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Cat and Cave
By 2009, you'd think that if Drakken and Shego still hadn't taken over the world, at least they'd have managed to start up a proper relationship. You'd be wrong.
Kim_Possible  Het  Drakken/Shego  post-canon  angst  fluff  PG-13  fic 
29 days ago
The Grunkle Approves
Louie sighed and shrugged, hesitantly looking back up at him. "Uncle Scrooge, can boys like other boys?"
DuckTales_2017  Gen  Scrooge_McDuck  Louie_Duck  family  fluff  g  fic  favorite 
29 days ago
powerpuff, not girl
Some girls just don't like dresses and make-up and all of that stuff, and that's fine. Buttercup knows that. But Buttercup also knows what they are and what they aren't, and they know they're not a girl. Other people just don't seem to understand it. Except one very, very unlikely ally.
The_Powerpuff_Girls  Gen  Buttercup  HIM  trans_character  agender_character  angst  hurt/comfort  fic 
29 days ago
Immaculate Misconception
Scrooge and Goldie discuss kids. On a pirate ship. Surrounded by pirates. It goes as well as one would expect. What Della has learned about gods and gifts? Always inquire about the terms of use & terms and conditions.

A story of family, love, and the importance of reliable birth control.
DuckTales_2017  Het  Femslash  Scrooge/Goldie  Della/Selene  kidfic  humor  PG-13  fic  favorite 
29 days ago
Sealed with a Kiss
12 yr. old Bonnie was saved by Kim and they had a chance to become friends until Bonnie's sisters started making fun of her, so Bonnie decided to hate Kim. 4 years later, Bonnie starts to reconsider her feelings.
Kim_Possible  Femslash  Kim/Bonnie  Canon_AU  bisexual_character  angst  fluff  PG-13  fic 
29 days ago
No Sleepers Must Sleep
These are the things that Lucy finds infuriating: transparent liquids, vanilla ice cream, slow music, and people who cannot speak Shakespeare correctly.
Doctor_Who  Gen  Lucy_Saxon  Character_Study  Master/Lucy  r  fic  favorite 
5 weeks ago
A six year old Beatrice asks Violet and Klaus to explain just exactly how they are all related.
A_Series_Of_Unfortunate_Events  Gen  Violet_Baudelaire  Klaus_Baudelaire  Beatrice_Baudelaire_II  family  post-canon  fluff  g  fic 
5 weeks ago
Dreams of the Future
After having an unexpectedly steamy dream starring her very own 'moral compass', Petra is frustrated when she finds herself unable to focus the whole day. And once she sees Jane in person, she can't help but want to do very immoral things.
Jane_the_Virgin  Femslash  Jane/Petra  ust  r  episode-related  fic 
5 weeks ago
Flesh of My Flesh
Leia was not adopted. She was stolen in the middle of the night and registered to House Organa with forged papers. This was kidnapping, a class one felony, and her parents could be executed -- unless she returned voluntarily to her rightful father. Immediately.

A man called Grand Moff Tarkin explained this to Leia when she was eleven years old.
Star_Wars  Gen  Leia_Organa  Darth_Vader  family  humor  Canon_AU  PG-13  fic 
5 weeks ago
Stories with Swordfights
In the mornings, Rory is the one to wake up first. While Amy is lying in, he goes to the bathroom to wash and shave, and when he looks in the mirror sometimes he thinks about how odd his life has been; how out of joint. Sometimes.
Doctor_Who  Rory_Williams  amy/rory  River_Song  Gen  Character_Study  oc(s)  g  fic  favorite 
5 weeks ago
hide inside while the harsh winds blow
how pam and angela came to be that nice, cat-owning lesbian couple in your apartment building.
The_Office  Femslash  Angela/Pam  PG-13  fic 
5 weeks ago
Cracks in Our Foundation
Four times Pam and Roy almost broke up, and one time they did.
The_Office  Gen  Pam_Beesly  Pam/Roy  Pre-Canon  Character_Study  Five_Things_Meme  PG-13  fic 
5 weeks ago
ulterior motives
Dewey meets with Kit in a library for a few different reasons.
A_Series_Of_Unfortunate_Events  Dewey/Kit  Het  Pre-Canon  first_kiss  g  fluff  fic 
5 weeks ago
Evidence of Things Not Seen
This is one secret Vader will try to take to his grave.
Star_Wars  Gen  Darth_Vader  Leia_Organa  family  g  fic 
5 weeks ago
An AU ending to the movie where Hercules does stay with Meg, but doesn't go back to earth.
Hercules  Disney  Hercules/Meg  het  Canon_AU  g  fic 
5 weeks ago
marry me a little
Petra swallows, remembering the night in the stairwell. Thinking about how it was the first time Jane had felt real to her since the day they met, and how she didn’t want it to end, and how that was so, so dangerous. To want like that.

