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一千零一夜 娜拉:女人还能是男人的玩偶吗? - YouTube
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【佳访】【HD 高清】杨鸣镝:孩子生了,怎么教育 host by 李佳佳Audrey - YouTube
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Robert Merton and the effect of time on portfolio choice - Buttonwood
Say, a young person’s human capital, which determines his future earnings, is 90% of
his lifetime wealth, with the balance in stocks. And say that for an almost-retired
person the proportions are reversed. If the stockmarket crashes by 40%, the young
person has lost only 4% of his wealth. But the nearly retired person has lost 36%,
which is much more serious. For older people, having all their financial wealth in
stocks is not a sensible risk to take, says Mr Merton. Human capital is low-risk. If you
have lots of it, you can take more financial risk.
investment  finance  age  youth  model  economist 
曲卫国 | 2019复旦毕业典礼的发言

fudan  university  ceremony  talk  leader  linguist  freedom  culture  opinion  2019 
The Perfect Storm Confronting Xi Jinping

China, however, has been a net food importer since at least 2007. This includes both grains and soybeans, central pillars of the Chinese diet. This is partly due to the growing need for animal feed, as China’s livestock production has expanded to meet increasing demands from a wealthier population.

“Experts report that there is a high probability that the pest will spread across all of China’s grain production area within the next 12 months.” There is no natural predator in China that feeds on the fall armyworm, nor are there any registered pesticides in China to counter it.
agriculture  2019  disaster  opinion 
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Where Is It? - The Atlantic
It is obvious that decisions were made to not pursue certain avenues that might have reflected poorly on Malaysia Airlines or the government.
aviation  malaysia  accident  crash  airplane  satellite  communication  search  indian  ocean  story  adventurer  independent  reunion 
2 days ago
kid  school  performance  numbers  exam 
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numbers  parenting  female  home  china 
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fun  classroom  school 
4 days ago
france  chinese  tofu  entrepreneurial 
4 days ago
Suitcases stuffed with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luxury watches. Trips to the sauna. This is a story of bri…
4 days ago
The English Word That Hasn’t Changed in Sound or Meaning in 8,000 Years - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

The English word honey is madhu in Sanskrit and myod in Russian. Sanskrit and Russian haven’t shared a common ancestor since Indo-European, so these words had to come from the same source. (There are also the words mead in English, met in German and mjød in Danish that refer to an alcoholic drink made from honey.)

The fact that those distantly related Indo-European languages had almost the same pronunciation of a single word meant that the word—and the concept behind it—had most likely existed in the Proto-Indo-European language. “If they had a word for it, they must have lived in a place where there was salmon,” explains Guy. “Salmon is a fish that lives in the ocean, reproduces in fresh water and swims up to rivers to lay eggs and mate. There are only a few places on the planet where that happens.”

In reconstructed Indo-European, there were words for bear, honey, oak tree, and snow, and, which is also important, no words for palm tree, elephant, lion, or zebra. Based on evidence like that, linguists reconstructed what their homeland was. The only possible geographic location turned out to be in a narrow band between Eastern Europe and the Black Sea where animals, trees, and insects matched the ancient Indo-European words.
language  europe  origin 
4 days ago
How to Mount Removable Drives and Network Locations in the Windows Subsystem for Linux
Network locations can be mounted in one of two ways. If you map a network drive to a drive letter, you can mount it using the same options as above. This would give you an opportunity to easily sign into the network share and enter your credentials in File Explorer. For example, if your mapped network drive is F:, you could run the following commands to mount it:

sudo mkdir /mnt/f

sudo mount -t drvfs F: /mnt/f
howto  windows  bash 
5 days ago


徐焰在报告中說:林鄭月娥上來之後,就兩件事幹得好,第一件事,佔中鬧事的 給他判刑;第二個來講,從今年開…
5 days ago
一千零一夜 泰戈尔:国际版汪国真? - YouTube
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6 days ago
来自上海的同学 ... - 惠明的广播 - 豆瓣
shanghai  fun  beijing  weather  anecdote  meteo 
6 days ago
前言:二零一四年九月二十八日,我在淚水中寫了〈香港怎麼了:佔中十七問〉,協助中國大陸和台灣讀者理解佔領運動。今天,香港人再次走上街頭,受到警察的無情鎮壓。我在此再次強忍眼淚,嘗試把事情的始末說清楚,讓香港以外的朋友知道真相。1. 香港又怎麼了?
explained  hongkong  2019 
6 days ago
From tea to opium: how the Scots left their mark on China | Aeon Essays
Like their 18th-century predecessors, Jardine and Matheson financed Britain’s lucrative tea trade in Canton by moving their clients’ money from India to China. Instead of transferring these fortunes through a variety of legal Indian and Southeast Asian commodities, namely cotton, pepper, wood, tin and saltpetre, as had been done in the past, the Scottish traders relied increasingly on a contraband product: Indian opium. In defiance of the laws of China they, along with private traders of different nationalities including Americans and Indian Parsis, smuggled tens of thousands of chests of opium into China each year during the first half of the 19th century.

