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有一次我在波士顿等地铁,坐在站台椅子上感觉到了一点儿风的变化,于是随口嘀咕了一句“车来了”,旁边一个美国人听到后走到站台边缘探头看了看隧道,回来对我说“How do u know that?”
Notre-Dame Attic Was Known as ‘the Forest.’ And It Burned Like One. - The New York Times

Some of those elements, like firewalls or a sprinkler system, were absent by choice — so as not to alter the landmark’s design or to introduce electrical wiring deemed a greater risk amid the timbers that supported Notre-Dame’s ornate lead roof.

“There had been a systematic refusal to install anything electrical” within “the forest” because of the risk, said Pierre Housieaux, president of the Paris Historical Association. “Everyone knew that the attic was the most fragile part.”

As flaming pieces of the upper structure fell to the cathedral floor, some of the interior furnishings also caught fire.

Firefighters deployed a robot equipped with tank-type treads and a camera to pull hoses into the cathedral and aim water at the flames. Firefighters also used aerial drones to get a view, including thermal imaging, into the inferno.

The firefighters brought out irreplaceable artifacts, including candelabras, statues, furnishings and religious relics like a linen fabric associated with Saint Louis, and what tradition holds is the crown of thorns worn by Jesus. Mayor Anne Hidalgo described seeing them passing treasures hand to hand in a human chain.

The Notre-Dame restoration project was to focus on reinforcing the spire and repairing some of the attic beams, said Olivier de Chalus, a construction engineer and volunteer guide at the cathedral. He described the structure under the roof as “the cathedral’s jewel, the true piece of art that wasn’t accessible to many.”
2019  fire  arte  paris  church 
Notre Dame Is the Burning Heart of Paris

It’s partly that, at 856 years old, Notre Dame has witnessed much of French history. It’s where Henry VI was crowned, and Napoleon became emperor. A few hours into the fire, French TV news was running everything from clips of François Mitterrand’s funeral to scenes from a movie version of Victor Hugo’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

In his address to the nation, Mr. Macron described what Parisians are feeling as a “tremblement intérieur” — an internal trembling.

A hundred years from now, people will still be talking about the fire of 2019.
2019  paris  france  architecture  patrimoine  fire  tragedy  accident  art  church  christianity  français 
2 days ago
日本年号变迁与时代记忆 日经中文网



japanese  year  calendar  time  emperor  history  future 
6 days ago
月桂叶 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书
cuisine  condiment  mediterranean  tree  nantes 
7 days ago
montrant le développement d'un jusqu'à son stade "Incus", près de la côte de ce…
Timelapse  cumulonimbus  Barcelone 
10 days ago
How Cellophane Changed the Way We Shop for Food - HBS Working Knowledge - Harvard Business School
Hisano explains the situation with a brief chemistry lesson in the color of cut beef, which depends on various derivatives of the protein myoglobin. When the meat is first cut, it looks purple. After being exposed to oxygen for half an hour or so, it looks bright red. More time than that, and it begins to develop a brown color. While purple beef is technically the freshest, and while it’s safe to cook beef when it first turns brown, consumers have been conditioned to believe that red equals fresh.
12 days ago
White Privilege Is Real, but Well-Meaning White Liberals Are Helping to Perpetuate It - Quillette

with progressive ideology. A system that disadvantages blacks, immigrants, Hispanics or Muslims comes to be imagined as a machine operated by an omnipotent white god.

Liberals tend to believe in a kind of reverse white exceptionalism: that whites, in contrast to every other ethnic and racial group, should suppress their communal identity because it’s linked to a system of racial inequality. They seek to deconstruct white identity as an ideological construct designed to maintain power. Cultural conservatives, by contrast, consider whites a group like any other—attached to particular myths, symbols and memories—which should be able to express its identity and interests without fear of censure.

Rather than imagining a world of conflicting groups in which whites oppress non-whites, we should think of white privilege as a complex structure which all people of all races and ethnicities bear some responsibility for. Instead of adopting a simple minded narrative which demonises white identity and casts white people as the villains, we should encourage the whole of society to work collaboratively to reduce system bias.
contrarian  conservatism  usa  race  racism  stereotype  policy  opinion  caucasian  society 
12 days ago
Les Enfoirés | WordReference Forums
Bastoune and Carnesecchi have it right, as well as David314 (but not exactly fitting this one).
Enfoirés is normally an insult (fuckers, assholes, dickheads ...) quite strong, but here it refers to Coluche (and what followed after him), who gave the word a different meaning. He even used to greet his audience with "salut les enfoirés !", a daring feat ...
explained  français  show  expression  humor  artist  charity 
14 days ago
Fairy Tales Could Be Older Than You Ever Imagined | | Smithsonian
It turns out that it’s pretty hard to figure out how old fairy tales are using simple historical data. Since the tales were passed down orally, they can be almost impossible to unwind using a historian or anthropologist’s traditional toolbox. So the team borrowed from biology, instead, using a technique called phylogenetic analysis. Usually, phylogenetic analysis is used to show how organisms evolved. In this case, researchers used strategies created by evolutionary biologists to trace the roots of 275 fairy tales through complex trees of language, population and culture.

