgent need for a bigger policy debate about how to prepare workers for this new world. Workforce training needs to change to instil more digital skills. New types of social security, health and pension systems are necessary to accommodate contingent workers.
automation  workflow  usa  robot  ai 
december 2016 by aries1988
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august 2016 by aries1988
Should we break our routines? -
“Perhaps we are too wary. Routines do, after all, provide structure and backbone to our daily life. With a well-established routine, you don’t have to decide every next move and you can easily overcome fluctuations in motivation. If you consider monks, there is a great rationale behind their strict routine: being freed from having to think about what are often trivial things — what to eat, what to wear — means they can focus on what really matters in life, in their case worshipping God.”

“If you feel that a change is in order, remember you can experiment, try things out. What a luxury to be temporarily released from routines, to be able to ask ourselves, “What shall I do today?” We can give up our bottle of wine for Lent, or its equivalent. We can make sure that we don’t take them with us on holiday. Then we can decide whether each one was a keeper or not.”

“The moral of this is twofold. First, get a good work routine going and you don’t need to put in an eight-hour-plus day to be efficient. Second, in order to keep your mind fresh enough to work this effectively, diversions and changes of stimuli are vital. A good work regime needs a good leisure regime. Get both right and routine becomes liberating. And now I’m off to play tennis.”
work  howto  workflow 
september 2015 by aries1988
Seth Brown's Writer Workflow
Mark Twain said that work and play are two words that describe the same thing under different conditions—I feel extremely lucky to be able to agree with him.

If I get stuck while writing, I use a few techniques to help me. Sometimes I start working on another project for a few days then go back to writing. Switching working environments and input devices can help. I move from working on the computer at my standing desk to an iPad on a chase. If I get stuck more than once or twice while working on a piece, it's usually a sign that my original ideas are flawed.
workflow  explained  interview  productivity  vim  writing  blog  work  home  tool 
august 2015 by aries1988
Reverse Outlines
Over the coming weeks, I will discuss five key strategies for improving academic writing. I have chosen these five simply because they are the ones that I most…
It is generally more efficient to treat broader structural issues before spending time on individual sentences; the structural edit, done right, can dramatically change a text. You do not want to expend energy on sentence-level improvements before making some broader decisions about what will stay and what will go.

4. Analyze this outline, assessing the logic (where elements have been placed in relation to one another) and the proportion (how much space is being devoted to each element).

This strategy is effective because it creates an objective distance between you and your text. A reverse outline acts as a way into a text that might otherwise resist our editorial efforts. As we discussed when we looked at revision, we often find our drafts disconcerting: we know they are flawed but making changes can seem risky. A reverse outline can give us purpose and direction as we undertake the valuable process of restructuring our work.
writing  workflow  howto  edit 
july 2015 by aries1988
A Meditation on the Art of Not Trying
When you’re nervous, how can you be yourself? How you can force yourself to relax? How can you try not to try? It makes no sense, but the paradox may be essential to civilization.

He calls it the paradox of wu wei, the Chinese term for “effortless action.” Pronounced “ooo-way,” it has similarities to the concept of flow, that state of effortless performance sought by athletes, but it applies to a lot more than sports. Wu wei is integral to romance, religion, politics and commerce. It’s why some leaders have charisma and why business executives insist on a drunken dinner before sealing a deal.

Hence the preoccupation with wu wei, whose ancient significance has become clearer to scholars since the discovery in 1993 of bamboo strips in a tomb in the village of Guodian in central China. The texts on the bamboo, composed more than three centuries before Christ, emphasize that following rules and fulfilling obligations are not enough to maintain social order.

Taoists did not strive. Instead of following the rigid training and rituals required by Confucius, they sought to liberate the natural virtue within. They went with the flow. They disdained traditional music in favor of a funkier new style with a beat. They emphasized personal meditation instead of formal scholarship.

“Particularly when one has developed proficiency in an area, it is often better to simply go with the flow. Paralysis through analysis and overthinking are very real pitfalls that the art of wu wei was designed to avoid.”

“Getting drunk is essentially an act of mental disarmament,” Dr. Slingerland writes. “In the same way that shaking right hands with someone assures them that you’re not holding a weapon, downing a few tequila shots is like checking your prefrontal cortex at the door. ‘See? No cognitive control. You can trust me.’ ”
mind  taoist  chinese  workflow  GTD  debate  success  work 
december 2014 by aries1988
Readability, Markdownify for clipping web pages - Brett Terpstra
Now I have a new note that automatically shows up in nvALT with the text of the zsh-lovers page (yeah, I tried switching to zsh this morning. I’ll have to come back to that). Anyway, I thought others might find this hack of use, so I’m making the download available below.
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november 2012 by aries1988
linux - Why does find -exec mv {} ./target/ + not work? - Stack Overflow
find -exec command {} ;

For each result, command {} is executed. All occurences of {} are replaced by the filename. ; is prefixed with a slash to prevent the shell from interpreting it.

find -exec command {} +

Each result is appended to command and executed afterwards. Taking the command length limitations into account, I guess that this command may be executed more times, with the manual page supporting me:
bash  linux  workflow 
october 2012 by aries1988

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