In 1848 and again in 1849, Fortune travelled in full disguise, including the traditional Qing dynasty hairstyle with a shaved hairline and long braid, deep into the countryside of Zhejiang, Anhui and Fujian provinces. He was searching for the finest tea plants in China. Having acquired thousands of specimens and seeds, he shipped them all, carefully packed in airtight glass cases, from Hong Kong to the East India Company’s Botanical Gardens in Calcutta. From there, they went further, to the Company’s gardens in the Himalayas.

Scots played an outsized role in the intertwined trades of tea and opium, giving rise to social, economic and cultural developments that changed the macro relationship between Britain and China as well as everyday cultural practices and patterns of sociability.

When British consumers began sweetening their Chinese tea with Caribbean sugar, these two commodities, one from the East Indies, the other from the West, reinforced one another. The result was new fuel for the industrial revolution. In addition to coal, sugary tea made the revolution possible by helping British workers endure inhumanely long shifts in the textile factories of the industrial North.
drinking  uk  china  qing  history  scotland 
8 days ago
News | ABC Dataset
We introduce ABC-Dataset, a collection of one million Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models for research of geometric deep learning methods and applications. Each model is a collection of explicitly parametrized curves and surfaces, providing ground truth for differential quantities, patch segmentation, geometric feature detection, and shape reconstruction. Sampling the parametric descriptions of surfaces and curves allows generating data in different formats and resolutions, enabling fair comparisons for a wide range of geometric learning algorithms. As a use case for our dataset, we perform a large-scale benchmark for estimation of surface normals, comparing existing data driven methods and evaluating their performance against both the ground truth and traditional normal estimation methods.
cad  machine-learning 
8 days ago
What's not happened since May 35, 1989 | The Japan Times
Now in Beijing everybody feigns ignorance. I don’t blame those ordinary Chinese interviewed on the streets who unanimously said, “I don’t know about it.” Their behavior isn’t wrong; it’s politically correct. What was wrong were the views of those of us in the West who dreamed a dream about China after June 4.

No civil society developed in China, although we thought in the late 1990s that the veterans of the 1989 Tiananmen incident would remain in the Communist Party and would eventually change the system from the inside toward democratization. We were wrong again. It’s time for us to stop our wishful thinking and become more realistic.
opinion  1989/6/4  japanese 
8 days ago
Opinion | Thirty Years After Tiananmen: Someone Always Remembers - The New York Times
This view is not limited to a few dissidents or foreign scholars, people out to make China look bad or who just can’t let bygones be bygones. The memory of Tiananmen is also being kept alive by people in China who believe that a government that uses force to stay in power is illegitimate.

History is also written with the smallest of gestures. Every spring I make a small trip to the Babaoshan cemetery in the western suburbs of Beijing to pay respects to two victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre
Four lines of the poem inscribed on the back of Xuehan’s tombstone explain, in a code of sorts, both the cause of his death and Xu Jue’s ritual:

Eight calla lilies
Nine yellow chrysanthemums
Six white tulips
Four red roses

Eight, nine, six, four. Year, month, day. June 4, 1989.

Two years ago, Ms. Xu died of cancer, at 77. Both years since, I’ve made the trip to the graves, thinking someone ought to put out the flowers. Each time, the 27 flowers were already there, tied in a neat bundle. Someone remembered. Someone always remembers.
1989/6/4  history  concept  minjian  people  china  censorship  family  death  memory  ritual  beijing 
8 days ago
Neuer Windatlas für Baden-Württemberg vorgestellt
Plus précisément: dans l'ancien atlas des vents, les emplacements par exemple de 5,5 m / s en moyenne annuelle (hauteur du moyeu de 140 m) étaient considérés comme appropriés. Les emplacements avec une densité éolienne moyenne d’au moins 215 W / m2 (hauteur du moyeu 160) devraient être considérés comme appropriés dans le nouvel Atlas. Cela correspond - converti à l'ancienne base d'imposition - à une vitesse annuelle moyenne du vent de 5,65 m / s à 5,9 m / s à 160 m au-dessus du sol. Cette nouvelle valeur d'orientation pour les zones appropriées - au moins 215 W / m2 - est recommandée comme base future pour l'évaluation par les autorités de planification et les autorités.