(Or, Jane marries Petra to save her from Milos. And things start to get real complicated after that.)
Jane_the_Virgin  Femslash  Jane/Petra  Fake_relationship  Marriage_of_Convenience  Canon_AU  pining  r  favorite  all_time_favorite  fic 
5 weeks ago
three eggs equals four kids
The thing is, even if Della stayed, Donald would've been the better parent. But that doesn't mean Della isn't going to try her best.
DuckTales_2017  Gen  Della_Duck  Webbie_Vanderquack  family  g  fic 
5 weeks ago
Loki's reunion with the smash happy Beast.
MCU  Thor  Ragnarok  Hulk  Loki  friendship  Dialogue-Only  humor  g  fic 
5 weeks ago
From Down This Low
The fateful first meeting of Bismuth and Rose Quartz, or: Bismuth can’t help but care far too much.
Steven_Universe  Gen  Pre-Canon  bismuth  Rose_Quartz  first_meeting  g  fic 
5 weeks ago
Take Those Lips Away
Balthazar has a hard limit, or so it seems.
Milo_Murphy's_Law  Slash  Cavendish/Dakota  r  fluff  humor  fwb  fic 
5 weeks ago
Sail Up The Sun
Peter knows he’s dying. He just doesn’t want to scare the kid.
Into_The_Spider-Verse  Gen  Character_Study  character_death  angst  canon_compliant  r  Peter_Parker  fic 
6 weeks ago
How Dare You
Instead of Petra and Chuck, it's Petra and Jane having "hate" sex on her desk.
Jane_the_Virgin  Femslash  r  episode-related  fic 
6 weeks ago
the atlantic was born today
there are some emotions, miles realizes belatedly, that he has not had time to sort through.
Into_The_Spider-Verse  Gen  missing_scene  Miles_Morales  Peter_Parker  hurt/comfort  friendship  fic 
6 weeks ago
loose interpretations.
Jane and Petra have loose interpretations of how far the definition of “abstinence” stretches.
Jane_the_Virgin  Femslash  Jane/Petra  pwp  fic 
7 weeks ago
Do it Yourself
After a dinner with the Villanueva's, Jane asks Petra to try something out.
Jane_the_Virgin  Jane/Petra  Femslash  r  fic 
7 weeks ago
Before It's Over
Bismuth and Pearl stargaze and have a much needed discussion about Rose.
Steven_Universe  Femslash  Pearl/Bismuth  hurt/comfort  g  fic 
7 weeks ago
To Have and to Hold
“Peter,” May said, jabbing her index finger into the center of his chest. “Liv and I are getting married. That is the end of the story.”

“She is my archnemesis!” Peter said, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Well,” May said, turning away from him. “That’s just something you’ll both have to work on. I’m going to go do the laundry now.”

“ARCHNEMESIS,” Peter shouted at her retreating back.
Spider-Man  Into_The_Spider-Verse  May_Parker/Doc_Ock  Femslash  Pre-Canon  backstory  humor  PG-13  fic 
7 weeks ago
Five times Odin almost told Loki the truth. Almost.
MCU  Thor  Loki  Odin  gen  Pre-Canon  Five_Things_Meme  g  fic 
7 weeks ago
Sweet Dreams
A story about why sleeping with your partner isn't always a bad idea.
Milo_Murphy's_Law  Slash  Cavendish/Dakota  pining  bed_sharing  g  fic 
7 weeks ago
Better than TV Psychics, At Least
Lars spends a day hanging out with Padparadscha, telling her about Earth while she makes some "predictions"...
Steven_Universe  Gen  fluff  friendship  Lars_Barriga  Padparadscha  g  fic 
7 weeks ago
Sunlight in a moonlit world
Everything changes, even in Gotham. You knew that when you came back to see her.
dcu  Batgirl  Femslash  Cass/Steph  PG-13  fluff  second_person_pov  fic 
7 weeks ago
They haven’t talked about it, it’s been almost a week, and they haven’t even acknowledged it beyond agreeing that they didn’t want to stop. They’ve been going about their lives like nothing has changed, but Vinnie can’t seem to stop thinking about Cavendish’s mouth.
Milo_Murphy's_Law  Slash  Cavendish/Dakota  PG-13  fluff  fic 
7 weeks ago
Pearl and Bismuth on a serious, important mission for the rebellion... or their idea of a date. Perhaps both.
Steven_Universe  Femslash  Pearl/Bismuth  Pre-Canon  g  fic 
7 weeks ago
small things (turning into birds)
there is one thing you must remember about natalia ruzicka: she is alone.

