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Compress and compare images with different codecs, right in your browser
image-optimisation  web-performance 
november 2018 by arj197 - Tools for image optimization
Addy Osmani is a web tooling engineer at Google working with the Chrome team. He is author of open-source projects like Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. He has also written books like Learning JavaScript Design Patterns with O'Reilly.
image-optimization  web-performance 
march 2018 by arj197
Preload: What Is It Good For? – Smashing Magazine
Preload (spec1) is a new web standard aimed at improving performance and providing more granular loading control to web developers. It gives developers the ability to define custom loading logic
web-development  notebook  web-performance 
april 2016 by arj197
Using System UI Fonts In Web Design: A Quick Practical Guide – Smashing Magazine
System UI fonts are an interesting, fresh alternative to web typography. Marcin Wichary shows how we use them on a website, and what caveats to consider.
web-performance  web-development  notes  font 
november 2015 by arj197
Loading Web Fonts with the Web Font Loader | CSS-Tricks
Several years ago the consensus on font loading in the community was that, as a website loads, all fonts should be hidden until the correct resources have
notes  web-font  web-performance 
november 2015 by arj197
How To: Identify 10 Performance Patterns in 10 Seconds
It's easy to read web performance data -- if you know what to look for. This blog shows you easy-to-find patterns in the waterfall chart.
article  notes  web-performance 
october 2015 by arj197
Font Loading Revisited with Font Events | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
Filament Group helps companies design and build super-fast responsive sites and web apps that are simple to use and accessible to everyone
web-fonts  web-development  web-performance 
october 2015 by arj197
How we make RWD sites load fast as heck | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
At Filament Group, We design engaging sites and apps for mobile, tablet, desktop and beyond that are simple to use and accessible to everyone.
web-development  web-performance  javascript  webdev  responsive 
february 2015 by arj197
csscss by zmoazeni
csscss will parse any CSS files you give it and let you know which rulesets have duplicated declarations.
web-development  qa  web-performance 
october 2014 by arj197
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