Le nouvel atlas éolien a coûté environ 218 000 euros.
mtd  deutschland  eolien 
8 days ago
The New Tiananmen Papers
It is not clear who, exactly, attended the Politburo meeting. But at least 17 people spoke, and each began his remarks with the words “I completely agree with” or “I completely support,” referring to Deng’s speech and Li’s report. All agreed that the student demonstrations had started as a “disturbance” (often translated as “turmoil”). They agreed that only when the demonstrators resisted the entry of troops into Beijing on June 2 did the situation turn into a “counterrevolutionary riot” that had to be put down by force. Each speech added personal insights, which served to demonstrate the sincerity of the speaker’s support for Deng’s line. Through this ceremony of affirmation, a divided party sought to turn the page and reassert control over a sullen society.
1989/6/4  dossier 
10 days ago
Ghosts of D-Day: The Civilian Casualties of the Battle of Normandy – BLARB
Most Germans had actually left Caen by June 6, a fact the Allies knew, prompting one British historian to call the bombing of Caen “close to a war crime;” there are also indications that some planes flew too high to hit their targets accurately. But my mother’s family was deeply grateful for the Allies. Living in Caen, they had suffered for four years under a regime of daily humiliations and threats, of near-starvation rations. None of the survivors I knew referred to the deaths of their loved ones as a crime. Caen was bombed in order to isolate the Germans by destroying lines of communication. To call that a war crime is to fall into the same black-and-white thinking that leads us to avoid mentioning civilian deaths in the first place.
ww2  normandie  death  war  tragedy  story  family 
10 days ago
Free chart download - Timeline of French History 1789-1870:
france  revolution  infographics  history 
10 days ago
Latin is dead—yet it also lives on - Johnson

A millennium or so after Cicero’s moans, in other words, Europeans spoke a range of tongues that were nevertheless related to each other and to Latin. What happened next in Italy had as much to do with politics as with the dynamics of languages. The contrast with its northern neighbour is instructive. France was unified by the conquest of territory spreading out from Paris; the conquerors brought Parisian speech with them, and that became “French”. A mighty state then did its best to teach that language everywhere, and to eradicate local variants.

Italy was unified far later, in the 19th century. “Italian” was thus created by the pen, not the sword. The 13th- and 14th-century works of Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio were the peninsula’s most revered literature. So when, in the 16th century, Pietro Bembo sat down to write a grammar for the prestige language of their texts, he used their (by now rather old) Tuscan dialect as his model. In this way “Italian” was born—though Bembo titled his book simply “Writings on the Vulgar Tongue”. It soon spread to elites in other regions.
italia  origin  latin  language 
11 days ago
japan  japanese  game  kid  school  fun  list 
11 days ago
‘Overrun,’ ‘Outbred,’ ‘Replaced’: Why Ethnic Majorities Lash Out Over False Fears - The New York Times
That dynamic, sometimes known as a majority with a minority complex, is thought to be a major factor in the rise of right-wing populism in Europe, religious nationalism in Asia, and white nationalist terrorism in the United States and New Zealand.

When communal tensions broke out into the outright fighting known as the Troubles in the late 1960s, Northern Ireland’s Protestants were numerically, politically and economically dominant. But they were a minority on the island as a whole, feeding a sense of demographic peril.

Fears of existential, sectarian conflict can be self-realizing.

“more negative attitudes toward Latinos, blacks, and Asian-Americans” and “more automatic pro-white/anti-minority bias.”
rightwing  race  population  birth  usa  europe  banyan  crisis  genocide 
12 days ago
The raceplanes of the Red Bull Air Race - YouTube
» Subscribe to Red Bull Air Race: The raceplanes of the Red Bull Air Race are feats of modern engineering that can withstand forces…
12 days ago
Atrocities. Norms. Bicycles. See Where We’re Going With This?
But he didn’t do it alone. An entire team culture enabled Mr. Armstrong and his fellow riders to dope themselves to peak performance. The team’s doctor, its support workers, even riders’ wives were all enlisted to support and cover up the drug regimen. Team members from that time describe doping as a joint effort, something everyone approached with the same dedication and care that they applied to the rest of their training.