(or, what happened after chapter thirteen)
Jane_the_Virgin  gen  Petra_Solano  abuse  Character_Study  PG-13  episode-related  fic 
7 weeks ago
"So what do you wear on Sundays?"

"Not much."
Milo_Murphy's_Law  Slash  Cavendish/Dakota  fluff  ust  r  fic 
7 weeks ago
The cool night air of the desert ruffled Polnareff's hair as he scrambled to avoid Hierophant's blow. He let out an involuntary yelp when the strike grazed his cheek. As Hierophant Green retracted its fist, Kakyoin chuckled.

"Nicely dodged," he complimented.
jjba  Stardust_Crusaders  gen  sparring  Jean_Pierre_Polnareff  Kakyoin_Noriaki  humor  g  fic 
7 weeks ago
How to Make Pizza
Settling in after the return to Earth.
WALL_E  Disney  Captain_McCrea  post-canon  g  fic 
7 weeks ago
in the afterwards
Wall-E and EVE, after the landing.
WALL-E  Disney  EVE/WALL-E  het  g  Character_Study  post-canon  fluff  fic 
7 weeks ago
Sometimes perspective comes from the most unexpected places.
Kim_Possible  Gen  Shego  Kim.Possible  post-canon  PG-13  fic 
7 weeks ago
Walking in These Shoes
Pepper Potts is the woman she'd always wanted to be. It's probably not all Tony's fault that her well-ordered life has just been blown to pieces. But it's definitely mostly his fault.
Iron_Man  MCU  Gen  Pepper_Potts  trans_character  g  fic 
7 weeks ago
Bluejays and Cardinals
Gyro squints at him. "Barbecue sounds like a fake word."

"It's not!" Johnny protests, twisting the hare over the fire. "I got no idea where it comes from, but I swear it's a real word. Barbecue is stuff you cook slow, with smoke. It's great. When this is over I'm gonna make you come back to Kentucky with me so you can have real barbecue." He pauses, then adds, "And mint juleps. I bet you'd like mint juleps."

"Johnny, you keep saying words at me and I'm almost entirely certain they're fake," Gyro complains, starting to prepare the other hare. "What in the hell is a julep?"


Language, food, and other things.
jjba  Gen  Johnny/Gyro  language  PG-13  humor  food  fic 
november 2018
melt my heart down to gold
Yuuri's going to look so good with Victor's ring on his finger, Victor can hardly wait to see it.
Yuri_on_Ice  Slash  g  marriage  fluff  fic  favorite 
november 2018
wow, that was embarassing
Eleanor loves Tahani. For reals. It's kind of a big deal, but not really.
The_Good_Place  Femslash  Eleanor/Tahani  fluff  pg  fic 
november 2018
Call Everything on the Ice...
Victor learns Japanese while in Hasetsu. He doesn't tell Yuuri, and things get dicey when he overhears Yuuri and Mari talking about him in Japanese. Repeatedly.
Yuri_on_Ice  Victor/Yuri  Slash  angst  fluff  nc-17  fic 
november 2018
Little House After The End
The charming and delightful tale of the Ingalls family’s extraordinary life as they do their best to survive after an onslaught of unspeakable undead horror.
Little_House_on_the_Prairie  Gen  ensemble  PG-13  horror  fic 
november 2018
born of the ice
A character study on transmasculine Victor Nikiforov.
Yuri_on_Ice  Victor_Nikiforov  Gen  Character_Study  Pre-Canon  trans_character  PG-13  fic  favorite 
november 2018
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