As they tracked, they found evidence that some tales were actually based in other stories. More than a quarter of the stories turned out to have ancient roots—Jack and the Beanstalk was traced back to the split between Western and Eastern Indo-European languages more than 5,000 years ago and a tale called The Smith and the Devil appears to be more than 6,000 years old.

The findings might confirm the long-disregarded theory of fairy tale writer Wilhelm Grimm, who thought that all Indo-European cultures shared common tales.
linguist  children  tale  history  story 
15 days ago
When Asia Ruled the World
Nonfiction The Pudong skyline, Shanghai. Credit Lauryn Ishak for The New York Times Amazon Local Booksellers Barnes and Noble When you purchase an independently…
contrarian  west  empire  conflict  world  war  success  europe  fail  qing  ottoman  book  opinion 
15 days ago
在化工脱贫的路上,响水人经历过爆炸、泄漏和“大逃亡”|深度|端传媒 Initium Media







reportage  tragedy  accident  chemistry  industry  jiangsu  pollution  2019 
17 days ago
一個日本爺爺,拍了8000張30年前中國小孩的照片 - YouTube
A Japanese Old Man Took 8,000 Pictures of Children in China 30 Years Ago - YouTube If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next…
20 days ago
Opinion | We Aren’t Built to Live in the Moment - The New York Times

Our emotions are less reactions to the present than guides to future behavior. Therapists are exploring new ways to treat depression now that they see it as primarily not because of past traumas and present stresses but because of skewed visions of what lies ahead.

Similarly, studies of children’s development show that they’re not able to imagine future scenes until they’ve gained the ability to recall personal experiences, typically somewhere between the ages of 3 and 5.
psychology  future 
21 days ago
Thicker than blood: A young Chinese woman's coming of age - SupChina
Always careful about what I ate, she enforced an even stricter diet. Certain types of animal products must be avoided because they contained growth hormones. Some seeds and plants could only be consumed in small quantities because they stimulated the sexual organs, per traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to her belief that the flow of the womb drained the brain, my mother dreaded the approach of womanhood for her daughter, a perilous world filled with lurking eyes and wandering hands.

The only item my mother cleaned with a vengeance was our underwear. She rinsed them by hand, and she boiled them in water. The designated utensil was a large porcelain washbasin with a pair of mandarin ducks printed on the bottom next to the character for “double happiness.” The basin was a wedding gift for her and my father, typical of their time.

“Only boiling water can kill all the germs,” my mother explained her peculiar method. “That place must be kept clean, otherwise you will get diseases, and people will think you are a prostitute.”
body  female  growup  girl  story  mother  chinese  sex  food  tradition  family  education  marriage 
21 days ago
Les couleurs de nos origines | ARTE
Info et société Autrement vu ARTE Regards - C’est quoi ton genre ? - La pédagogie neutre en Suède 31 min 39 min Disponible du 25/03/2019 au 23/05/2019…
22 days ago
futurists and historians
What best distinguishes our species is an ability that scientists are just beginning to appreciate: We contemplate the future. Our singular foresight created…
history  future  mind  animal  human  question  opinion  futurism  historian 
22 days ago
L'Université de Cambridge reconnaît les résultats de Gaokao et oblige les candidats à se classer dans le top 0,1% d…
22 days ago
RT : Describing Chinese Characters with Recursive Radical Packing Language
22 days ago
文章来源于中国新闻网 导读 “量子信息领域很多论文中使用的芯片在国际上实际对中国禁运,而且不少关键器件虽然性能优良但价格非常高。要实现真正的产业化,就要用合理的成本、通用的芯片和常见的器件实现满足客户需求的性能,甚至是一些和论文中类似的性能。但不能一味追求性能指标的最高化,那更多是学术上的要求。我们是冲着产业化来的。”…
23 days ago
Meet Hao Jingfang, author of "Folding Beijing," the dystopian science-fiction writer who advises China’s government — Quartz
When do you usually write in a day?

Five to seven o’clock in the morning. I barely write after work. In the evening I play with my daughter, give her a bath, read to her and get her to sleep. Usually I sleep from 11pm to 4am or 5am.

My daughter is under three, and is now sent to kindergarten. My mother lives at my apartment to take care of her most of the time. But she still needs her mother’s company more. I don’t want to separate her from me. Whatever I’m doing at home, she is always allowed to interrupt me.

Let’s talk about the new book you are working on.

It’s a sci-fi novel about China’s ancient civilization. The story is set in the future. It’s about people traveling back to archaeological sites to unveil history.