The pervasive doping, on that team and others, endangered riders’ health. It ruined lives. But if you read accounts by people who were involved, the most striking thing is that doping didn’t feel bad to them at the time. It felt more like a responsibility; one more thing that the team was doing to reach their ultimate goal of victory — and that everyone needed to help with.

Everyone on Lance Armstrong’s team knew that performance-enhancing drugs were banned in cycling. But those weren’t the rules that mattered. The internal rules, the norms for how people should behave to be a good member of the team, were the ones that held sway. And those norms said: Good members of this team do whatever it takes to win, so take the drugs.

In fact, even if you do know that your group is wrong, independence is still painful. In a 2005 study, fMRI scans of people contradicting their group’s statements showed increased activity in the part of the brain that processes emotional distress and fear, even when the subjects knew they were giving the correct answer to an easy question.

Those incentives, left unchecked, will shape group norms; those norms, in turn, will demand conformity. Participation in horrifying acts can become a condition of membership in good standing.
social  norm  concept  morality  population  example  explained 
12 days ago
D-Day: 75 years ago on June 6, 1944, over 150,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy.

Timelapse shows their 87 days…
12 days ago
This Is How I Thread (Parallelism & Pointwise) | Another Fine Mesh
If parallelism is a tool, then that implies it is used to build something. What is that something? Put simply, optimized software. More specifically, parallelism is used to help computers solve bigger problems in less time. However, parallelism is not the only technique used to optimize code.

In the computing world, one name we give our workers is threads (short for threads of execution). When multiple threads are used in conjunction to solve a problem, this is called multithreading. If a problem can be subdivided so that multiple threads may execute concurrently to accomplish the same goal, then less time will be required to finish. However, subdividing problems is not always straightforward.

Fortunately, the algorithms used for many of the examine metrics in Pointwise fall into the “embarrassingly parallel” category.
So, what does it mean for an algorithm to be “embarrassingly parallel”? Simply put, it means that very little effort is required to divvy up a problem into parallel tasks. On top of this, little or no communication or synchronization among threads is required. Raw information is provided to each thread and each thread processes that data independently.
Unfortunately, cases like this are the exception. Data is rarely in such an amenable format, and threads often need to be highly interdependent to arrive at a solution.

However, closer inspection reveals that simply dividing the point data between threads for multithreaded execution will not provide sufficient isolation. This is because the algorithm requires that incident element data remain constant while a point is being positioned. If one thread modifies any point on a hull that another thread is manipulating, then results become inconsistent at best and corrupt at worst. The likelihood of such a scenario occurring increases dramatically as the number of threads increases.

Such organization can be achieved through the use of mesh partitioning. If the input mesh may be reliably and consistently partitioned into contiguous chunks, then each thread would be free to operate on its own chunk without fear of interfering with a concurrent thread.
The solution we adopted for this problem is to create a new, non-contiguous partition that only includes boundary points. This partition is then processed serially after multithreaded execution.

Of course, mesh partitioning presents overhead that a serial implementation
explained  parallelism  example  mesh  tool 
13 days ago
What y+ should I run? Part 1 – The underlying physics
I would also like to make a note that its recommended to either resolve the viscous sublayer at y+1 or the log region at y+>30 and not to place the first cell in-between them. The model has been calibrated either case and CFD software deals with transition between the layers differently.
cfd  explained 
13 days ago
. and I have been thinking about Beijing's warped sense of scale. All our friends who visit get confus…
theory  beijing  pedestrian  comfort  city  urban  metro  transport  comparison  map  digital 
13 days ago
Vous avez sans doute entendu parler d’un pour Perpignan bloqué 6 heures dans un tunnel à la sortie de Paris.6…
tgv  reportage  accident  france  sncf  transport  crisis  train 
13 days ago
anecdote  1986  chernobyl  nuclear  disaster  tv  china  embassy 
13 days ago
一千零一夜 民主与教育:改革国家必须从教育开始 - YouTube
订阅优酷官方频道 Subscribe #优酷 #一千零一夜 #看理想 #每周四0点 《青囊传》 《这!就是街舞S2》 《这!就是原创》…
13 days ago
如何懂得更多,让别人觉得自己挺厉害? | 可能吧
相信很多人都听说过「李永乐老师」这个人,如果你没听过,不妨去 Youtube 搜索一下他的视频。他做了非常多的 10-20 分钟的中长度视频,阐述一些复杂的概念或事件,比如中美贸易战如何发生。…
howto  learn  knowhow 
14 days ago
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