Archaeology is not able to fill gaps between separate dynasties. There are many gaps I can fill with my imagination. For example, what gives birth to Chinese ritual bronzes? Archaeological materials only show the bronzes became mature during the Shang and Zhou dynasties (1600-256 BC). There is no accumulation and development before that. I can make up lots of reason for that.
interview  author  female  scifi  beijing  mother  sleep 
23 days ago
Your AirPods Probably Have Terrible Battery Life - The Atlantic
The surprisingly short life of new electronic devices
23 days ago
White Words – Popula
“Eskimos Have Fifty Words for Snow” is an amazing phrase, because every word in it is wrong.

For Boas, every language has its own unique features and complexity but nothing, in that account, would prevent Eskimo-speakers from learning English words for water or English-speakers from learning Eskimo words for snow. But Whorf takes that idea and emphasizes a mutual incomprehension flowing out of this difference: our singular term for snow “would be almost unthinkable” to an Eskimo, he suggests, and then hypothesizes an Eskimo who helpfully explains why he can’t think it, using phrases like “sensuously and operationally different.”
contrarian  language  theory  opinion  culture 
24 days ago
如何全面地运用弹力带进行宿舍健身? - 知乎
如果你实在不知道该怎么练,好吧……那我只能做个广告了。Keep里有两套比较全面的弹力带塑形计划,分了男女生版,侧重部位会有区别,所用动作与答案里的 部分一致,不妨先试试。
workout  app 
29 days ago
DeepMind and Google: the battle to control artificial intelligence
Hassabis thought DeepMind would be a hybrid: it would have the drive of a startup, the brains of the greatest universities, and the deep pockets of one of the world’s most valuable companies. Every element was in place to hasten the arrival of AGI and solve the causes of human misery.

Demis Hassabis was born in north London in 1976 to a Greek-Cypriot father and a Chinese-Singaporean mother. He was the eldest of three siblings. His mother worked at John Lewis, a British department store, and his father ran a toy shop. He took up chess at the age of four, after watching his father and uncle play. Within weeks he was beating the grown-ups. By 13 he was the second-best chess player in the world for his age. At eight, he taught himself to code on a basic computer.

Hassabis officially founded DeepMind on November 15th 2010. The company’s mission statement was the same then as it is now: to “solve intelligence”, and then use it to solve everything else. As Hassabis told the Singularity Summit attendees, this means translating our understanding of how the brain accomplished tasks into software that could use the same methods to teach itself.

It’s an impressive demo. But Hassabis leaves a few things out. If the virtual paddle were moved even fractionally higher, the program would fail. The skill learned by DeepMind’s program is so restricted that it cannot react even to tiny changes to the environment that a person would take in their stride – at least not without thousands more rounds of reinforcement learning. But the world has jitter like this built into it. For diagnostic intelligence, no two bodily organs are ever the same. For mechanical intelligence, no two engines can be tuned in the same way. So releasing programs perfected in virtual space into the wild is fraught with difficulty.
google  ai  story  uk  game  startup 
4 weeks ago
GE Says It’s Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Cut Product Design Times In Half

It’s a neural network that’s trained with the results of standard two-day computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses of variations in a particular design to estimate the conclusions that a CFD would come to. In one test case, in which the researchers trained the surrogate model with about 100 CFDs to figure out the optimum shape for the crown of a piston in a diesel engine, the model was able to evaluate roughly a million design variations in 15 minutes, an increase in speed of 5 billion times. More typically the researchers expect to achieve an improvement of 10 million to 100 million times. The best design of the piston crown produced a 7% improvement in fuel efficiency with a “significant” reduction in soot emissions, they say.

“We can, say, take all the knowledge that went into designing the GE9X or the LEAP [jet engines] and apply it to developing a hypersonic or apply it to a next-gen narrow-body,” says Tallman. “We’re confident that it will provide insights that we wouldn’t have otherwise.”
industry  design  ai 
4 weeks ago
What is turbulence—and how can you calm down about it?

Rough air happens everywhere, from ground level to far above cruising altitude. But the most common turbulence experienced by flyers has three common causes: mountains, jet streams, and storms.

At NCAR, Sharman has been working since 2005 to build much more precise “nowcasting” turbulence tools.

Here’s how it works: an algorithm currently installed on around 1,000 commercial airliners analyzes information from onboard sensors to characterize each plane’s movement at any given moment. Using data on forward velocity, wind speed, air pressure, roll angle, and other factors, the algorithm generates a local atmospheric turbulence level, which is fed back into a national system every minute. Used in conjunction with national weather forecasts and models, the tool annotates forecasts with real-time conditions, which in turn helps to strengthen weather prediction models.
turbulence  aviation  travel  plane  engineering  app 
4 weeks ago
Gentoo: 你™自己编译去吧
4 weeks ago
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